Sewing challenges

There’s always sewing challenges and swaps popping up all over the place on the sewing-related internet. Want to know what’s coming up, or going on at the moment? Here’s a list of everything I know about.

Got a challenge or swap or meetup or the like happening that’s not on the list? Email me (macska at gmail dot com) or comment below and let me know about it so I can add it!

Wanna button so you can easily find this list again? Here’s one the lovely Mel made up.

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Sew alongs

  • Feel the shirtdress love and join in with The Autumn of 1000 Shirtdresses (or Spring, depending on where you live). Running until 10 December (and yes, there are prizes, too!)
  • It’s all about celebrating geekiness over on The Monthly Stitch this December, with the g33k out challenge! Whatever you’re a fan of, be it Dr Who, Buffy, The Matrix, Star Trek, LoTR, Space Invaders, etc, etc, make something to show off your inner geek.


Sew alongs


Meet ups

54 responses to “Sewing challenges

  1. Thanks for compiling this list Kat, it will be hard to work out which great sew alongs not to get involved with! I can see I’m going to be able to stay busy even without Sew Weekly this year.

    I’ve got two happening this year – one for March, a David Bowie inspired sew along, and in November a few of us will be combining forces to do a Doctor Who sew along to mark the show’s 50th anniversary, but details on the later are to come. I’ve just posted a teaser about the Bowie one:

  2. Oh wow, this is very helpful! I participated in Jungle January (so fun!) and I see some of the other buttons on people’s blogs and wonder how they knew about them. Thanks for posting!

    • You’re welcome! :-) I just started putting this list together a few days ago, so I’m probably missing a few things….. I’ll be updating it every time I spot a new challenge / meet up / swap / etc.

  3. Thank you Kat for compiling all these challenges…. I guess I better get in gear and tackle some of them!!! see ya at them!

    • You’re welcome! I was finding it so hard to keep track of what was coming up, I figured other people were likely to have the same issue. ;-)

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  5. What a great idea to compile all these challenges! I love it!!!

    • Thanks! :-) Hope your sewalong is going well! I was very tempted to join in, but not enough time. :-( Hopefully I’ll be able to join in the next one!

  6. Thank you for the mention to my copy cat challenge on your blog! This is wonderful, your a great help for putting this together. Looking forward to checking out all the other challenges.

    • You’re welcome! :-)

      It’s amazing how many fabulous challenges there are out there this year – so much sewing fun to be had!

  7. There is also the Celebrate the Boy challenge taking place this week and next : and Sew in Tune which ends March 4

  8. One more: Sewing for men which also ends this week:

  9. And Kids Clothes Week Challenge (kcwc) will take place at the end of April.

  10. Hi Kat, another for the list, Miss Crayola Creepy is running a Great Gatsby Sew Along in May:

  11. Thank you so much for the shout out for the spring clean your Sewing Space challenge over on my blog :D this made my day.
    What a brilliant way of keeping track of all the sewalongs and challenges. this will certainly come in useful

  12. Hi Kat, just been thinking – this is a great resource for sewists – you should make a button for it, to link back to this list and get people to add it to their blogs….like Vicki Muise did with her Mapping the Sewcialists map.

    • Oh, that’s a brilliant idea! Thanks Tempest!! :-) I’ll see what I can come up with and get one made in the next few days.

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  14. I have started such list but yours is much better – more events. Thanks! I will check the challenges :-)

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  16. What a great list! Thanks for this… I love that Selfish Sewing week falls on my birthday… I may have to participate in that one! Oh, and the Vintage pattern month… better start planning! ~Laurie

  17. Hi! I just came across a sewalong on this blog of a very talented lady from Serbia: Nougat dress
    It’s an exclusively beautiful dress, but way too complicated for me.. :)

  18. The Stashbusting Sewalong challenges for the next couple months are:
    November – The Charity Challenge
    December – Gifts for You and Gifts for Me!

    There is also a Purse Palooza 2013 that runs until November 11.

  19. Thanks for the mention Kat!

  20. The Sewcialists are also doing a Grunge Sew-along until the middle of December I believe:

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  22. What a great list! Thanks for adding the shift dress sew along to the list!

  23. Do you know Project Sewn? It is an awesome sewing challenge and sew-along! It will take place in February, one theme per week. You can check it here: :)

    • Oooh, thank you, I’d forgotten about that one!! :-) (Sorry for the late reply – had no laptop for a couple of weeks. :-(

  24. We are hosting a sewing contest over at, and we’d love it if you add it to your April list. In fact, why don’t you join the fun?

  25. what a great list Kat! Thanks for the Auckland Meet Up mention :-)

  26. Another sewing contest and sew along going on in July over at Skirt Fixation! We’d love the mention and if you sew along! (Challenge Create: Fabric Swap Edition)

    • Thanks, I’ve added it to the list. :-) Sounds like another fun contest! I’d love to take part one day, if you’re on the hunt for participants at some stage. :-)

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  29. As the mother of a Doctor Who fan I will have to check back in November to see what has been created! I myself have already been enlisted and have completed a Fez!!! He even wore it to school!

  30. Aww drat. Just realized that was last year… LOL oops! I did not realize how much time had passed since the Dr. Who aniversarie.

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  32. Thank you taking the time to gather and post these– it makes it so convenient to participate when I can find them easily.

  33. I am sooooo glad I came across this page! Thank you for putting it together!

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