Swap Your Stash – the Participants

swap your stash

Taking part in the Swap Your Stash party? Want to know who else is participating so you can arrange some awesome swaps? Here’s the list!

(Note: this list will be getting updated all during February, as more people list things they’re wanting to swap, so keep checking back here or on the Swap Your Stash Pinterest board to see what’s new.)

Want to be added to the list? Just leave a comment below with a link to your blog post showing what you have to swap, and we’ll add you on!

So what’s being swapped?

10 responses to “Swap Your Stash – the Participants

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  3. Hi Kat, I am officially swapping! My post can be found at http://crazygypsychronicles.blogspot.co.nz/2013/02/swap-your-stash.html, and my pinterest name is crazygypsy. Excited!

  4. Hi there, saw your link over on Anne’s (Pretty Grievances) blog. This looks like a good project to participate in. Problem is, I become so attached to my sewing hoards and am convinced that I have a project to use them all in. I am going to have a look and see if there are things that may be better in somebody else’s hands. 🙂 Going to follow your blog and see what else you have in store!

    • I’m the same! I find it really hard to part with craft things – they’re always so full of potential. 😉 I’m actually finding it a lot easier finding things for a swap though, as you’re not really getting rid of something from your stash, you’re just finding it a new home and getting something in return! (Not sure what this says about me as a hoarder – can only get rid of something by replacing it immediately. Hah!)

      • Lol. Yes, a therapist may have something to say to that….but it’s true, you may be giving something you probably won’t use a good home and purpose and getting something that you may use right away, in return. Win-win (except for the hoarding specialist therapist). 🙂

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