Introducing indie pattern lover – Rachel from House of Pinheiro!

Chances are, you all know who Rachel is, from House of Pinheiro. She makes lots of stunning garments, and takes gorgeous photos of them. (One day, when I grow up, I want to be able to style photos like she does….)

Rachel sews a lot with indie patterns, and here she is to tell us a bit more about her favourites, and what’s on her wishlist!

So, Rachel, what do you like the most about sewing with indie patterns?

What I like most about sewing indie patterns are mainly their design quality and love for the craft. You can feel each patterns is been carefully consider, drafted and tested, catering for specific niches of our community. The instructions are always very clear, use modern ‘technical” language and the packaging create an aspirational vision. It makes us want to sew it, treasure it and share with others.

What’s your favourite indie pattern, and why?

My favourite indie pattern right now its Deer and Doe Airelle Blouse. I have made 3 versions of it. I love Dixie DIY Hot Cocoa Sweater too.

Airelle blouse

Airelle blouse

What’s your favourite thing you’ve made from an indie pattern?

My favourite thing I made its a toss between the Victoria Blazer (By Hand London) for the achievement it made me feel after finishing and the Midsummer’s night dream(Papercut), its a delight to wear and so quick to make.

Victoria blazer

Victoria blazer

Which is your favourite indie pattern company, and why?

It’s so hard for me to pinpoint only one indie pattern company because each brings a different innovation. I have a personal relationship with By Hand London. After having both my Elisalex and my Charlotte skirt being the first spotted in the wild, the girls invited me to test their patterns and I had the pleasure to test both the Victoria Blazer and the Anna dress (being release shortly). Being so closely involved make me see how much work and love goes behind the scenes for making each pattern. I also have a large admiration for Rosie, DIY Couture. She dreamed of making making closes easier without the help of printed patterns and I love her urban approach. I’m not going to only blow the trumped for my local girls, I have a huge admiration for Katie (Papercut) due her out of the runway/wearable patterns, Kristiann (Victory Patterns) her aesthetics its the closest to my personal style and lastly but not least, Jen (Grainline) which by keenly following her on instagram and I admire her ethos and hard work. If I lived in my home country my wardrobe would be filled with Megan Nielsen layback style and Paris chic of Deer and Doe, which I have sewn for this challenge. Both patterns companies are so easy to sew and great wardrobe builders. As you can see, each designer share their individual point of view and make it a delight to discover each of them. I would love to give a shout about Sinbad & Sailor pdf patterns. I met Hannah when she joined another 50 sewists on our London Meet up and she really started to open my eyes about PDF patterns.

Elisalot polkadot dress

Elisalot polkadot dress

Which indie pattern are you planning on making next?

On my sewing queue Grainline Scout Tee, Papercut Coppelia and VP Nicola

What indie patterns are on your wish list?

On my wish List is it’s MN Cascade Skirt, & Tania Culottes

Red Datura

Red Datura

Thanks so much for stopping by Rachel! You’ve made so many lovely garments from indie patterns, and I’ll be looking forward to seeing what you make next. 🙂 (Also, that Nicola dress is going to look absolutely stunning on you!)

Want to hear what some others like about indie patterns? Penny and Lizzy have both stepped up so far and told us their thoughts. Who will be next…? (And is there anyone in particular you’d like us to interview?)

5 responses to “Introducing indie pattern lover – Rachel from House of Pinheiro!

  1. SO happy you chose Rachel , to interview.. I really enjoyed the interview.. She is such a pretty/smart and nice girl.. I anxiously await her next garment.. And Her photography is excellent.

  2. Awesome interview! I love Rachel’s style and drool over basically everything she makes!

  3. Rachel has terrific style and she has made some wonderful indie pattern outfits!

  4. I love her blog! Her Airelle blouse is one of my favourite ever!

  5. The sweetest girl with the sharpest style!

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