Swap My Stash – Fabric (part 2)

Yep, I did it again. I went through (part of) my fabric stash and pulled out some more things to swap as part of Swap Your Stash month!

The following are up for grabs. If there’s anything you’re interested in, let me know in the comments below, and we’ll see about arranging a swap. 🙂 (I’m keen on swapping for patterns, particular 1940s and 1950s ones, and fabric in bold and/or bright colours, cute prints, and natural fibres.)

First up, a slinky knit of something synthetic, in celery stripes. (Celery green, olive green, yellowy-beige, white and black stripes.) TAKEN!

Celery stripe - showing almost the full length of fabric so you can see all the stripe pattern

Celery stripe – showing almost the full length of fabric so you can see all the stripe pattern

Celery stripe, detail with tape measure for comparison.

Celery stripe, detail with tape measure for comparison.

This piece measures 122 cm by 64 cm. Stripes run from selvedge to selvedge, and the stretch runs the same way. (There is a bit of stretch across the stripes as well, but nowhere near as much as along them.) I have used part of this in the past, so one end is a little uneven – the measurements are excluding the uneven parts, across the narrowest part.

Next up, a forest green crepe-like fabric, once again something synthetic, although I don’t know what.

Forest green crepe

Forest green crepe

This one measures 112 cm by 120 cm.

Third is another knit – a tan coloured slinky knit (once again, I have no idea of fibre content – sorry!), with gathered sections dotted all over it. TAKEN!

Tan knit

Tan knit

Tan knit.  This is a lot closer to the real life colour.

Tan knit. This is a lot closer to the real life colour.

The slinky brown measures 145 cm (across the stretch) by 148 cm.

A pretty seersucker, in a soft pinky-white, with cute little flowers all over it. TAKEN!

Floral seersucker

Floral seersucker

This floral seersucker measures 174 cm by 112 cm.

Here’s another floral, this time in a tshirting fabric. And yet again, I don’t know fibre content. (Argh!) There’s a fair bit of stretch, and I suspect this one is a cotton, or has a lot of cotton in it, as it doesn’t bounce back as well as a synthetic would. The floral-like pattern is printed on the top, rather than woven in. TAKEN!

Floral knit

Floral knit

Floral knit measures 165 cm (same way as the stretch) by 125 cm.

And last in this lot is a orange something-or-other, with lines and checks all over it. It’s got an interesting texture to it, a bit soft and scrunchy all at once. A good weight and drape for a dress. TAKEN!


The orange check measures 150 cm by 200 cm.

So there we have it, some more fabric up for swapsies! Interested in any? Let me know in the comments and we’ll see what sort of swap we can arrange. 🙂

Got a bunch of things in your own stash you no longer love or don’t think you’ll ever use? Help them find a new home and swap for things you do like in return – take part in Swap Your Stash! Been thinking about taking part? You’ve got two weeks left, so hop to it folks!

Want to see what else people are swapping? You can browse the list of participants, or have a look on the Pinterest board.

5 responses to “Swap My Stash – Fabric (part 2)

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  2. Oh, this is lovely fabric! I was going to participate in this, but realized, as a newer sewer, that I don’t have enough fabric and notions/haberdashery to part with yet! But, I’m sure somebody will love this fabric and be willing to trade you something you can use. 🙂

    • Well, if there’s anything that interests you, I’m willing to consider non-sewing-related swaps as well. Chocolate and books are always good bribes in exchange for fabric/patterns…… 😉

  3. Oh, I am sorely tempted by the orange fabric….

    • Go on, go for it! I’ll swap ya for that black-with-blue-flowers one, if you like? (I must admit I thought of you when I pulled out the orange, thought it would make a lovely dress on you!)

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