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Giveaway Day winners

Firstly, a huge thanks to everyone who threw their name into the ring for the giveaway earlier this week – it was really interesting hearing which Muse pattern you’d choose and why!

And now, it’s time to draw the lucky winners, with the help of the ever-useful random number generator.

So, without further ado, the first winner is…..


Rachael V!

Who said:


The second winner is…



Who said:


And the third winner is…



Who said:


Congratulations Rachael V, Tash and Becky! Your patterns are on their way to you now. 🙂

It’s giveaway day! Yay!

As some of you are likely to already know, Sew Mama Sew has an annual (or twice-annual, I think it actually is no?) Giveaway Day, where a whole bunch of people can host giveaways and link them to their lists. Basically, it’s a rather fun way to connect with a bunch of people, find new blogs to follow, and give something back to the sewing community. (I’ve found new-to-me blogs to follow from it in the past, which is always nice!)


Ive taken part in it a couple of times before, and always really enjoyed it. And it’s here again, starting today! Woot! (Even though it’s called ‘Giveaway Day’, it actually runs all week.)

This time ’round, I’m going to give away a Muse PDF pattern to three different people. Just coz I can.

Rather good timing too – the newest Muse pattern got released yesterday. The Natalie dress and top, made in knit fabric and with a touch of 1940’s elegance to it, it could be rather perfect for wearing over the eating-far-too-much time of year. (Plus, it only takes an afternoon to sew up – win!) (Speaking of which – you can get 15% off the Natalie pattern between now and 14 December with the code ‘NATALIE’.)

So, want to be in to win? Just comment on this post and tell me – which Muse pattern would you choose, and why?

Gillian dress from Muse Patterns

And if you’re a follower of my blog, you get a second entry too – just leave another comment and let me know you follow, since I reckon you should have a better chance at winning and all that.

Natalie dress from Muse Patterns

The giveaway closes at 5pm on 12 December (PST), after which I’ll draw the three winners via random number generator (gotta love that thing!) and send you your pattern. (Side note: please make sure there’s some way for me to find your email address easily when you comment – either linked to your name, or leave it in the comment. Coz if I can’t get hold of you, you can’t win I’m afraid to say.)

Jenna cardi from Muse Patterns

(Want to see what other giveaways are happening and fall down that procrastination rabbit-hole? You can find them here and here.)

And the winner is…..

Hi everyone!

Thank you all so much for your lovely words about the new Gillian dress pattern. 🙂

Want to know who won a copy of it? The trusty random generator selected….


Who said….

MVC winner

Congrats, Vivienne! 🙂 (Can you please email me so I can send you your prize? macska at gmail dot com)

If you didn’t win but are still keen on the pattern, the discount code for 15% off is still valid until 19 October – just enter CUPCAKESFORGILL at checkout (on the screen after the Paypal screen). Plus, all Gillian patterns purchased before the end of day (NZ time) on 19 October have their full purchase price (less transaction fees) donated to the NZ Breast Cancer Foundation.

In completely different news – I finished making a new dress today! Yay! It felt good to get back into sewing something that is more ‘me’ than a lot of the things I’ve made lately (confession time – remember that black tee I made? Yeah, wore it once, and that is all. Just not my style, but oh well.) It’ll probably be at least four weeks yet before I show off my new dress on here though – it’s for post-baby-arrival, and I want to try it on before I tell you all about it. But still, yay, I made a new dress! And it’s pink and patterned and colourful and I love it (and really hope it fits, haha!).

And the winner is…..

Wow, firstly, thank you all so much for all the lovely comments on my post about launching Muse Patterns! Seriously, I’m a bit overwhelmed by all the feedback and kindness – you guys all totally rock! Like, seriously. Reading your comments was like getting a whole lot of little virtual hugs. (Awww, wasn’t that all soppy-like?!? Sorry!)

Jenna cardi | Muse Patterns

Anyway, a bunch of you went in the draw to win a copy of my new Jenna cardi pattern, and I’ve just drawn the winners, with the help of everyone’s favourite random number generator,

(You may have noticed there was an ‘s’ on the end of one of those words up there. Yep, I decided to draw two winners, instead of one. Just because.)

Jenna cardi | Muse Patterns

So….. wanna know who won?

First up is….


Who said:

mvc winner 1

And secondly is….


Who said:

mvc winner 2

Congrats, ladies! I hope you enjoy the pattern. 🙂

(Mons – I can’t find any contact details for you, so can you please email me (macska at gmail dot com) so I can send you your pattern? Thanks!)

Thanks again to everyone who entered, and everyone who commented. You really made my day! 😀

Also, if you didn’t win but are still keen on getting a Jenna cardi pattern all of your own, the code ‘CUPCAKES’ will get you 20% off until Saturday 6 September. (Important note: Paypal does discount codes in a slightly odd way – you’re prompted for them after entering your payment details, whereas most other online payment systems ask for them first. Don’t worry – the option to enter the code will come up and the discount applied between now and 6 September!)

Jenna cardi | Muse Patterns

Sew Grateful giveaway winners

The time has come.

The time has come, the time is now.

(And I may have been reading ‘Marvin K Mooney’ to the Little Guy this evening and gotten part of it stuck in my head. Anyway….)

It’s time… to draw the winners of my Sew Grateful giveaway!

(Drum roll please….)

First up – the winner of Maudella 5341.

Maudella 5341

Annie who blogs over at The Enantiomer Project!

And next up, the winner of Maudella 4995.

Maudella 4995

Jana who blogs over at Plok!

Congrats ladies! 🙂

And a big thanks to everyone who stopped by!

Sew Grateful week – pattern giveaway

**** Update: giveaway has now closed! Thanks to everyone who came by. 🙂 ****

Yeah I know, creative title, right? Say it like it is, and all that.

Anyway, it’s that fabulous time of year again – Sew Grateful week, hosted by the super-lovely Debi!

And first up is Sew Grateful giveaway day – a chance to give a little something back to the online sewing community.

This year, I’ve decided to give a bit of vintage sewing pattern happiness away. Two patterns, in fact. To two different people.

Here’s what I’m giving away….

Maudella 5341
Maudella 5341
A 6-piece overdress from the 1960’s (good for Julia Bobbin’s Mad Men challenge, perhaps??). Size is 38″ bust, 40″ hip. (And when they say 6-piece, they really mean it – front, back, front facing, back neck facing, and both sides of armhole facings. And done!)

Maudella 4995
Maudella 4995
And just in case you feel like indulging in a bit of selfless sewing, here’s a men’s shirt pattern, from sometime in the 1950’s probably. The interesting thing about this one – the button placket only goes about half-way down the shirt, rather than being a full-length button-down. The size for this little piece of retroness is 14 1/2″ neck.

Now, I haven’t checked either of these patterns – they came sealed in plastic bag things, and they’re still in ’em. So here’s hoping they’re complete! Either way, you get some nice retro envelope art, right? 😉

Interested in being in to win one? Comment below and let me know which one you’re most interested in. I’ll draw the winners this Sunday, 2 March.

Papercut winner (or maybe two…?)

Hey hey! Wow, what a great response to the Papercut giveaway I had running this week! I had so much fun reading about what everyone would choose first. 🙂

(I just wish I could give a pattern to each of you, so I could see what you’d all make! But sadly, my budget doesn’t quite stretch to 50 or so new patterns for everyone. 😦 )

And now, let’s find out who just won their first-ever Papercut pattern!

(Drum roll please….)

And the winner is…


Anne W! Congratulations Anne – send me your address (actually, I may still have it from the stash swap….) and Bellatrix will be winging it’s way to you. 🙂 (Also – I reckon you’d look fantastic in this pattern, so do please make it up for yourself as well as your daughters!)

But you know what? Since I had so much fun reading what everyone would make, I couldn’t quite stop myself and ended up drawing a second winner. Just because I felt like it. So, there’s gonna be another Papercut pattern winging it’s way to…


SymonDezyn! Yay! Send me your address, and the Undercover Hood will be heading your way to fill that wardrobe gap. 😉

Thanks for playing along everyone!

And the winner is….

Want to know who won the copy of the O’Keeffe skirt, the new pattern out by indie label Sinbad and Sailor?

Sinbad and Sailor O'Keeffe Skirt

Sinbad and Sailor O’Keeffe Skirt

The winner is….

Ashley, from Craft Sanctuary!


Congratulations Ashley! Hannah from Sinbad and Sailor will be in touch with you soon with your copy of the pattern. 🙂

Missed out on winning? That’s no reason not to try out this cute pattern, and hey, there’s still time to make it up for Indie Pattern Month!

Speaking of which, if you want to meet a few more indie designers, The Curious Kiwi has an interview with Amity and Nhi from Lolita Patterns, and Dresses & Me has an interview with Steph C from Cake Patterns. Stay tuned, because later this week I’ll be interviewing Katie from Papercut! So many fabulous indie designers to find out about, what fun! 🙂

Sew Grateful giveaway winner

Hello there. Want to find out who won the Sew Grateful week giveaway?

I turned to my old faithful friend, the random number generator, for an answer. And this is what it came back with:


Lucky number 7, who is….


Nessa chose option C – a soft toy bunny girl, which I’m going to make for her with brown hair and a green outfit.

Congratulations Nessa!

And thanks to everyone who entered. You’re all awesome! 🙂

(PS Nessa – I’ll email you just as soon as I manage to get back into my email account. Note to self: don’t change your password and then not type it in again for a couple of weeks – it tends to result in your forgetting what you changed it to. *sigh*)

Sew Grateful Week Giveaway!

This giveaway is now closed

Yay! It’s the start of Sew Grateful Week, hosted by the lovely Debi!

This is the third annual Sew Grateful Week. If you haven’t come across it before, the idea is over the week we show how grateful we are for the online sewing community through hosting giveaways, reflecting on what we’re grateful for/about, sharing tutorials and patterns, and making projects using things provided by others (such as giveaway wins, online tutorials, etc). It’s so much fun!

I love having this chance to show how much I appreciate the online sewing community. Seriously, you guys are just awesome! I’ve made so many lovely new friends, learnt a lot, gotten lots of opportunities to indulge in sewing-and-craft related discussions, and even won a few things (which always totally blows me away!). I still find it a bit hard to believe that people actually read this little blog of mine – it started as a way for me to keep track of what I make, and now, it has followers! Who comment on it!! Seriously, it’s pretty darn amazing! I get a little *zing* of happiness every time I get a comment. 😀

So, thanks Debi for once again hosting such an awesome event!

And since today is Sew Grateful Week giveaway day, here’s a little giveaway to show my appreciation for you all and your awesomeness.

I thought I’d give away a few of my favourite things.

Firstly, chocolate. Because, well, chocolate! (Do I really need to say why?!?) This one is a New Zealand brand, Manuka honey flavour. Very tasty, or at least I think it is! (I may have to buy another block for the giveaway, I’m not sure this one will last past this evening. Willpower and chocolate – pick one only. *sigh*)


Next up, a tea towel. Not just any tea towel though – this one is a repro 1940’s Kiwiana print. In red! (Retro Kiwiana, 1940s and red – all Very Good Things.) It’s repro rather than vintage, so it’s safe to use for it’s intended purpose, or whatever else you feel like doing with it. (Such as turning it into a picnic blanket, perhaps.) (The shadows aren’t included though.)


For the third part of the prize, you get to choose one of the following:

Option A: Simplicity 6336, a skirt pattern from 1965. Waist 34″, hip 44″.

Simplicity 6556

Option B: Butterick 3445, a cute dress from the 1960s. Size 16 1/2 (half-size). Bust 37″.

Butterick 3445

Option C: neither of those patterns appeal? Option C is a soft toy, made in your favourite colours. You even get to choose which type of soft toy – have a look on the Pieces of Us Project blog (or just pick a type from the collage below) and let me know which one you’d like to get. A bunny girl? A cat? A rabbit? A bug? A house?

Want to enter? I’m happy to send this anywhere in the world, so everyone is eligable! Just leave a comment below and let me know which you’d choose – option A, B or C. (Please make sure I have a way to contact you – if your email address isn’t linked up to your profile, leave it in your comment in the format name (at) whatever (dot) com.)

I’ll close the competition off next Tuesday (12 Feb) and announce the winner here next Wednesday.