Hi! I’m still here!

Yikes, it’s been a while since I posted! Most unlike me. So I thought I’d drop on by, give a little update about what’s been going on.

No finished projects to show in this post I’m afraid. Although I have been sewing and making like crazy! I’m hoping to have a finished garment to post about very soon though….

So, here’s a bit about what’s been happening around these parts. (Photos also seen on Instagram, in case you’ve spotted them before!)

Here’s my current sewing project – the Clover dress from Papercut, which I’m making in this gorgeous rayon with feathers on it from Minerva Crafts. It’s slowly taking shape – currently hanging up letting the hem settle (and waiting for me to find where on earth I put my stay tape, whoops!)

clover dress

Exciting thing about that rayon fabric – it’s my first make as part of the Minerva Crafts Blogging Network! So exciting!! 😀 I’ve been watching the Minerva Crafts and Mood networks with interest, and wondering if anything like that would start up down in this part of the world. Turns out Minerva are happy to work with a New Zealand based blogger, and I’m now a part of their blogging network! So you can expect to see a creation a month for the next three months (at least) on here as part of that. They’ll be my usual mix of vintage and indie patterns, and typical colourful prints, coz that’s how I roll. (Bonus: I can now get my hands on things that are hard to get here in NZ. Like this feathers print rayon. Yippie!) ‘Twas an exciting day when my first Minerva network package arrived….

Minerva package

You may remember in my round-up post for 2014 I mentioned that I’m really looking forward to working with vintage patterns more this year. I have general plans to more-or-less alternate sewing vintage with sewing indie. Until that gorgeous rayon landed on my doorstep and jumped the queue (what can I say? It was so pretty it demanded I make it immediately!) I was planning to make this combo. The fabric is from the Michael Miller Wee Wanderer line, pattern is 1950’s. Then I decided I didn’t like the pairing due to the large-scale print and the pintucks, so I’m currently hunting for another vintage shirt dress pattern I want to pair with it. Need to find it soon, as it’s next on my list to make!

horses fabric

Speaking of vintage, I may have acquired this machine yesterday…. Whoops! It’s a Brother, model 411. No idea how old it is – heavy metal body, motor is attached with a fan belt, very basic stitches. I put the question out to the sewing world on Instagram and guesses so far seem to be around the 1960’s-70’s. (Anyone got any ideas? Google is not being very useful with this, sadly.)

vintage machine

I has plans to use all my vintage machines this year, sewing a dress on each machine from a sewing pattern that’s roughly from the same year as the machine. Really looking forward to that!

Been doing a bit of knitting as well, usually while juggling a baby and a cat. Unsurprisingly, progress is slow. But this will be the Agatha cardigan by Andi Satterlund.

knitting and cat

Also making slow progress (and the reason why, although I’ve been sewing up a storm, I have nothing I can show you yet!) is the next Muse pattern. Babies who do not sleep much during the day (he’s a cat-napper, our littliest one. 5 minute nap, then up for another 2-3 hours. Seriously.) are not overly conducive to fast progress. Evidence:

workign with baby

working with baby 2

But also evidence that progress is being made! Taping up of PDF to test the printing….

taping PDF

… and stitching up of sample garments. I’m hoping to have this one released in the next couple of weeks. Eek!

pattern sneak peek

So yes, that’s what I’ve been up to! Oh, and starting back at work part-time. Easing back into it, and I’ll be back full time at the end of April. It’s going by crazy fast, eek!

What have you all been up to? Are you having a good 2015 so far?

21 responses to “Hi! I’m still here!

  1. Crikey! You have been busy! Can’t wait to see your minerva make, the fabric you’ve chosen is stunning. 😃

    • Haha yeah I totally fell in love with that fabric online, and it’s even better in real life! Seriously considering ordering the other colourway it comes in, just as soon as I find a handy excuse 😉

  2. welcome to the minerva gang! look forward to seeing your clover. i have actually just finished a jenna cardie – thanks for a great pattern – i’m already planning no 2! will get it blogged soon.

    • Thanks! I was rather amazed they were keen to take on a blogger so far away from where they’re based! 🙂

      Glad you like the Jenna cardi! It’s always so nice to hear when people have made it and liked it! 😀

  3. aww, he’s a real cutie. Sounds like you’re getting loads done considering. I’m liking the diagonal fabric contrast, intrigued by what your next pattern will be.

  4. wow, your little one is looking so grown-up already! handsome fella.
    you really are amazingly productive! do you sleep? 😉

    • Errm, well… probably not as much as I should. :-p I have far too many other fun things to do than sleep! 😉

  5. What a gorgeous wee man!

  6. He is SOOO cute! A worthwhile distraction from your blogging!

    • I must admit I find it difficult not to just spend all day snuggling him. He is rather ridiculously good to cuddle! 😉

  7. I have so many comments on this wonderful update that I guess I should start at the top of the post.
    1. I love the horse fabric and can’t wait to see the dress.
    2. My little sleeps the same way day and night. I am learning to do everything very quickly.
    3. His sweater is amazing! Did you make it?
    BB. Love your blog.

    • Aww thanks! *blush* 😀

      Yeah, it’s quite amazing how much you can do in a very short space of time when you know it’s likely to be the only chance you get, isn’t it?! (I only wish I’d had that skill several years ago – my gosh I could have achieved a lot then!! 😉 )

      His jersey was made by one of his grandmothers. Both of them are wonderful, prolific knitters, and our two boys have a rather impressive array of hand knits as a result! (Which conveniently means I can be completely selfish with my knitting and make things for me instead, haha!)

  8. Wow, the feathers and the horse print… yum! I don’t know how you are keeping your energy up- I’m tired just thinking about how much your little guy is awake!!!

  9. That’s a beauty of a dress! You’re achieving so much, don’t be hard on yourself! Look forward to finding out more about what you’ve got up your sleeve and create with the Minerva makes!

    • Aww, thank you! 🙂 (And one of these days I’ll catch up on my emails, haha! Sorry, taking me forever to reply!)

  10. OMGosh how exciting to be part of the Minerva network, congrats! You amaze me at how much you squeeze into a day with a young baby and a toddler.

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