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Patterns and Postcards swap

Have you seen the Patterns and Postcards swap that The Perfect Nose is hosting? It’s great – swapping patterns (and postcards!) all around the sewing blog-o-sphere.

I’m thinking it’s also a brilliant reason to go through my pattern collection and be realistic – which ones am I not likely to make/make again? (I’m being a good little girl and adding any that are missing onto the Vintage Patterns Wiki as I go.)

Here are the first 6 I have up for swaps. If you’re keen on any of them, let me know in the comments and we’ll see what sort of swap deal we can do. 😉 (Also, if I don’t reply immediately, it’s probably because I’ve had to go have a baby since our little one is due any day now. I apologise in advance if it takes me a couple of days to get back to you!)

All the patterns have been checked and are complete. I’m planning on doing a couple more swap posts this week, as I work my way through checking patterns for completeness.

Simplicity 7626 – SWAPPED

Simplicity 9074. Misses’ robe in two lengths, from 1975. Size 12 (bust 87cm / 34″).

Style 2631, misses dress from 1979. Size 10 (bust 83cm / 32.5″).

Vogue Easy Options 7709 – SWAPPED

Style 2697 – unlined jacket and dress from 1980. Size 10 (bust 83cm / 32.5″).

Simplicity 9227 – designer Harriet Selwyn’s Fragments from 1979, pullover dress and cummerbund. Size 12 (bust 87cm / 34″).

So yeah, if you’re interested in swapping for any of these pretties, let me know in the comments below. 😉 (I’ll have another post up in a couple of days with a bunch more, just as soon as I’ve sorted a few out and checked all the pieces are there.)