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And here’s why I haven’t been around much lately….

Well, actually, there are a few reasons! (Including a new job – exciting! And all the madness of getting ready for Indie Pattern Month over on The Monthly Stitch.) But the main one – I’ve been hard at work on my next pattern. Eek!

One of my goals this year was to step things up a bit with Muse, and I did that with this design, by venturing out into the big world of professional photography. And it was quite an adventure! A very exciting and fun one, at that. A real photographer, with real equipment, in a real studio space. And I’ll tell you about that experience another day, as right now, I want to show off my latest pattern! 😉

Please meet…. Philippa!

Philippa dress | Modern Vintage Cupcakes

Philippa was inspired by a lovely friend of mine. A graphic and brand designer, who spent a lot of time in London, and has a penchant for wearing lots of black, short skirts, and likes late-60’s mod-inspired designs. She’s also a very practical person, so naturally this pattern has pockets. 😉

The Philippa pattern references late 60’s mod styling in it’s princess seams, slim fitted style, panels, jewel neckline, and wide, flat collar. Plus, there’s a mini length option for the skirt – after all, you can’t reference late 60’s mod style without a nod to the mini skirt!

Philippa pattern | Modern Vintage Cupcakes

As with all my patterns, I added in several variations to make it versatile and easily remade several times for completely different garments. Philippa can be made as a dress, a top or a skirt. With cap sleeves, sleeveless, or slightly cut-away shoulders. With a scoop neck, jewel neck, or collar. With or without pockets. And with a knee length or mini length skirt. Lots of ways to mix-and-match!

Philippa pattern | Modern Vintage Cupcakes

Since this is a pattern for wovens (or stable knits, such as ponte), it includes both B and D cup options. (Which brings me to another thing – it has a different sizing chart to other Muse patterns. While the sizes made sense when I was only drafting for one cup size, it didn’t when a D cup was added. E.g. size 40 for a D cup would mean a full bust of 42″ and a high bust of 38″, and no 40″ measurement anywhere to be seen! So for Philippa, the sizing is based on high bust measurements, and then selecting the appropriate cup size based on full bust. E.g. if you have a high bust of 38″, and a full bust of 40″, you’d make a 38-B. And if you had a high of 38″ and a full of 42″, you’d make a 38-D. Which makes a lot of sense in my head, and hopefully will make sense to everyone else as well!)

Philippa pattern | Modern Vintage Cupcakes

I must admit that Philippa was actually released to the world a few days ago. It’s taken me this long to get time to write about it here! (I have other posts that are works in progress as well – one day soon I shall get to completing those. After all, I still have to do a show-and-tell of that 1970’s Elna Lotus machine…!)

Oh, and there’s 15% off the Philippa pattern until end of day Monday 2 May, with the code ‘HELLOPHILIPPA’. Plus, the full sale price (less bank fees) of all Philippa patterns sold between when it launched and end of day Monday 2 May will be donated to the Cancer Society, a charity chosen by the wonderful person who inspired the pattern.

Philippa pattern | Modern Vintage Cupcakes

And now, it’s time I went and sewed up something for myself! I have some black and green floral cotton calling my name….. 😉