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May Photo A Day (part 1)

Yeah, so I didn’t do so well on the May Photo A Day challenge. In fact, I missed a good half the days. So, here’s the first half of the ones I did get. Second half coming soon. (One of these days, I’ll get up to date with my Photo A Day posts. One day…. Maybe….)

1 May – I bought this!
Fabric for tracing patterns for the Burda Sew Along, as recommended by Mr C at the new Lambton Quay Made Marion store.

5 May – Paper
At the Resene store, choosing paint colours for the inside shelves of the bookcase my partner is building for our living room. (Bright yellow and orange, in case you’re wondering. With off-white around the outside.)

6 May – Broken
I “broke” the potatoes – forgot they were on cooking, and they boiled dry. 😦 Note to self – don’t cook late at night while very tired. (They were going to be daycare-lunch for the Little Man the next day.)

7 May – Something beginning with F
Footwear! 🙂

8 May – Shape
Wooden toy blocks.

10 May – Stars
Flag decoration in the mango pudding at today’s yum cha brunch with our friend Nik. First time we’d been to yum cha at Big Thumb restaurant. Verdict – ok, but not our favourite. (Mango pudding = awesomeness.)

13 May – Sunrise/Sunset
Walking home from work on a late autumn evening. Spot the little crescent moon, hiding out there in the sky?

Photo A Day 3

The (very late to post) last days of the April Photo A Day challenge….

26 April – Childhood
A toy I played with as a child (and remember fondly), being reached for by the always-in-motion hand of the Little Man.

27 April – Earth
Tiny mushrooms growing from, and very close to, the earth of our front garden.

28 April – My Sunday
Swimming with friends in the morning (the Little Man’s second time swimming!), followed by afternoon tea with other friends in the afternoon. A fabulous way to spend a Sunday. 🙂

29 April – I wore this today
Two pairs of shoes – blue patent high heels for work, yellow sneakers for the walk home again.

30 April – Glasses
Some of the (mismatched) glasses in our glasses drawer at home.

Photo A Day

Another (somewhat late) week of the April Photo A Day challenge!

17 April – Busy
Only been back at work a month, and my desk is already a huge to-do list. *sigh*

18 April – Hello!
Poster in the lift at the central library, while hunting out a book on how to do Montessori at home for under-3 year olds.

19 April – Button
Some of the selection of buttons my friend Gina passed on to me when she left to travel the world recently.

20 April – On your mind
I want to sew!!! (I also want to tidy my sewing desk – that is just one massive to-do pile that keeps on growing faster than I can do things with it. *sigh*)

21 April – Fire
Three of the burners on our gas hob, at night, reflecting in the splashback.

22 April – Blurry
Looking up at the trees outside Newtown School in between showers of rain.

23 April – Time
(Couldn’t think of what to take today. Well, that’s not quite true – I wanted to take a time lapse photo of our digital oven clock, with the minute numbers blurring as they change. But that didn’t happen, so just picture it in your mind instead, ok? That way, I don’t have to figure out how to take that shot….) (<- cheats way out, haha!)

24 April – I saw this person today
Working breakfast with my friend-and-colleague Alix, at our fortnightly breakfast-meeting haunt – Drexels. (Smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel – yum!)

25 April – Life is…
… a mystery.

(Yes, I’ve had the opening of a Madonna song going through my head for several days after this challenge.)

Trees at night, up beside the War Memorial near Massey University. (Sssh, don’t tell anyone – this was taken a day late because I couldn’t find the right shot on the 25th. Taken when leaving the Great Hall after helping set up for Fabric-a-brac for the following day.)

Photo A Day

The next week-and-a-bit (trying to catch up on posting!) in the April Photo A Day challenge:

8 April – On your plate
A few of my vintage Crown Lynn plates. I do love me some Crown Lynn. One day I’d love to own a full set of the ‘Fiesta’ design, with it’s cross-hatch and candy-coloured polka dots….

9 April – Tiny
Teeny tiny bottle of nail strengthener, from the gift bag at the Andrea Moore/Millicent fashion show.

10 April – A place
Memorial half-way around the Basin Reserve cricket ground. I walk around the Basin Reserve on my way home from work almost every day and see this memorial from the other side of the cricket grounds.

11 April – Detail
Detail of a gate I see on my walk home most days. I love this gate, it’s full of curves and points and is asymmetric and makes me smile with it’s pretty and it’s randomness.

12 April – In the middle
Big ads for current exhibitions, hanging in the middle of spaces in the wall at Te Papa museum.

13 April – View from your bed
Generally the first thing I look at every day (or, more accurately, grope blindly about on) – the top of my bedside chest of drawers. On here lives my bedside lamp, lip balm, a teddy bear I’ve had since I was about 16, the baby monitor and my cellphone (which also doubles as my alarm clock, hence the groping-around-blindly first thing in the morning. Either the cellphone alarm or the baby monitor wake me up.) True confession: a lot of dust also lives on here.

14 April – Water
Just for the heck of it, a little rubber ducky floating in a glass of water outside, at night, on bricks damp from rain.

15 April – Alone
Bridge on the waterfront. There’s a lot of padlocks attached to the bridge side nearest the water, they’re called ‘love locks’ and are meant to represent the longevity of the lovers who attach them. This one is all alone on it’s section of railing, apart from the rest of the group.

16 April – Your favourite colour
Bright orange, always happy and cheerful, makes me smile. These were a gift from my partner, presented to me when he got home today and now making the kitchen windowsill a happier place.

Photo A Day

Oops! I seem to be rather behind on my blogging…. Sorry ’bout that folks – still trying to figure out the work/family/time-for-anything-else-at-all balance! Here’s the first week of photos from the April Photo A Day challenge:

1 April – Play
At the zoo today, some of the Servals were out playing with the keepers. Tug of rope!

2 April – Blue
Walking home from work – blue sky, blue harbour, gorgeous evening.

3 April – Something beginning with A
An assortment of tools that my Other Half was using to install our new flat-screen tv to the wall. The Little Man is nearly mobile, so we are frantically baby-proofing. First up – replacing the old CRT TV with a wall-mounted flat-screen so cables aren’t as close to baby hands.)

4 April – This happened today
A random gust of wind broke the emergency helicopter on the roof of Wellington hospital. When I was collecting the Little Man from daycare, all the other parents, kids and teachers were watching the helicopter get lifted off the roof by this big crane. (I missed the spectacle due to feeding a little boy at the time.) Wandered by on the way home to see the helicopter on the ground, and the big crane still in place.

5 April – Something good
I forgot today’s challenge theme, and got distracted on the way home by this image that fit nicely into a theme I missed last month that had been on my mind for a week – ‘In The Mirror’.

Right on the corner of the waterfront, near TSB Arena, stands a mirror, hanging out a little over the ocean. It’s there so trucks coming in either direction can see what’s nearby.

6 April – Air
Feathers make me think of flying, swooping through the air. Wouldn’t it be fabulous to be able to do that?!?

(On a side note, it’s really hard to get a photo of a feature falling through the air. So here’s where it landed instead.)

7 April – Dreamy
A trip around Te Papa on a rainy Wellington day. This was the entrance to one of the exhibits, accompanied by eerie music and lighting that made it look like it was underwater – a dreamy effect. The words are Maori and translate to ‘What is given by the land should return to the land’.

Photo A Day

Running a bit behind posting the Photo A Day photos, but here’s the last week from the March Photo A Day Challenge:

25 March – In your drawer
Contents of my ribbon drawer.

26 March – Something you did
Lunchtime white-chocolate-and-vanilla gelato with my friend Natalie, enjoying the sun on the waterfront and watching ducks go past.

27 March – Pair
Pair of footprints, stuck to our fridge. (The Little Man’s from a couple of days ago, aged 6 months and 1 week.)

Missed a day here…

29 March – Goodnight
Just after putting the Little Man to bed for the night. Milk coma, yes indeed.

30 March – Relax
Cup o’ tea, mini Easter egg, and my current sewing project. Bliss.

And then I missed the last day of March. Oops…

Photo A Day

Part of March, captured in the March Photo A Day challenge

12 March – In the distance
Distant clouds at dawn.

And then I missed a few days… Oops….

16 March – 9 o’clock
9am – making breakfast while juggling the Little Man.

17 March – Green
Yum Cha with the Wellington sewing bloggers. Chinese greens – yum!

18 March – Shoes
My first day back at work after maternity leave. Which means, I get to wear my high heel collection once more! Today’s choice – Minx light blue heels.

19 March – A sign
Logo on the sign at the Little Man’s daycare.

Another missed day…. Figuring out the whole work-life balance thing, haha!

21 March – Working
Road works building the new Buckle Street underpass.

And more missed days… *sigh*

24 March – Up
First time in a swing!

Photo A Day

the March Photo-A-Day Challenge continues….

5 March – Under
I seem to spend a lot of time fishing toys out from under our couches these days….

6 March – Chair
Technically a bench, but I figure that’s a form of chair, right? This one sits at Quirk’s Corner, just down the road from us. Chances are you’ve seen it in a photo here before – today I walked past it while out wandering with the Little Man.

7 March – Fear
Random unexpected thing to be afraid of – telephone poles spontaneously falling over. At 4.45pm, right at the start of rush hour, on a road that a large number of bus routes go down. Yep, traffic was utter chaos. We had buses getting diverted down our street since they couldn’t go their normal route.

8 March – Favourite
One of my (current) favourite drinks from one of my favourite cafes – a peanut butter and chocolate milkshake from the Southern Cross, while hanging out with a group of local mothers and their little ones.

9 March – Faceless self-portrait
Part of one shoulder. Because that’s the best I could reach behind myself with a camera on the day. :-p

10 March – I want…
… more hours in every day.

11 March – Important
Remember folks, it’s important to eat your veges! (Roast vege salad with rosemary and feta for lunch.)

Photo A Day

The final photos in the February Photo A Day challenge

26 February – Quiet
Hanging out in the spare room (where it’s nice and quiet) for ten minutes with a good book.

27 February – Playing
A new favourite toy his Grandma bought him today.

28 February – Upside down
Upside down baby! (With sticking-out-tongue-of-happiness.) (And blurred-wiggle-movement.)

…and the first of the March Photo A Day challenge ones…

1 March – L is for…
The big lavender bush from our front garden that’s slowly taking over half the footpath outside the house. (Note to self: should probably trim that back sometime….)

2 March – I made this!
Apple-and-cinnamon cupcakes and banana-peanut-butter cupcakes, for the fundraiser cake stall the Little Man’s soon-to-be daycare was holding at the Newtown Fair today. (Even though he doesn’t start there for another two weeks, I’m being a good daycare-parent and contributing.) (Plus it gave me a chance to try out a new recipe and I kept these ones for us to eat. 😉 Win all ’round.)

3 March – Key
Two keys for the back door on their hook.

4 March – Lucky
Earlier this year I was super-lucky to win a giveaway from Sew Incidentally, and the parcel arrived this morning. Exciting!!! 🙂

Photo A Day

Another week of Photo A Day challenge photos…

19 February – I am…

… rather fond of sushi.

I really missed sushi while I was pregnant. Like, really missed it. I ate a lot of sushi in the month after the Little Man arrived.

20 February – Where you stood

Technically, this is where I sat. But I had to stand there before and after sitting, so it counts, right?

Our kitchen floor was being laid today, so I had to go out for lunch. A beautiful day, took the opportunity to walk to the Basin Reserve, sit there eating my sushi (yes, sushi for lunch two days in a row) that I’d picked up on the way, then walk back again.

21 February – Full

A handful of Nerds lollies.

Steve and I often get sent to the annual Webstock conference in Wellington. I didn’t get to go this year (what with being on maternity leave and all) so he very kindly gave me his conference schwag. Webstock do good conference freebies. This year, they included a huge pack of rainbow Nerds. Yum!

22 February – Makes you smile

Baby sucking on it’s toes.

The Little Man found his feet the other week, and now whenever he’s getting changed I have to wait for a while to let him suck his toes. Ridiculously cute.

23 February – A word

There’s a tiny little park at the end of our street, it’s got a small grass area, a garden, and a bench. It’s also got a sign with it’s name: “Quirk’s Corner”. I’d love to know the story behind this small park….

24 February – Cloud

Clouds changing colour at sunset, from the back of our house, looking out towards Brooklyn.

25 February – On your bedside table

Bedside light, baby monitor, and hair ties. (All very exciting, really.)