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Big Green Dots

Hey, how’s this for something a bit different? I made a top! And it’s not even for me – it’s for a lovely friend of mine.

Green Dots Bonnie | Modern Vintage Cupcakes

(Yep, that’s right. It’s not a dress. And it’s not for me. Surprise!!)

This is the Bonnie top from Bluegingerdoll.

(Which, admittedly, I have made for myself before.)

Bonnie top from Bluegingerdoll

This lovely friend of mine has quite a different style to me though, so I made a different view of the Bonnie top for her. Which was interesting, as it’s a view I’d never make for myself – always nice to have a bit of diversity in patterns like that, isn’t it?!

For this one, I used the hip-length variation (as in view C), with long sleeves and a scoop neck (as in view B). The sleeves are actually shorter than they should be though – I underestimated the amount of fabric I’d need for this and was a couple of centimeters short for the sleeves – eek! Luckily the new owner on the short side, so they ended up the length she likes. (Phew!)

Green Dots Bonnie | Modern Vintage Cupcakes

The Bonnie top is a nice and easy make. Self-fabric binding on the hem, some little gathers on the sleeve heads, and that’s about it, really! Aside from the gathering stitches on the sleeve heads, I put it all together on my overlocker, using the coverstitch function for the hem and sleeve hems.

The fabric is a poly blend knit, soft and spongy and cuddly, from The Fabric Warehouse. The colours are printed on it, so it’s actually white on the other side, which gives the black more of a flecked appearance. I must admit, I’m not as happy with this fabric as I would have expected to be for the price, though – it’s faded a bit and pilled a little already after only about ten washes. Still looks fine, and it’s the sort of thing only one of us sewing types (read: fabric-obsessed-people) would notice, but it does mean I won’t buy this fabric again. Which is a shame, as it’s awesome, coz it’s got big green dots on it!

Green Dots Bonnie | Modern Vintage Cupcakes

I spent a while lining up the dots to make sure they went straight down the centre front and the centre back, the sleeves, and that they were evenly placed on the neck binding. Through some happy accident, the dots on the neck binding ended up aligned with the ones on the front of the top, and the ones on the shoulders aligned with ones on the top of the sleeve head. Yippie for happy accidents!

Green Dots Bonnie | Modern Vintage Cupcakes

I’m happy to report that the girl I made it for loves it, and has worn it a lot already. It’s kinda funny, actually – we work together, and every time she’s worn it into the office she’s had compliments on it. Little warm fuzzies, yay!