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Mystery Make update

A while back, I held a little giveaway on here for some mystery make packages, as part of Moon Munkie’s Mystery Make Experiment. I ended up sending out three packages, just because I could. I’m pleased to say that they’ve all reached their new homes, with The Seek Speak, Pretty Grievances and Moon Munkie. Pretty Grievances has used one of the things in her parcel already, to hem a gorgeous dress she made. And I just noticed that the lovely Seeks has used the pattern I sent her to take part in Karen’s pajama party.

I also received a mystery make parcel from Seeks over at The Seek Speak a few weeks ago that I have been terribly slack in posting about. (I blame pregnancy exhaustion, haha.) It was so exciting to receive this parcel – so many awesome things in it, and I’ve got quite a few ideas already about what to make with them! (Thankfully my energy levels have started to rise a bit again this week so I’m feeling energised enough to sew for the first time in quite a while, so you may even see some progress on my mystery make crafts soon!) Check out what Seeks sent me…..

How awesome is that?!? I’m feeling rather spoilt! Fabric, a pattern, trim, pretty paper craft things, heavy elastic, craft canvas….. So much to play with, so many fun things to make with it all. I’m going to be starting work on the first thing using something from this parcel tonight. Thanks, Seeks!

Thank you Moon Munkie!

Have you heard about the Moon Munkie Mystery Make experiment? Moon Munkie was kind enough to send four packages of crafty things to four people around the world. And I was lucky enough to get one of them!

It arrived the other day – want to see it?

Isn’t the packaging beautiful? I love pink, it makes me happy. And I love how Moon Munkie has her own little cards – so cute! (I just wish I could think of a good excuse to make some for myself…..)

And here’s what was in it….

Some lovely variegated colour wool
Five squares of craft cotton in various shades of purple
A length of craft fabric with stripes and bubbles

A length of white seed pearls
A fabric leaf
Various sequins and beads, including some that look like candy and some that look like shells

Purple embroidery floss
A white dress zip
Cardboard flowers
Three sets of snap fasteners
And two adorable floral button things

How cute is that? I love that it’s all colour co-ordinated as well. My mind’s already racing with lots of ideas about what to do with it. Steve and I are heading off on a week-long road trip down the bottom of the South Island next week, so I’m planning on taking some of these goodies with me for some road-trip crafting.