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Handbag from a coat

So, in keeping with the making-things-for-peoples-birthdays plan, on Saturday I decided to make a birthday gift for Celia. While browsing through purty tutorials online, I came across one for a 1-hour bag, glanced through it, then more-or-less ignored it and made one along the same lines.

Since Celia’s a slightly-girly sort of girl, I went hunting for a slightly-girly-but-not-too-girly fabric. Figured a bag is always a good contender for using up some of the stuff in my (rather large and multiple) fabric scrap boxes, so I went hunting through one and unearthed a jacket that a friend had given me with the intention of my cutting it up and turning it into something completely different. Which I have now done. 🙂

(Sadly I didn’t take a photo of the jacket beforehand, but it was a wrap-around shaped one with long sleeves, and with a long fabric sash belt.)

So, to start with, I cut along all the seams, and separated the lining from the jacket outer. I then cut along all the seams on both, separating both lining and outer into their separate pieces. I then found the ones that were big enough for making a bag out of, which ended up being both the outer and the lining from the two sleeves. So, I cut the pieces out, and sewed ’em up. 🙂 Conveniently, the sash belt made for an excellent shoulder strap once I cut it down to the right length. Here’s the photo (you can’t see the inside, but imagine it lined in cream and with a little pocket inside too):

Bag for Celia

Bag for Celia

Crafty moments

So, after hearing what my colleague Gill has for her New Year’s Resolutions this year, I decided to add one to mine. I have a terrible (absolutely terrible) habit of forgetting people’s birthdays and important dates. Clearly, I am a very bad friend. 😦 So, this year, I’m going to make a point of remembering them! (With the help of Facebook, so those of you who don’t have your birthday in Facebook are getting forgotten, I’m afraid to say.) And not only will I be remembering people, I’m also going to try to make little gifts for lots of people. Which makes for both a crafty challenge and a memory challenge, all in one!

Deciding to start this off on the right foot, the first craft-birthday-gift recipient for the year is the lovely Olivia. Sadly I forgot to take a photo of what I made for her, but here’s the tutorial I used: http://modernquiltlove.wordpress.com/2009/07/14/perfect-box-pouch-tutorial/

I made this little box purse up with a dark blue lining (thermal curtain fabric, in fact, to give it some stiffness, since I didn’t have any interfacing lying around but I did have curtain fabric. Go figure.) and with the outside in a green-and-lavender cotton covered with a cute cupcake print, and a lavender zipper to match. Looks very cute, in my opinion. 🙂 (Note to self: remember to take photos of future creations.)