Cozy Diamond PJ pants

For a couple of years there, I was making myself a new pair of pajama pants each year, sewing along with the annual Pajama Party that Karen ran.

But then it didn’t happen last year. Or this year, either. 😦

And so, no pajama pants got made. (Because let’s face it, dresses will always trump PJ pants when it comes to my sewing queue.)

Then two things coincided – Indie Pattern Month, and a sudden need for at least one more pair of PJ pants (yeah, sometimes they just die on you. Very sad. 😦

Cue the Carolyn pajama pants, from Closet Case Patterns. Paired with a flanellette that had been “maturing” in my stash for, um, a few years…. (*avoids eye contact*)

Cozy Diamond PJ pants | Modern Vintage Cupcakes

This was my first time making a Closet Case Patterns pattern, and I must say, it was a rather pleasant experience. Everything came together nicely, instructions were clear, and Heather has thoughtfully separated this pattern into different files for the top, pajama pants, and shorts, so it’s super easy to just print off which one/s you want.

Cozy Diamond PJ pants | Modern Vintage Cupcakes

The only thing that I found a little odd was when it came time to add the elastic to the waist. The instructions say to thread it through the casing then cut to fit. Personally, I just like to know the length to cut beforehand, based on my waist measurements – there’s a bit less mucking around that way, and you know you’ve cut it the right length so less risk of accidently ending up with it too loose or too tight.

Cozy Diamond PJ pants | Modern Vintage Cupcakes

I’m not really big on pajama tops (singlet tops all the way!), so just made the trousers, in a size 12. And yeah, I’m happy with them! The fit is good – a bit slimmer than I’m used to, but still comfortable. The pockets sit nice and flat. The rise is pretty good, although a bit lower than I would personally like – they sit a couple of inchs below the waist on me. (With small people regularly grabbing my legs, waist height is at far less risk of being tugged down. Hah!) (Nothing wrong with the pattern there, by the way – just personal preference for fit so noting it to make sure I don’t forget for next time. 😉

Here’s how the pockets sit, in case you’re curious:

Cozy Diamond PJ pants | Modern Vintage Cupcakes

Cozy Diamond PJ pants | Modern Vintage Cupcakes

Due to being tall and all, I added 4cm to the length of the trousers, which worked well. I’d add another 1.5cm on top of that next time, as they’re still fractionally too short.

I also narrowed the waistband, as I was using narrower elastic.

Another change I’d make next time is to leave off the pockets – they’re great, but I don’t see myself ever using them, so it’s not quite worth the effort to sew ’em…. Although they are kinda cute, so maybe…?

I’ll be keeping the mock fly front though – there’s something about that detail I really like. 🙂

I added some piping in grey down the sides of the legs. Yay for piping!

Cozy Diamond PJ pants | Modern Vintage Cupcakes

And there isn’t really much more to say about these! They’re comfy, cozy, great for winter (brrrr winter!), and I’ve already bought some fabric to make another pair. (With foxes on! Yeah!!)

Cozy Diamond PJ pants | Modern Vintage Cupcakes

8 responses to “Cozy Diamond PJ pants

  1. Love that your flannelette was ‘maturing’, i hear it just improves with age.. perhaps we can all start installing ‘fabric cellars’ and touring fabric stores (rather than vineyards) for hen’s parties? (Or combine fabric stores with vineyards so that we still get the wine!)

  2. They do look very cozy, really like the print and the grey piping. I quite like the pockets, I always have cold hands, so in my case they would be very welcome in the winter, hehe, I need to somehow warm them up when I go to bed.

  3. The piping down the side seam is a great idea! Maybe next time I’m in a fabric shop I’ll have a look for fabric for another pair, this is reminding me how much I like wearing mine

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