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Days in photos

Been a while since I posted any Photo A Day challenge images. But I got a new (“real”!) camera the other day (very exciting! It’s a DSLR and everything!) so have started doing the challenges again. (And yes, one day soon I plan on telling you all about (aka “showing off”!) my new camera!)

Anyway, here we go – part of March, in pictures….

7 March – Fly

First outing with my new camera! Also the first ‘date’ my guy and I had been on since the Little Guy arrived (big thanks to my little sis’ for looking after Little Guy for the evening!). In cliched-pretending-to-be-hipsters fashion, we took our cameras down to the Wellington waterfront for a walk before heading to an awesome Japanese restaurant for dinner.

Sea spray, flying when it hit the edge of the random concrete block creation at one of the jutting-out parts of the waterfront.

8 March – In The Corner

Lil’ sis’ and I wandered out to an abandoned lot nearby to get photos of my Wolf in Denim jeans. Looking up at the intersection of two graffiti-covered walls, to a hardy plant clinging on and blue sky above. I liked the colours. πŸ™‚

9 March – 10am
Yet again, chaos of toys scattered across the lounge, proof that the Little Guy had passed by a couple of minutes previously.

10 March – Far Away
Looking out over the harbour on my walk to work in the morning – the remains of sea fog blanketing the Hutt Valley and a boat outlined against it.

11 March – Something Good
Paint colour samples arrived today! Time to start choosing what colour to paint the lounge….

12 March – Partial
A partially-read book, hanging out on the bedside table.

14 March – Care
Last day at my job today – a lovely friend and colleague took the time to give the florist who put together my ‘farewell’ flowers a good description of what I was like, so they could come up with a bunch that suited me. Lovely care shown by both my friend, and the florist who really cares about who their flowers are going to. (Orange and yellow! With splashes of pink! Yes!!)

Days in photos

Been a while, but I’ve started doing the Photo A Day challenge again.

Here’s the end of January and the first part of February, documented moments in time to match the daily challenge prompts….

29 January – window
Since none of the cats would co-operate for the classic ‘cat on a windowsill’ image, instead we peer through two windows in a shape sorter toy, to see a Buzzy Bee stacker toy peeping back. πŸ™‚

30 January – best invention ever
The toaster! Or maybe toast. Hmmm… which of the two is best??

31 January – polka dot
A good excuse to break out a dress I haven’t worn in ages – my purple polka-dot dress. And my Converse sneakers with ladybugs and polka-dots on them. And some clover dotted around in our garden, for good measure.

1 February – you
Admittedly, I took this on 2 February. Please forgive my lapse!! πŸ˜‰ Shadow in late afternoon on the way back to the car from our Island Bay beach visit.

2 February – favourite
My favourite little person, on his first ever trip to the beach. Since some of his favourite things are sandpits and water, we figured he’d be rather fond of the idea of a beach as well.

3 February – something orange
There’s lots of orange to photograph around our house. Here’s a couple of vintage Crown Lynn cups sitting on our kitchen bench. (Couldn’t quite get the bright orange stovetop espresso that was sitting behind them in the composition… You’ll just have to imagine it’s there.)

4 February – childhood
My Little Ponys!!! I used to love these little creatures. As you may be able to tell, since these three are showing signs of being well-loved. My mother unearthed them a while back, and I picked ’em up and took ’em home with me at Christmas time. Posey (yellow one), Princess Primrose (pink), and Ribbon (blue). Now to find the rest….

May Photo A Day (part 2)

Horribly late, but hey. Here they are finally, the photos I managed to take for the second half of the May Photo A Day challenge….

14 May – Need
Some days, I need the sugar kick from a 70% dark, praline hot chocolate from Bohemian. (Seriously – their hot chocolates are so good they’ve ruined me for all other hot chocolates, probably forever.)

15 May – 7 o’clock
7am and 7pm – sitting on the couch, catching up with blog reading, and doing the mother-who-works-full-time thing.

16 May – Mailbox
Note to self: must prune the Honeysuckle….

18 May – Want
A bunch of merino knit I want to make into baby trousers for the babies in the poorer families in our area to keep them warm this winter.

19 May – My favourite view
Sleeping Little Man. Always makes me smile and want to cover him with kisses. (Except I don’t, because then he might wake up and it would be Game On).

20 May – Light
The vintage art deco (?) glass lightshade in our hallway, looking up from directly below.

23 May – PJs
Turkey PJ’s and slippers hand knitted by my lovely mother.

Photo A Day

Another (somewhat late) week of the April Photo A Day challenge!

17 April – Busy
Only been back at work a month, and my desk is already a huge to-do list. *sigh*

18 April – Hello!
Poster in the lift at the central library, while hunting out a book on how to do Montessori at home for under-3 year olds.

19 April – Button
Some of the selection of buttons my friend Gina passed on to me when she left to travel the world recently.

20 April – On your mind
I want to sew!!! (I also want to tidy my sewing desk – that is just one massive to-do pile that keeps on growing faster than I can do things with it. *sigh*)

21 April – Fire
Three of the burners on our gas hob, at night, reflecting in the splashback.

22 April – Blurry
Looking up at the trees outside Newtown School in between showers of rain.

23 April – Time
(Couldn’t think of what to take today. Well, that’s not quite true – I wanted to take a time lapse photo of our digital oven clock, with the minute numbers blurring as they change. But that didn’t happen, so just picture it in your mind instead, ok? That way, I don’t have to figure out how to take that shot….) (<- cheats way out, haha!)

24 April – I saw this person today
Working breakfast with my friend-and-colleague Alix, at our fortnightly breakfast-meeting haunt – Drexels. (Smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel – yum!)

25 April – Life is…
… a mystery.

(Yes, I’ve had the opening of a Madonna song going through my head for several days after this challenge.)

Trees at night, up beside the War Memorial near Massey University. (Sssh, don’t tell anyone – this was taken a day late because I couldn’t find the right shot on the 25th. Taken when leaving the Great Hall after helping set up for Fabric-a-brac for the following day.)

Photo A Day

Another week of Photo A Day challenge photos…

19 February – I am…

… rather fond of sushi.

I really missed sushi while I was pregnant. Like, really missed it. I ate a lot of sushi in the month after the Little Man arrived.

20 February – Where you stood

Technically, this is where I sat. But I had to stand there before and after sitting, so it counts, right?

Our kitchen floor was being laid today, so I had to go out for lunch. A beautiful day, took the opportunity to walk to the Basin Reserve, sit there eating my sushi (yes, sushi for lunch two days in a row) that I’d picked up on the way, then walk back again.

21 February – Full

A handful of Nerds lollies.

Steve and I often get sent to the annual Webstock conference in Wellington. I didn’t get to go this year (what with being on maternity leave and all) so he very kindly gave me his conference schwag. Webstock do good conference freebies. This year, they included a huge pack of rainbow Nerds. Yum!

22 February – Makes you smile

Baby sucking on it’s toes.

The Little Man found his feet the other week, and now whenever he’s getting changed I have to wait for a while to let him suck his toes. Ridiculously cute.

23 February – A word

There’s a tiny little park at the end of our street, it’s got a small grass area, a garden, and a bench. It’s also got a sign with it’s name: “Quirk’s Corner”. I’d love to know the story behind this small park….

24 February – Cloud

Clouds changing colour at sunset, from the back of our house, looking out towards Brooklyn.

25 February – On your bedside table

Bedside light, baby monitor, and hair ties. (All very exciting, really.)

Photo A Day

Another week captured in the Photo A Day challenge

12 February – Where you ate lunch
Our last day on our visiting-family holiday in Dunedin, lunch sitting at the dining table in my parents kitchen. This is the view from the kitchen window. I used to eat breakfast where when I was in high school, watching for the school bus coming around the bends in the road to Warrington (you can just make out the road winding along to the left side of the bay). When I saw it coming, I’d have just enough time to grab my bag, run down the hill and across the road to catch it.

13 February – Walking
Walking into town with my friend Emily.

14 February – Love is…
Hugs and kisses and liking someone (or in this case, something) so much you just want to eat it all up.

15 February – Inside your fridge
An ever-present army of Up and Go, for those days when I don’t get a chance to have breakfast due to the demands of a small creature….

16 February – Perfect
Trimming half square triangles for the quilt I’m making, trying to make them perfect squares.

17 February – In your hand
Hot chocolate at the Coronation Cafe, while meeting up with the awesome Wellington sewing bloggers. The barrista was entertaining himself by making up new stencils for drink decorations – he had just made one in the shape of a crown, so got to test it on our drinks.

18 February – Something you don’t like
Cheap and nasty import shops, springing up everywhere. I mean, two pairs of track pants for $10?!? You can’t even buy the fabric for that price!! I shudder to think of the work conditions associated with producing this cheap nasty stuff…..

(Oops, sorry to end this week’s one on a bit of a down note! Go back and admire the crown hot chocolate topping instead, coz it’s pretty awesome. πŸ˜‰ )

Photo a Day

The last three in the January Photo A Day challenge…

29 January – Grow.
The local Playcentre has a plant stand outside it, with plants the children have grown for sale by donation. It makes me smile whenever I walk past it. (Plus today I went to a social meeting there with other mothers in the neighbourhood, so I can now say I’ve set foot in the local Playcentre for the first (and probably last) time.)

30 January – Down.
Part of the poetry walk along the Wellington waterfront – part of a James K Baxter poem, in the water under the bridge behind Te Papa.

31 January – Yourself.
To borrow Carolyn’s description, here’s a Navel-Gazing Fashion Blogger’s Society photo.

And the first ones in the February challenge. πŸ™‚

1 February – Fork
I wasn’t feeling very creative, and so, I present to you – our cutlery drawer.

2 February – Pattern
Flower bed at the Wellington Botanic Gardens.

3 February – Something beginning with β€˜E’
Baby eyes, going slightly cross-eyed staring at the camera.

4 February – Hope
Poster on a bollard near the Newtown library, fundraising for the Heart Foundation.

Photo A Day

Happy New Years everyone! Here’s to 2013 – may it be super fantastic and lovely for you all. πŸ™‚

I’ve still got a couple of 2012 creations to finish writing about, but to start off the new year, here’s the last in the 2012 December Photo A Day challenge….

December 23 – Joy is______
Really, how could I not use a photo of Drake here? He brings me joy, and he’s full of joy (and grins) himself.

December 24 – Tradition/something you always do
My parents gave me this book for Christmas when I was 3 years old. I read it every Christmas Eve (and know most of it by heart). This year, Steve read it to our son (and I) for the first time.

December 25 – Lunchtime
I made my first pavolva! And it turned out ok!!! (Although I’m still slightly scared of making them, even after this one success.)

December 26 – Mess
Some of yesterday’s wrapping paper, waiting to be neatly folded and put away for next year. (Another family tradition – saving any wrapping paper that’s still in decent condition for the following year’s gifts.)

December 27 – How you relax
Sewing! (With my current project sitting in pieces of pink.)

December 28 – Cold
Passionfruit and yogurt Kapiti icecream, while watching an episode of Downton Abbey Season 3 after dinner.

December 29 – Hot
Toast, fresh from the toaster.

December 30 – Something that made you smile this year
Painted the house yellow, with cream trim and blue doors this year. Colours of summer. Makes me smile when I turn onto our street and see it, it’s so bright and cheerful, even in the middle of winter.

December 31 – Self-portrait
Rainbow hair by the roses in the front garden.