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Sew Indie NZ is here! Yay!

Here’s one for all of your New Zealand based stitchers – I’ve just launched Sew Indie NZ, a new online pattern store, dedicated to bring independent designers to New Zealand!

Let’s face it – international postage costs can be a real killer. (Sometimes it costs as much to get a pattern sent here as it does to actually buy the pattern in the first place!) So if you’re only wanting one or two patterns, it can be hard to justify. But not any more! Now you can get a bunch of patterns by fabulously talented designers from all around the world, right here in good ol’ Aotearoa. Yay!

All the patterns are the designers retail price, only listed in NZ dollars. (No more currency conversion fees and international transaction fees! Yay!) Postage is at New Zealand rates, and free if you buy two or more patterns. Plus, everything is sent via tracked courier, delivered super fast right to your door.

The full ranges by Cashmerette, Closet Case Patterns and Sew House 7 are instore now. Plus designs from Pauline Alice, Colette and Christine Haynes are on their way too! I’ll be looking to add more designers every couple of months, so if you’re based in NZ and want to know what’s coming in, you can sign up to the newsletter or the Facebook page. I’m focussed on bringing in designs that we don’t already have easy access to here in NZ – if there are any that you’d really like to see, let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

Why am I doing this, you may ask? Well, I love indie designers – I appreciate that we’ve got such a great range of designers and styles to choose from, and how much passion and work they put into what they do. So I really want to help make them more accessible for people here – after all, more choice is great for all of us, right? 😉

(As with Muse news, I won’t post about Sew Indie NZ very much over here, as I know those who read this blog (I still get amazed on a regular basis that people read my blog, haha!) are here to read about what I make, not the other stuff. So if you do want to keep on top of what’s going on with Sew Indie NZ, do go and sign up to the newsletter, or the Facebook page, or follow the blog over there. 🙂