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A me-made-May retrospective

Yep, I know – May was a while ago now. Turns out I have quite a few posts I haven’t managed to find the time to write yet! June tends to be a bit crazy, with Indie Pattern Month on the go. (Plus, I may have been working on the next Muse pattern – got it sent away to be digitised yesterday, yippie! So now I’m taking a breather from it to play with other things. Like this blog. And some knitting. And sewing something, just for me. Yay!)

Anyway, it turns out I took part in me-made-May again. I didn’t really do a pledge thing this time – my wardrobe choices are quite limited due to the littliest guy, plus I wear mainly me-made anyway. Instead, I did a little secret pledge just-to-myself to take a photo each day of my outfit. Pretty much just out of curiousity, so I can document it to look back on in about a year when I’m back to wearing the full range of my wardrobe again. For me, that’s proven to be one of the most interesting things about taking part in me-made-May – having the ability to go back and see what my day-to-day style was in previous years.

So, here we go – my outfits during May 2015! (Be prepared for a lot of button-up dresses and cardigans. They’re basically my uniform these days. Hah!)

1 to 4 May 2015

1 Maybrown linen Melissa dress, Hetty cardigan.
2 MayGumnut Babies Wenona dress (first outing for the Wenona dress – yay!), grape Coppelia cardi (not shown, but you’ll see it later in the month). Worn to Fabric-a-brac, where the lovely Mel and I shared a table and had lots of fun.
3 May 70’s floral wrap skirt, grape Coppelia cardi. An unusually empty space of wall – photo taken while we were rearranging furniture to fit my new Large Format Printer (eeek! Yeahh!!) into my sewing room (woo hoo!!!)
4 MayBirds of a Feather 1940’s dress, Miette cardigan. The first photo of many taken in the mirror of the “gym” (aka table tennis room) at work.

5 to 8 May

5 MayLoganberry Coppelia wrap dress, me-made cardigan. And part of our hall way.
6 MayBeatrice 1950’s dress, cat lady Jenna cardi. And part of my bedroom haha.
7 MayRock-a-Birdy Bleuet, Strawberry Coppelia.
8 May – Hungry Caterpillar skirt, Southern Plaid tshirt, knitted-by-my-mother chunky grey cardi.

9 to 13 May

9 MayHummingbirds and Clover dress, Miette cardigan. First family trip with the littliest guy! We went down to Dunedin for a long weekend to visit my family. This photo was taken outside my parents place in Evansdale.
10 MayMelissa dress, Hetty cardigan. Plus my mother, nana, and the littliest guy. Mothers day! We went out for coffee and cake at the cafe in the Dunedin Botanic Gardens (along with my grandad, who took the photo). I don’t get to see my grandparents nearly often enough, so it was lovely to spend some time sitting and chatting with them. (Also, moments like this remind me that yes, I am tall. Hah! I tend to forget until I see photographic evidance.)
11 MayHummingbirds and Clover dress and Hetty cardigan. Not photographed, because they’re on a memory card in a different camera and I can’t be bothered finding it. Sorry, not sorry. Anyway, Steve and I left the kids with my parents and went to visit Larnach Castle, and have high tea! And one of these days I’ll get around to writing a post about that, so you’ll get to see the outfit then, if you’re particularly interested.
12 MayMellow Yellow La Sylphide dress, Miette cardigan. (Duffle coat from Max. I wore my snails Rigel bomber pretty much every day for the first week and a half of May, then it needed a wash. It’s still in my ironing pile. Ahem.) Flew back to Wellington today – photo was taken while waiting for our luggage to come out. Note to self: evening flights with small people are Not A Good Idea.
13 MayBirds of a Feather 1940’s dress, knitted-by-my-mother 1940’s cardigan. And my socks, since I’d just put the Little Guy to bed. Plus part of our constantly-messy lounge.

14 to 17 May

14 May – Hungry Caterpillar skirt, purple merino fitted tee, Bird Heart Bonnie sweater. Back to work, yes indeed.
15 May – vintage 1970’s dress (not me made! Note to self: must do ironing more often. Coz I had run out of things to wear, whoops!), black merino Jenna cardi (not blogged – was one of the samples I made when creating the pattern).
16 MayPigeon skirt, made-by-my-mother 1940’s cardigan. And the outdoor bath at Sandra’s place, when we went for her housewarming. Sunset, hence the odd sky colour.
17 MayMellow Yellow La Sylphide, Marion cardigan.

18 to 21 May

18 May floral Dakota dress, nursing singlet (not me-made), striped Jenna cardi (made by my sister).
19 MayGothic Mystery 1950’s dress (it’s first outing! Exciting!), cat lady Jenna cardi.
20 MayMellow Yellow La Sylphide, Miette cardi.
21 MayBeatrice 1950’s dress, Marion cardi.

22 to 25 May

22 Mayfloral Dakota dress, nursing singlet (not me-made), Hetty cardigan. Pink day at work, to raise awareness for the annual anti-bullying campaign! Yep, that’s raspberry Foxton Fizz, and a cupcake holder filled with salted caramel popcorn. Yum!
23 MayGothic Mystery dress, Jenna cardi (again, an unblogged one. It was another sample made while creating the pattern.) High Tea at The Little Teapot cafe in Kilbirnie with the Wellington Sewing Bloggers Network girls and our special guest – Penny from Dresses & Me! Yay!! So much fun!!! 🙂
24 MayGumnut Babies Wenona dress, brown merino me-made cardi. And part of my sewing/work room (which doubles as a guest room).
25 MayAll Buttoned Up 1940’s dress, 1940’s cardigan knitted by my mother. Again, photo taken after putting kids to bed, so in my socks. Hah.
26 May – forgot to take a photo. Ugh. Anyway, wore my Rock-a-Birdie Bleuet dress with the grape Coppelia cardi. Both of which you’ve seen here before in this round up.

27 to 30 May

27 MayGumnut Babies Wenona dress, Miette cardigan. And a hotel room! My first night away from the Littliest Guy, and my first decent nights sleep in over a year. (Ugh.) Went to the Customer 3.1 conference in Auckland. Presented at it, too. Twice in fact – I couldn’t decide on a topic, so did both. Hah. And yes, I wore a dress covered in gumnut babies to present at a conference. Coz that’s how I roll.
28 May 1940’s dress, crazy cat lady cardigan. And a lift at the Pullman hotel where I was staying. Day 2 of the conference.
29 MayMelissa dress, wrap-around cardi knitted by my mother.
30 MayRock-a-birdie Bleuet dress, wrap-around cardi knitted by my mother.

31 May

31 MayBirds of a Feather 1940’s dress, Marion cardi. The last day! Woot! No more selfies, thankfully!!!

So yep, there we have it. A month in outfits.

Lots of dresses, lots of cardigans. Lots of knee high boots and long socks or tights, because it was rapidly heading into winter and I get cold easily. Hence also why hand-knitted cardians featured a lot.

I love dresses. So easy in the morning – just need to throw a cardi on over the top, no need to find other things to match. Also easy at this stage in my life, when I’m losing the last bit of post-baby tummy, which means skirts and trousers don’t fit very well. (Yes, I do actually own some trousers. They don’t get worn much. If at all.)

Somewhat embarrasing fact: I actually have several dresses that I can and do wear at the moment that didn’t feature this month. The reason why? They were too far down my ironing pile/mountain and didn’t make it to the top. *hands head in shame* Yeah, full time job and two small kids – ironing doesn’t happen often enough. Let’s face it – I’d rather be sewing. 😉

Me Made May ’14, the second week

Well folks, we’re half-way into Me Made May 2014, and my wardrobe situation is getting dire! Sad to say, there’s a limited number of things that are fitting me at the moment (in both me-made and ready-to-wear), and that number is getting smaller every few days. Eek! A weekend of sewing is very much required, quick-smart!

But in the meantime, here’s the second week of May, photos of outfits….


8 May

  • Me-made Autumn Skies dress
  • RTW cardigan
  • Black maternity tights (hand-me-down from a friend)
  • Tan knee-high boots

9 May
Got home late from work and far too tired to get a photo before bed, so you’re getting an outfit-laid-out-on-bed-later pic instead. Oops.

Wave farewell to the Rock A Birdy Bleuet dress folks, it’s now too small. One more garment hits the post-baby-storage-area dust.

10 May
So yeah. Bad pregnancy day today, I spent a lot of the day napping and didn’t really leave the house. Ugh. Growth spurt, I guess?!?

Again, no energy for a photo, and it really wasn’t in the slightest bit interesting anyway. My me-made 80’s Ensis tee, maternity jeans, and a hoodie from work. All style, oh yeah. :-p


11 May

  • Me-made Dolly Turtles dress
  • Me-made Coppelia wrap cardigan (not yet blogged)
  • RTW long-sleeved merino top
  • Maternity leggings (hand-me-down from a friend)
  • Tan knee-high boots

(Photography accessoried by a Little Man photo bomb.)

12 May

  • Me-made Rock A Birdy Bleuet dress
  • Me-made Coppelia wrap cardigan (not yet blogged, although I seem to be wearing it most days….)
  • Over-the-knee grey socks
  • Tan knee high boots


13 May

  • RTW checked blazer from a second hand shop
  • Me-made 80’s Ensis tee
  • RTW merino long sleeved top
  • Maternity jeans (hand-me-down from a friend)
  • Black and red checked Converse sneakers

14 May

  • Me-made Corporate Hipster blazer
  • RTW black tee (hand-me-down from a friend
  • RTW merino long sleeved top
  • Maternity jeans (hand-me-down from a friend)
  • Black and red checked Converse sneakers

Me-Made-May ’14 – the first lot of outfits

You know it’s May when all of a sudden blog posts pop up all over the place filled with wardrobe posts featuring self-made garments.

So, apologies if you’re already sick of Me-Made-May blog posts, but here’s my first one for this May. (Feel free to ignore it and come back tomorrow if you want. 😉 )


1 May

  • Me-made Rock-a-birdy Bleuet dress
  • My-mother-made green cardigan (from a 1940’s pattern)
  • Black maternity leggings
  • Brown knee-high boots

2 May

  • Me-made grey squiggly-circles dress (never blogged)
  • My-mother-made purple cardigan (knitted from a 1940’s pattern)
  • Burgundy knee-high boots


3 May

  • Me-made Raspberry Tiramisu dress
  • Purple wrap wool cardigan from an op shop
  • Plaid bomber from a friend
  • Black maternity leggings
  • Ultra-high black Converse sneakers

4 May

  • Me-made Debi dress (on it’s first outing!)
  • My-mother-made purple cardigan (knitted from a 1940’s pattern)
  • Brown tights
  • Burgundy shoes


5 May

  • Me-made Dolly Turtles dress
  • Me-made Autumn Playground cardigan
  • RTW merino long-sleeved top
  • Navy belt from an op-shop
  • Black maternity leggings
  • Brown knee-high boots

6 May

  • Me-made Coppelia wrap cardi (only just finished, will be blogged soon)
  • Tartan shirt dress from a clothes swap
  • Maternity jeans from a clothes swap
  • Black ultra-hi Converse sneakers

And even though I didn’t get a photo, here’s what I wore on 7 May:

  • Me-made Coppelia wrap cardi, same as on 6 May
  • RTW plaid dress
  • Thigh-high purple socks
  • Brown knee-high boots

A post-pregnancy outfit

Yesterday evening, we went for a walk along one of our favourite routes – up the hill and through the Truby King gardens. Last time I did this walk I was 9 months pregnant! Because it’s been a while since I did an outfit post as well, I got a few shots up in the gardens. (Not the most exciting outfit, but rather standard at the moment until I either fit back into my wardrobe or give into reality and make some new things to wear for the next couple of months….)

Outfit details:
Cardigan knitted by my mother from a 1940’s pattern
Skirt – thrifted
Socks – Farmers, years ago
Shoes – Adidas
Sunglasses – Karen Walker

The past two weeks

Hard to believe, but I’ve been off work on maternity leave for nearly two whole weeks now! Crazy. It doesn’t feel that long – probably because I’ve spent a very large proportion of that time resting and napping on the couch, haha. 😉

So much for all those plans of sewing and the like. Maybe next week, since baby isn’t showing any signs of wanting to come out into the world now. As of tomorrow, the little creature is officially ‘over due’.

Want to see what I’ve been up to the last couple of weeks?

I got my hair cut into a ‘middy‘ type style. It’s quite a bit shorter than I was anticipating (eek!), but part of that will be the curl pulling it up. It’s a lot more even now, and I’m looking forward to trying to style it into 1940’s inspired ‘dos.

Steve and I went for a drive up Kapiti Coast last week for my birthday (he took the day off to spend it with me – ain’t that sweet?) I indulged in my favourite shop up there (Superminx) and one of my favourite footwear brands (Minx) and bought these little beauties.

Aren’t they adorable?!? How could I not get them – they’re apple green with little apples printed all over them! I’m looking forward to being able to fit back into my 1940’s and 50’s style outfits so I can wear these shoes in the way they deserve to be worn.

And here we have my current favourite pastime – hanging out on the couch with a book. I’m spending a heck of a lot of time here these days.

Along with a cat.

(Or two.)

Finally, just because the ‘bump’ is 40 weeks today, here’s a 40-week bump photo for posterity:

{Outfit post} Polka Dot Party

Outfit details
Cardigan – Glassons
Merino tee – me-made
Skirt – from a local op shop
Tights – Lyric maternity tights, Farmers
Slip – from a clothes swap party
Boots – Doc Martens
Necklace – from a Queenstown craftsman, made from vintage Crown Lynn pottery
Bump – 18 weeks
Photobombed by – Roxy the cat

I bought this skirt several months ago, it was in a fill-a-bag sale at a local op shop. It was miles too big, with an elastic waist, but I figured I could do something with the fabric, so it’s been sitting in my alterations pile ever since.

Turns out it fits well over my bump now, and even has a bit of room to spare. It may get a bit of use in the next month or two.

(My wardrobe situation isn’t looking too good at the moment. Note to self: must spend more time sewing, less time reading sewing blogs.)

The reason for this outfit? My first attempt at ‘nail art’! I bought a Sally Hansen nail art pen a few weeks ago. Quite often, due to pregnancy tiredness, I find I have to sit down and not do much for half an hour or so. Yesterday I decided I may as well use this relaxing time to do something vaguely more interesting than flicking through a magazine – paint my nails with polka dots.

And then this morning I remembered the skirt to match.

Pink and green

Jacket: used to belong to my friend Christina
Skirt: me made
Socks: from Beijing
Shoes: purchased on holiday in Napier
Fluffy cat coin purse: from Tokyo

It’s a Wellington thing – a lot of the city suburbs have a fair on during late summer/early autumn. It was Newtown’s turn this weekend. Lots of bands, stalls selling all sorts of foods and crafts, buskers, and heaps of people. They block off a couple of the main roads, various smaller roads, and re-route about 1/4 of the Wellington bus routes for the day since that’s how many go through Newtown on their way to other places. And the best part? It starts about 6 doors down the road from our house.

(And yes, my hair is currently emerald green.)