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Days in photos

Been a while since I posted any Photo A Day challenge images. But I got a new (“real”!) camera the other day (very exciting! It’s a DSLR and everything!) so have started doing the challenges again. (And yes, one day soon I plan on telling you all about (aka “showing off”!) my new camera!)

Anyway, here we go – part of March, in pictures….

7 March – Fly

First outing with my new camera! Also the first ‘date’ my guy and I had been on since the Little Guy arrived (big thanks to my little sis’ for looking after Little Guy for the evening!). In cliched-pretending-to-be-hipsters fashion, we took our cameras down to the Wellington waterfront for a walk before heading to an awesome Japanese restaurant for dinner.

Sea spray, flying when it hit the edge of the random concrete block creation at one of the jutting-out parts of the waterfront.

8 March – In The Corner

Lil’ sis’ and I wandered out to an abandoned lot nearby to get photos of my Wolf in Denim jeans. Looking up at the intersection of two graffiti-covered walls, to a hardy plant clinging on and blue sky above. I liked the colours. πŸ™‚

9 March – 10am
Yet again, chaos of toys scattered across the lounge, proof that the Little Guy had passed by a couple of minutes previously.

10 March – Far Away
Looking out over the harbour on my walk to work in the morning – the remains of sea fog blanketing the Hutt Valley and a boat outlined against it.

11 March – Something Good
Paint colour samples arrived today! Time to start choosing what colour to paint the lounge….

12 March – Partial
A partially-read book, hanging out on the bedside table.

14 March – Care
Last day at my job today – a lovely friend and colleague took the time to give the florist who put together my ‘farewell’ flowers a good description of what I was like, so they could come up with a bunch that suited me. Lovely care shown by both my friend, and the florist who really cares about who their flowers are going to. (Orange and yellow! With splashes of pink! Yes!!)

Days in photos

Been a while, but I’ve started doing the Photo A Day challenge again.

Here’s the end of January and the first part of February, documented moments in time to match the daily challenge prompts….

29 January – window
Since none of the cats would co-operate for the classic ‘cat on a windowsill’ image, instead we peer through two windows in a shape sorter toy, to see a Buzzy Bee stacker toy peeping back. πŸ™‚

30 January – best invention ever
The toaster! Or maybe toast. Hmmm… which of the two is best??

31 January – polka dot
A good excuse to break out a dress I haven’t worn in ages – my purple polka-dot dress. And my Converse sneakers with ladybugs and polka-dots on them. And some clover dotted around in our garden, for good measure.

1 February – you
Admittedly, I took this on 2 February. Please forgive my lapse!! πŸ˜‰ Shadow in late afternoon on the way back to the car from our Island Bay beach visit.

2 February – favourite
My favourite little person, on his first ever trip to the beach. Since some of his favourite things are sandpits and water, we figured he’d be rather fond of the idea of a beach as well.

3 February – something orange
There’s lots of orange to photograph around our house. Here’s a couple of vintage Crown Lynn cups sitting on our kitchen bench. (Couldn’t quite get the bright orange stovetop espresso that was sitting behind them in the composition… You’ll just have to imagine it’s there.)

4 February – childhood
My Little Ponys!!! I used to love these little creatures. As you may be able to tell, since these three are showing signs of being well-loved. My mother unearthed them a while back, and I picked ’em up and took ’em home with me at Christmas time. Posey (yellow one), Princess Primrose (pink), and Ribbon (blue). Now to find the rest….

Moments in photos

More moment captured using the Photo A Day challenge prompts….

November 13 – Part Of Me
Waiting for a plane | Modern Vintage Cupcakes
Waiting for a plane home to Wellington. Part of me – my feet! Kind of part of me (well, part of my life anyway) – travelling up to Auckland reasonably often for work.

November 14 – Eating
Eating icecream| Modern Vintage Cupcakes
Heading into summer time! Milk popsicle for a little lad to help sooth teething pains. (And coz they’re tasty, yes indeed!)

November 15 – In My Pocket/Purse
House key with a Hello Kitty I got in Japan. (Sadly I dropped it and her body broke off, so now I carry around a disembodied Hello Kitty head….)

November 16 – Play
Slide on a building |  Modern Vintage Cupcakes
Near where we live is the office of a couple of small, local baby clothing and buggy designers. And they’ve just installed a slide between two of their floors. Looks like a fun way to get to the staff room for lunch!

November 17 – 5 O’clock
Yeah, I forgot. Oh well!

November 18 – Mirror
My Besame powder in it’s pretty, old-fashioned compact.

November 19 – Where You Ate Breakfast
Keyboard | Modern Vintage Cupcakes
I admit it. Unless I head out to breakfast with friends, on work days I eat breakfast at my desk, reading email.

November 20 – Communication
Paper pigeon graffiti | Modern Vintage Cupcakes
Pigeon graffiti, printed out on paper, continues to appear around town. These guys have just gone up in Manners St. I figure they’re communicating in a pigeon way with each other, right? (Photographed as my bus went past.)

November 21 – I Wish I Had This
More sleep!!! *sigh*

Photos of Days

Moments of days, captured using the Photo A Day prompts….

4 November – Table
Cookie pie from Thunderbird Cafe
Met my lovely friend Natalie for lunch. Naturally, we indulged in cake afterwards. πŸ™‚ Cookie pie from Thunderbird Cafe – yum!

5 November – I Collect
Souvenir teaspoons
Souvenir teaspoons! For a few years, every time I went someplace new, I’d hunt out a teaspoon to add to my collection. The idea being that whenever a friend came over for tea, they could use a teaspoon from their home town.

6 November – Music
Wooden xylophone
Our Little Man loves making music, so we bought him this colourful wooden xylophone while we were in Shanghai. He loves it!

7 November – Yes!
At a conference today, I made myself be brave and actually put my hand up to volunteer an answer to the presenter’s question. (Seriously, this was a very brave moment for me!) They picked me to answer, really liked my answer, and gave me a copy of their book as a thank-you. (Plus, he then came up to me in the break to thank me for the answer I gave, as it was the perfect lead-in to the next part of his talk.) Yes! I was brave! And it felt good. (Now to wait another few years before I’m brave enough to do it again…)

8 November – Someone I Miss
Wardrobe of dresses | Modern Vintage Cupcakes
Shallow though it may be, I miss the size/shape I was a couple of summers ago, when I could fit into all my pretty self-made dresses. But I’m nearly back there, and naturally it was all worth it. πŸ˜‰

9 November – Mine
Fabric-a-brac fabric and patterns | Modern Vintage Cupcakes
Fabric-a-brac today, and these were some of my spoils. They’re mine! All mine!!!! Mwahahahaha!

10 November – Book
BurdaStyle sewing book | Modern Vintage Cupcakes
Browsing through sewing books, trying to decide what to make for the November Monthly Stitch challenge. Perhaps the dress from the BurdaStyle sewing handbook? I quite like Casey’s version, especially if I then make it a shirt-dress style….

11 November – A Memory
Fluppy puppy toy dog | Modern Vintage Cupcakes
This little guy has been travelling around with me ever since I was 13 and bought him at a fair that I went to with my then two best friends – Fiona and Angela. He’s called Fluppy Puppy. (Coz, you know, he’s all fluppy/floppy/soft.)

12 November – Clouds
Clouds over Takapuna beach
Up in Auckland for work, walking along Takapuna beach after dinner.

Photo a Day

It always amazes me that when you go away on holiday, it takes about the same length of time to catch up on everything when you get back home. (Or is that just me?!?)

Anyway, while I try to find time to write a more text-heavy blog post, here’s a week of photos, using the Photo A Day challenge list as prompts….

28 October – Just For You
Pile of Japanese fabrics
A pile of fabric I bought in Japan, all just for me! (Mwahahahaaaaa!)

29 October – Hair
Freshly dyed red hair
Freshly dyed red yesterday.

30 October – Wet
Rain drops on shoes
Lots of rain today. Wet ground, and raindrops on my shoes.

31 October – Treat
Bowl of chocolate
For the very first time ever, I was prepared for Halloween, with a bowl of yummy Whittakers mini chocolate bars for the trick-or-treaters. And then it poured and poured with rain, and there was lots of wind, and generally shitty weather. So we didn’t have anyone come around. 😦 Oh well, guess we’ll just have to eat them all ourselves! πŸ˜‰

1 November – Fruit
Grapes and a biscuit
A handful of grapes, to counter the home-made biscuits I’ve been munching on today.

2 November – I Did This Today
New cuff for my latest project
Cutting out my next sewing project. (You’ll have to wait and see what it is, though. πŸ˜‰ Anyone want to guess?)

3 November – P Is For….
Little Guy eating peanut butter on bread
Peanut butter and banana on bread! Our Little Man having a tasty snack.

Photo A Day – July, part 2

And a few more photos from the July Photo A Day challenge….

14 July – Edible
Fruit kebabs
Fruit kebabs for lunch at a training day in Browns Bay, Auckland, for work. (Hey, if I have to work on a Sunday, at least I got to eat strawberries in winter.)

20 July – Hot
Tabasco sauce
Tabasco sauce and burritos for dinner. (Hot sauce and I don’t get on – I had home made plum sauce on my burrito instead.)

26 July – The everyday
Seal on Wellington waterfront
Every day after work, I walk along the Wellington waterfront. There’s lots of everyday kind of rocks there. And every day for the past week or so, this guy’s been hanging out on those rocks, making them just a bit less everyday-like.

27 July – Black + white
We went for a late afternoon walk around the outside of the zoo, and passed through a playground on the way. Taken looking up at the top of a climbing gym.

28 July – This is new!
New sending range at NZ Post
Spent the day helping with the final training day for one of the new NZ Post stores in Auckland, before it opens it’s doors to the public tomorrow. It’s a whole new design, and also has a whole new sending range in it. (New red walls, new wooden displays, new sending range. All new!)

Photo A Day – July, part 1

I seem to be getting later and later with posting these, but hey, here’s some photos from the July Photo A Day challenge if you’re interested….

2 July – Shoes
So, uh, yeah. I may have bought these shoes today. Coz, you know, the photo challenge prompt told me to….

7 July – Where you are
Fork in the path
Literally and figuratively – a fork in a path, a decision point. Do we go left or right? Do I keep doing what I’ve been doing career-wise, or try something different? Today’s fork in the path is bought to you by the Truby King Gardens, where we went wandering on a beautiful bright winter afternoon.

8 July – Path
Path in Auckland
Up in Auckland for work, walking through a park near the muesum.

9 July – 3 things
Trees at Takapuna beach
Three trees next to each other at the beach at Takapuna in Auckland. (There for work, we had half an hour to spare before we had to go to the airport, so ate frozen yogurt overlooking the ocean.)

11 July – I wore this!
Barrel of monkeys necklace!

12 July – A bad habit
I hate that I do this, and fight against this habit all the time, but yes, I admit it. I am late far, far too often. *sigh*

Photo a Day – June, part 2

Some more moments in June, inspired with the Photo a Day challenge….

14 June – Texture
2013_06_14_ texture
Long infant eyelashes and soft, porous skin, belonging to our sleeping Little Man.

15 June – From above
Looking down from the top of the slide at the zoo this afternoon. (Photo a day challenge = a great excuse to get up on kids playground equipment! πŸ˜‰ )

23 June – Last
There’s an underpass being built by the Basin Reserve, and I walked past it on my way home from town today. These are the last support poles in the big line they’ve been banging into the ground, with the last parts of the poles still up in the air. (There will be more poles – they’re no where near finished yet. But for today, these are the last in the line.)

24 June – Negative Space
Looking up at a grey and forbidding sky, through winter-bare tree branches near the Basin Reserve on my walk home from work.

28 June – Red
Red hair on red sheets.

Photo A Day – June, part 1

Yeah, yeah, I know – I’m still running horribly behind with the photo a day posts. Oops! Anyway, here are the first bunch from the June Photo A Day challenge, for some little glimpses into what I see in my life. Enjoy! πŸ™‚

1 June – B is for…
Breastfeeding my baby boy before he goes to bed.

2 June – A moment
Cat in grass
A moment of watchfulness before my cat Kahlua decided to run away from the camera. (As always.)

3 June – On my table
Tangible to-do list, piled on my sewing table as a constant reminder that These Things Should Be Done. (*sigh*)

4 June – After dark
When the sun goes down, the bedside lamp goes on.

5 June – Environment
Mini rubbish ‘bins’ for on our desks at work – the tiny size is meant to encourage us to recycle everything we can.

6 June – Transport
Raining, and running late, so we drove in to work today.

7 June – Bright
The Little Man’s toy shelf – always full of bright colours for him to play with.

8 June – An animal
Graffiti pigeon on my walk home. These have been appearing all over the place – paper images, stuck on walls around the town. Most of them are at ground level, as though the pigeons are standing. This is the only solo flying one I’ve seen. They all make me smile. πŸ™‚

May Photo A Day (part 2)

Horribly late, but hey. Here they are finally, the photos I managed to take for the second half of the May Photo A Day challenge….

14 May – Need
Some days, I need the sugar kick from a 70% dark, praline hot chocolate from Bohemian. (Seriously – their hot chocolates are so good they’ve ruined me for all other hot chocolates, probably forever.)

15 May – 7 o’clock
7am and 7pm – sitting on the couch, catching up with blog reading, and doing the mother-who-works-full-time thing.

16 May – Mailbox
Note to self: must prune the Honeysuckle….

18 May – Want
A bunch of merino knit I want to make into baby trousers for the babies in the poorer families in our area to keep them warm this winter.

19 May – My favourite view
Sleeping Little Man. Always makes me smile and want to cover him with kisses. (Except I don’t, because then he might wake up and it would be Game On).

20 May – Light
The vintage art deco (?) glass lightshade in our hallway, looking up from directly below.

23 May – PJs
Turkey PJ’s and slippers hand knitted by my lovely mother.