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The Cupcake top

Here it is folks – my second attempt at the green Hummingbird top from Cake patterns!

A huge thank-you to all of you who gave me feedback on my first ill-fitting attempt. Quite frankly – you guys rock! 😀

And here it is, Hummingbird number two:

Cake patterns Hummingbird green peplum top

Since this one worked out ok, I even gave it a name. It’s a small piece of Cake, so it gets to be a Cupcake. Hah.

Cake patterns Hummingbird green peplum top

Following on from suggestions received, I made it up in one colour, a dark colour, and a colour I know I like (purple!), so as to eliminate any issues of the I-don’t-know-if-I-hate-it-because-of-the-colour type. This time, it’s made up in a mid-weight cotton/poly blend tshirting.

As far as fit goes, I made several adjustments following the last top. I cut the sleeves as the shorter-sleeved version, which I think definitely helps the overall look of this on me. I took it in by about 2cm at each side seam at the waist, and I also raised the waist by 5cm in front and 6cm at the centre back.

I decided to leave the neckline as it was for this one, just to see what it looked like when the rest of the top was fitting ok. Next time, I’ll go with the recommendation to widen it – it’s not really doing much for me the way it is.


I must admit though – I’m still not 100% sold on this top on me. (Maybe I’m just out of practice with wearing knit tops?) It just doesn’t seem to be sitting right, and I can’t for the life of me figure out what to throw over the top of it when the weather gets colder (which, in Wellington, is several times a day, all year ’round). Meh.

The peplum is kinda fun, though. 🙂 So I’m going to try making another peplum top, this time in a woven fabric. I’ve got a 1940’s peplum shirt pattern to make up, or maybe I’ll try the top version of the La Sylphide pattern from Papercut first….

Cake patterns Hummingbird green peplum top

Photos for this were up at the Truby King garden, not too far from where we live. It was a beautiful winter day (so beautiful the weather lulled me into a false sense of warmth, which has been brutally dashed back to reality today *brrrr*) so we went for a walk and after climbing up the big hill I got brave and stripped down to short sleeves for photos. Just for you, lovely readers, to show you my new top in surroundings a bit more interesting than our lounge. 😉

Cake patterns Hummingbird green peplum top