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Superhero Leggings!

You may have heard me mention Papercut patterns a couple of times recently. Yeah, I suspect I’m fast becoming a fan-girl. Which is slightly embarrassing, but Katie’s patterns really are rather gorgeous and fun.

So here’s my latest Papercut make – the Ooh La Leggings.

Ooh La Leggings

Just for the heck of it, and because I wasn’t sure how well this pattern would fit so wanted to do a trial before making it up in precious merino, I made ’em in a purple tshirting.

Ooh La Leggings

The same tshirting as my Cupcake top, in fact. (Perhaps I could wear them together? What do you think? No? What a shame….)

(Side note: somehow, it was nearly impossible for my face to have a ‘normal’ expression in any of these photos. I suspect this is due to my having too much fun leaping around on beds, and cracking up laughing at the absurdity of this photo shoot.)

And can I just say – I loooove this pattern! It’s fantastic – for a pair of leggings, it was super fun to make, has interesting seam detail, fits wonderfully (and is plenty long enough in the leg for me, which is rather unusual, tall gal that I am!), and has lots of potential for crazy things like prints or colour blocking (or both at once?!!) in the future.

Seriously folks, check out the seaming in this line drawing:

Papercut Ooh La Leggings line drawing

Papercut Ooh La Leggings line drawing

I have plans to draft up feet for these puppies, and then make ’em up in a nice snuggly merino and wear ’em with skirts and high heels so I can keep warm and cozy in winter and also do those seam lines (and pintucks) justice.

Ooh La Leggings

Because yes, the pattern calls for you to pintuck the seams down the front and the back of the legs. (I only did the front ones though, because the purple fabric is quite heavy for leggings and I didn’t want thick pintucks right behind my knees. Next time, in a lighter fabric, I’ll probably do both front and back seams.)

Ooh La Leggings centre front seam pintucks

Centre front seam pintucks

Something about purple leggings makes me want to make a superhero cape and come up with some random superhero name….

Ooh La Leggings

Me is strong superhero! Or not.

But since I can’t think of a superhero name, I’ll just jump on the bed instead!



Extra bonus fun – these pics were taken in a hotel room in Auckland, when a colleague and I were travelling overnight for work. Photos taken by my lovely friend/colleague Gill, who managed to not look at me too strangly when I asked her to help me take photos of myself jumping on a hotel bed wearing leggings once we’d finished work for the day. Gill – you’re a star!

Pillow fights are also a good way to use ones time in a hotel while travelling for work

Pillow fights are also a good way to use ones time in a hotel while travelling for work

Introducing indie pattern lover – Mel from The Curious Kiwi!

Ready to meet another lover of indie sewing patterns? This time, I’d like to introduce you to my sewalong-hosting buddy – Mel from The Curious Kiwi!

Mel sews a lot with indie sewing patterns. In fact, I think that she’s wearing something from an indie pattern every time I see her…. (Especially her Hollyburn skirt, which I can confirm looks even more awesome in real life than it does on a computer screen!) So her she is to tell us what’s on her wish list….

Mel in her fabulous Hollyburn skirt

So, Mel, what do you like the most about sewing with indie patterns?
I love that it feels like so much more love and attention goes into each release. You can tell from the pretty packaging to the beautifully illustrated instructions that it’s a special pattern. That also makes me want to do a great job of the garment too.

What’s your favourite Indie pattern, and why?
I haven’t made it yet but I am dying to, it’s the Papercut Watson Jacket. I secretly want to make a cape but I don’t think it would be very flattering on me so I just love that this is a cute blend of coat and cape and I can see me wearing it ALL. THE. TIME. I even have fabric picked out from my stash.

Watson jacket with the chosen fabric

What’s your favourite thing you’ve made from an indie pattern?
My Lady Grey is shaping up nicely but my Rooibos is definitely my favourite so far. It was my first Indie pattern and I tried piping for the first time too. I LOVE the linen I used for the main dress, I bought it on a trip to Melbourne so it has souvenir memories attached, and the fit was just spot on. I’ve been wearing it a lot lately to work and I always get a compliment so I can’t complain.

Rooibos with piping

Which is your favourite indie pattern company, and why?
Papercut is my number one at the moment, I know as a Kiwi I am 100% biased but I just can’t wait to see what her next release will be! I can’t just choose one through, equal in second place is a new company for me, Deer & Doe (such pretty patterns!), Colette and Sewaholic.

Which indie pattern are you planning on making next?
I have a Cake Tiramisu in the wings for July. I would also love to make the Deer & Doe Belladone but after seeing your version it’s competing hard with Papercut’s La Sylphide…I guess I’ll have to make them all! 😀

Tiramisu from Cake patterns

What indie patterns are on your wish list?
Even though I have no idea what it’s going to look like Papercut’s rumoured blazer pattern is already on my wish list. I’ve also had Colette’s Crepe on there for a while but just haven’t made the leap yet. I made a few splurge purchases last month so I guess I am waiting for everyone’s next releases so I can covet a few more pretties.

Crepe dress by Colette patterns