A few new-old patterns

I’ve got a few things to post about, in various stages of works-in-progress. Finished garments that need photographed, photos that need a post written to go with them, and various plans and ideas waiting to even be started.

But at the moment, I’m in the whirlwind of the final stages of the next Muse project. So all the rest is just going to have to wait while I sew up sample garments and things like that. Life kinda happens like that sometimes.

In the meantime though, I thought I’d share these little treasures that made their way into my collection today. Had to go out to Lower Hutt to do some research, and we had 10 minutes to kill before our appointment. There happened to be a Hospice op shop (second hand shop, for the non-Kiwis) right next door, so we headed in there to kill time out of the cold air. Naturally, I made a bee-line right for the patterns. šŸ˜‰ And here’s what I came home with, for the grand sum of $1 each. (With very little thought – I didn’t have time to look at them properly, it was a bit of a grab-anything-interesting-and-run-to-appointment moment, haha!)




Isn’t this one fabulous?!? I just couldn’t leave it behind. The artwork! So 80’s!! (Plus, it has the potential to be an extremely useful pattern. Underwear in various styles, for both genders and all ages from 2 upwards! Plus singlets!! For both me and th’ little guys. From the same pattern. Crazy but true!





Another vintage lingerie one, also from the 80’s. A princess seamed slip. I even have fabric to use for this one. šŸ™‚





Couldn’t resist this one either – how cute is that yoke with the button detail? From 1976.





And here’s where I started grabbing knitting patterns, mainly for my mummy who loves them. (Hi mum! If you’re reading this, let me know which of the knitting patterns you want. šŸ˜‰
This one is quite simple – turns out the decorative parts are embroidered on afterwards. For little little people.




This is rather adorable – a book of patterns, and the captions beneath the images in it tell lovely little stories. One example from page 3: “All good castles have cobbled courtyards with green grass growing between the stones. All good toddlers deserve a zipper jacket with fashioned raglan sleeves..” Super cute. And some cute patterns in it, too.




How could I leave this behind? Gotta love that front cover image!
(Turns out there’s a couple of cute patterns in it, too. Including some for kids. And that zip-up cardigan on the front cover holds quite a bit of potential, don’t you think?)




This girls expression does not give the impression she is at all happy with her jumper. In fact, she kinda looks like something from a Stephen King book-turned-movie…. Hmmmm…..

Turns out this one isn’t actually a book of patterns – it’s a book of charts for patterns. Including a dog, a rabbit, and a ski-er (of all things?!?)



All together now: cuuuuutttteee!!!! Bunnies! Trains!! And… dancing sailors?!?! Huh. I guess they kinda fit with the ski-er in the other pattern book….? Still, I want these! (Mum – just for reference, the trains are a size 2 and the rabbits are a size 3. šŸ˜‰


IMG_1930Simple and basic baby ones. Just because it was there. Plus, yellow. And kimono style.


So there we have it – a few new-old patterns to add to my collection. Not that I needed them, but hey – you would have done the same, right?! šŸ˜‰

Which is your favourite? I have quite a soft spot for grumpy-faced-girl, haha!



19 responses to “A few new-old patterns

  1. The Style dress pattern is lovely and the cardigan with the trains is adorable!

  2. The Style pattern, I made a version of that, right around that time frame! Boy, I think I’m getting old! Lol

    • It sounds like it was quite a popular pattern, based on the comments here! Makes me even more determined to make it up, knowing it’s been well loved by several other sewing people. šŸ™‚

  3. What a score! I have the Kombi pattern and have used it many times. It is a very useful pattern!

  4. Christine Hardisty

    Love the knitting patterns Katherine and can’t wait to get my hands on them

  5. Ooh I like the slip pattern – I keep telling myself to hurry up and make a slip (I need knit and woven ones in both a light and dark colour)

    • Maybe for lingerie month in July with the Sewcialists? (I really need to make some for myself too, been on the to-do list for ages, whoops!)

  6. Ermagerd, I think the first dress I ever made was from that 1976 dress pattern. I added a deep flounce because that was how I rolled when I was 11. Yup. And I think Stephen King needs to write a novel about revenge knitting. AND I have a whole box of old knitting patterns you are welcome to raid.

    • Oooh, old knitting patterns, eh? That sounds like fun! šŸ™‚

      I can totally picture you in that dress, with a deep flounce!

  7. I have the 1976 dress pattern too. In the same size I think. I picked it up for 50p in a charity shop but haven’t got round to doing the grading required to fit me. Would love to see how you get on with it. Lovely haul of patterns

    • Maybe we need to have a sewalong for the dress pattern? šŸ˜‰

      • Need to get my head around grading it to fit first, but maybe. Lots on at the moment and possibly relocating soon so not sure when I’d have the time yet. Hence it still being in the stash and not adorning my wardrobe šŸ™‚

  8. I think I might just have to learn to knit at some point! Love the knit slip and can’t wait for the next muse edition!

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