A Measure of Pink

Ever since I saw the Meta dress that Dolly Clackett made, I’ve been wanting a tape measure dress all of my own. And now… I have one! Yay!

Measure of Pink dress | Modern Vintage Cupcakes

I was pretty excited to find this cotton poplin at Minerva. Although I must admit to debating about it for a while – would it be too much? Is it too cliched for a sewist? Am I going over the top?

(The answer to all of those is, of course – not at all!)

But I kept on returning to it, and eventually I caved. (Which then prompted a bunch more thought – which colourway? I was super tempted by the red and grey for a while. But pink won out. Just!)

Measure of Pink dress | Modern Vintage Cupcakes

With such a directional print, I wanted to match it with a pattern that would play with that. Enter the By Hand London Sophia dress. With its Y darts in the bodice, angled arm holes, and full skirt with godets, I figured there was ample angle opportunities to play with a inconsistent bold stripe design.

Measure of Pink dress | Modern Vintage Cupcakes

This was my first time sewing up a By Hand London pattern. I used the paper pattern (although they’re sold out of the paper version, you can still get one from Minerva crafts). I really do like the packaging design of By Hand London patterns. The pastel colours, different shaped cut outs, and the well thought out details, such as the design on the inside of each sleeve that matches the inspiration of the pattern. Lovely!

The instructions are in a nice booklet – clear illustrations, easy to follow steps, and a friendly tone of voice. My one issue was that the size chart and finished measurements are on the back of the packaging inset, rather than in the instruction book – it took me a minute to find them, and I had to keep reminding myself they were there, rather than where I expected them to be. But really, that’s pretty minor, and all the measurements you need are still there to be easily accessed!

The pattern came together nice and easily. All the notches lined up, all the markings that were needed were there, no problems whatsoever.

Measure of Pink dress | Modern Vintage Cupcakes

I made my usual adjustments to the pattern – doing a 2” SBA to bring it from a B-cup to an AA-cup. Lowering the front bust dart points by quite a bit. And lengthening the bodice by 1.5”. All changes I need to make to pretty much every pattern, and nothing out of the ordinary at all.

There was a bit of debate when it came to choosing a size. I based my decision on my high bust measurement + 2″ (as the By Hand London patterns are drafted for a B cup, and I’m a AA cup). My measurements fit between two sizes, and I went down rather than up. A deliberate decision – I am still holding out hope that I’ll lose the last of the baby weight, in which case, the smaller size should fit well (hopefully soon?!?). Whereas a lot of the dresses I made last year are now a size too big in the bodice. So, I sized down, and the result is admittedly a bit too fitted in the bodice. I’m still debating about that – should I let the upper bodice side seams out a bit? Or leave them there? Hmmm…. (I’ve left the lining unattached at the waist for now, while I decide. Because I am lazy and once I’ve finished a garment, especially one that involves hand stitching down lining on the inside, I’m very unlikely to go back and alter it later. Sad but true.) Fit for now, or fit for later? What do you think I should do??

Measure of Pink dress | Modern Vintage Cupcakes

The bodice is fully lined, for which I used an olive green cotton remnant that was near the top of my stash (why? Because I couldn’t find the lemon yellow poplin I would have usually used, and this was the only suitable weight non-patterned fabric nearby!). The lining gives it a nice clean finish around the arms and neckline. I also stitched the lining to the invisible zip on the inside for a clean finish, rather than handstitching it as the instructions called for.

A Measure of Pink dress | Modern Vintage Cupcakes

Oh, and added a label for fun, of course. 😉

(Speaking of which, I really must get around to getting some good woven labels made. It’s been on my to-do list for a while now….)

For hemming, I used yellow Hug Snug, and a blind hem stitch on my machine. And this is where the volume of that skirt really comes in! It took me 9 minutes of steady and fast sewing to get around the hem of the skirt. Then pressing time, then another 9 minutes to do the blind hem stitching. Yep, that hem took over half an hour to do – yikes!!! Not one I would ever recommend hand stitching, that’s for sure!

A Measure of Pink dress | Modern Vintage Cupcakes

As far as the style goes now that I’ve made it up – I like it! The Y darts in the bodice are a fun touch, especially how they’re replicated on the back, and I like how they echo the neckline and armhole angles. The skirt is lovely and full and swishy and fun to wear with it’s seven godets, yet still nicely fitted around the waist and upper hips as they start a little down from the waistline. Plus, good for twirling!

Measure of Pink dress | Modern Vintage Cupcakes

I must admit that the fit isn’t quite right on me though – I didn’t pick it up in my super quick muslin (which was done mainly to mark where to move the bust point to and to check bodice length), but the armholes aren’t sitting quite right on me in front and back at the lower edges – there’s a bit of standing-out-from-the-body happening there, so I’ll need to fix that for the next variation. (And yes, there is likely to be a next variation. With the collared version – I really want to make that one, but it seemed like it might be a bit much with all the tape measures and the direction changes in the fabric for this time!)

Measure of Pink dress | Modern Vintage Cupcakes

Overall – I recommend this pattern, and will happily make it again. I also recommend this fabric – a nice and easy to sew with poplin, with a fun print and great colours.

It also works well when worn with a cardigan, so for me that makes it pretty much an all-year-round dress when matched with tights, boots, and a long-sleeved merino top underneath.

Measure of Pink dress | Modern Vintage Cupcakes

I wore this out on Friday night as it was my last day at work so we went out for a farewell dinner and drinks, and got compliments from two complete strangers, so I figure it’s a win. 😉

Measure of Pink dress | Modern Vintage Cupcakes

The photos were taken last weekend, when my parents were visiting and we all went to the Southwards Car Museum up the Kapiti Coast (for which a blog post may follow sometime soon). We had lunch at Paekakariki then took the kids to a nearby playground so they could burn off some energy. Big thanks to my lil’ sis’ for playing photographer at the park! The island behind me in the hilltop images is Kapiti Island – a nature reserve where there are all sorts of amazing NZ birds. And I haven’t been there yet, as you have to book in advance and my life is not that organised these days – maybe in a few years when the kids are bigger. Since we were at a playground, fun had to be had – climbing trees, going down slides, that kind of thing. Because – playground!

Measure of Pink dress | Modern Vintage Cupcakes

Measure of Pink dress | Modern Vintage Cupcakes

23 responses to “A Measure of Pink

  1. I love how you styled it with the sneakers – more livable, less cat-walk.

  2. Love this dress! The fabric is amazing! Such brightful colors!

  3. Super cool dress I love it. How do you know how much to take out on the SBA? Is that standard across pattern companies? I am an AA size too and it’s always hit and miss for me.

    • Thanks! 🙂

      The way that cup sizes work in sewing is based on the difference between your high bust and your full bust measurements. Most pattern companies draft for a B cup, which equates to a 2″ difference between high bust and full bust. Each inch increment is a new cup size (e.g. D cup is a 4″ difference between high bust and full bust). I have no difference between high bust and full bust, which puts me at an AA cup in sewing.

      So to make patterns fit, I usually need to do a 2″ SBA. However, I find this is often a bit too much as I like some semblance of shape (even if I don’t fill it, hah!) so I usually do more like a 1-1.5″ SBA.

      There are a few tables around the place on what cup sizes pattern companies draft for – in general, it seems to be that if they don’t say, they’re drafting for a B cup as that’s industry standard. Colette draft for a C cup. Jennifer Lauren and the (seemingly vanished?) Bluegingerdoll draft for a D. I think In House Patterns drafts for a D as well. (So for those three, I’d need to do a 4″ SBA, although I’d actually do a 3″ one to keep the illusion of shape.)

      Hope that helps – feel free to send me an email if anything’s confusing or the like! 🙂

  4. craftysewandsewindorset

    Love, love, love this dress. Such a happy dress, something you can’t help but smile when you wear it x

    • Thank you! It really does make me smile, all the bright colours. (Plus, wearning sewing related garments is super fun! 😉

  5. Love the dress! And shown off up my way in Kapiti. 😀 The animated gif really shows off the swing to it. Lots of fun.

    • Yes indeed! You live in a lovely area. ❤

      Hah I had fun with the gif – Juliet (WSBN) showed me those a while back. So much fun!

  6. So much tape measure! So much twirl! That is one full skirt – it came out great (you’re making me rethink my thoughts of adding lace to my next circle skirt dress though!)

    • Well, it’s actually significantly more than a full circle skirt, so it would take you less time to add lace than it took me to hem this crazy large circumference! So don’t let it put you off! (Because – lace! Fun!)

  7. That is a lovely happy dress! What is this about last day @ work? I must have missed something?

    • Thanks! 🙂

      Nothing major – just changing jobs. I kept it pretty quiet, mainly because I forgot to tell people. Whoops! #facepalm

  8. Super super cute and fun! Love it.

  9. Love all your photos here, and that fabric is FABULOUS! Love it paired with your cardigan – it definitely deserves to be an all year round dress 🙂

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  11. I really love this dress on you! Despite the snugness in the bodice. But a cardi definitely hides that. And the skirt is just amazing. It’s nice to see what it looks like in a busy print instead of the contrasting one they have in the BHL blog. So very lovely! I can see why strangers gave you compliments!

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