Pattern swap fun

Over on the Sew Weekly sewing circle a while back, the lovely Tina organised a pattern swap. I heart swaps – they’re so much fun, choosing what to send your swap partner, and then the anticipation of what you’ll get as well. Making new friends all over the place, and the tangibility of receiving something from another sewasaurus-rex somewhere else in the world, another little strand that unites us all in our sewing love. What’s not to like about them?!?

I haven’t heard yet if the person I sent things to got their little parcel ok (fingers crossed it got there, and they liked it!), but check out what gorgeous things the lovely Paloma sent me, all the way from Texas!

A copy of Simplicity Project Runway 2403, which is a cute shirt dress, and will be great to make up for once the little creature arrives and I have to feed it lots (haha!). I’ve never tried using one of the Project Runway patterns before, so I’m pretty keen to give this one a go!

A card with a wonderful letter inside it that made me smile lots.

And this gorgeous little dark blue knitted aviator cap! Isn’t that the sweetest thing? It even has a sheep on one side.

Thanks Paloma – I love it all! And I’ll be posting a pic of the baby wearing the cap, once it arrives. 🙂

One response to “Pattern swap fun

  1. Oh shucks, I wanted to see you in the aviator cap!

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