Congratulations Vicki Kate!

Oh yeah, virtual online baby shower time! 🙂

The amazing Vicki Kate is having a baby soon! So a few of us banded together (led by Annabelle, the instigator of this great idea) to throw her a virtual surprise baby shower. And here we go!

I made her a couple of pairs of baby trousers for her soon-to-be arrival. 6-12 month sizes for both.

One pair in a grey and black thick and soft houndstooth tshirting, with denim on the butt (which will be hemmed before they’re sent – running to the wire due to a non sleeping baby, whoops!)

Baby Trousers | Modern Vintage Cupcakes

Baby Trousers | Modern Vintage Cupcakes

Another pair in a linen cotton blend (snails! Yeah! Seems to be my theme for January, haha!) with a soft navy tshirting on the butt.

Baby Trousers | Modern Vintage Cupcakes

Baby Trousers | Modern Vintage Cupcakes

Coz baby butts with baby nappies on are kinda big, and it’s funny to put different fabrics on them. 😉

Check out the other awesome ladies and see what they’ve made for the baby shower:

Congrats Vicki Kate! 😀

20 responses to “Congratulations Vicki Kate!

  1. Kat!! Thank you so much!! I can’t believe the generosity and kindness of you all! It’s really made my morning, and moved me beyond words. Thank you so much!! I’ll try and be a little more coherent once this has all sunk in a bit; I’m feeling a little overwhelmed in the best possible way at the moment!!

    • Aww, you’re welcome! It was so much fun making these for your ‘bump’. 🙂 They’ll be in the mail to you this week. Hope the rest of the pregnancy goes well! 🙂

  2. Thats a beautiful idea!

  3. So cool! And snails – just love them.

  4. These are adorable, I love the snail fabric. I can’t believe you accomplished all this with a baby who doesn’t enjoy sleeping! When my little one didn’t sleep, I accomplished nothing, ever. Thank you for helping to plan this baby shower!

    • Haha it’s amazing what you can do in 5 minute bursts! 😉 (Second child – makes a huge difference. I wouldn’t have managed this with baby number one.)

      Thanks again for thinking of this and organising it – such a wonderful, lovely idea! 🙂

  5. Dawwwwwww baby pants!!! These are SO CUTE.

  6. Awww, what a sweet idea! Just out of curiosity, what’s the pattern? I’ve been spending the morning in a rabbit hole of trying to hunt down and pin ideas for boy-friendly things!

    • Hi Becky! It’s actually one I rubbed off a pair of baby trousers I really liked, and then adjusted a bit. Happy to send it to you if you like – I’ve got it in sizes 0-3 months, 3-6 months, and 6-12 months. Made all three multiple times for my boys – they’re fast to make, fun (coz you can play around with mix-and-match fabric on the bums!), and fit really well over nappies (including cloth nappies). Email me your address and I’ll trace ’em out for you and send them to you. 🙂

  7. Oh my goodness, baby trousers – how clever & adorable! Lovely job! ^_^

  8. Such adorable trousers…and I take my hat off to you managing to make 2 with a baby to look after…

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