Puppy pants!

Did ya see the Crazy Dog Lady Sewing Challenge that was happening last month?

Well, how could I resist a theme like that?!?

I must admit though, I’m not really a dog person. (<- understatement. Sorry, dogs and dog lovers. I'm a cat person, completely.) So it seemed a bit odd to make something for myself, since there is no way I could be called a "Crazy Dog Lady".

I did have this super cute cotton drill in my stash though – cream, with little chocolate-brown paw prints and bones all over it. Cute! And needing to be used.

The larger of my little guys, however, does like dogs. He gets a big, goofy grin on his face when we see one while out walking. So making something for him seemed the right thing to do.

Puppy pants | Modern Vintage Cupcakes

And since I was about it, and had enough of the fabric, I figured I may as well start on the path to being one of Those Parents (you know, the ones who dress their kids the same) and make a pair in the same fabric for his little bro as well. (Heh. Years of amusement with doing this is ahead of me. *evil cackle*)

Puppy pants | Modern Vintage Cupcakes

The larger pair are a pattern from a sewing-clothes-for-babies book. First time I’ve made the pattern (and only the second time I’ve used the book. It’s one of those ones that looks super cute before you have a baby, and kinda mostly impractical after you realise the reality of dressing a wriggling little person) and it went together well enough. The smaller pair are my go-to baby trousers, made several times before in both knits and wovens, for both boys. Gotta love that inset at the back to add extra space for over cloth nappie clad baby bums!

Puppy pants | Modern Vintage Cupcakes

The brown fabric is linen, left over from the dress sample of my Melissa dress. (So one could say we have matching mother-and-child garments, perhaps?)

Since I didn’t want them too identical (yet, mwahahaha!) I made the larger pair in the brown linen, with patch pockets in the paw print cotton drill, set at angles to the leg seam.

The smaller pair are in the cotton drill, with the linen used for the inset at the back, and also for cuffs at the bottom of the leg (I made them extra-long, in a 6-12 month size, since this child is growing fast!)

They’re both a bit too big for the boys just yet, but give it another month or two (or a few more days, in the case of the smaller one!) and they’ll be perfect. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Puppy pants | Modern Vintage Cupcakes

And now, after that brief dog-inspired interlude, back to some selfish sewing….

6 responses to “Puppy pants!

  1. What pattern do you use for those pants? I’ve been meaning to ask for ages! My mom does so much sewing for my little girl, but she also has a big cloth nappy bum, and regular pants don’t really cut it.

  2. Adorable pics, boys and pants! I love the paw print fabric so cute.

  3. These two!!!! They’re absolutely adorable!!!

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