It’s giveaway day! Yay!

As some of you are likely to already know, Sew Mama Sew has an annual (or twice-annual, I think it actually is no?) Giveaway Day, where a whole bunch of people can host giveaways and link them to their lists. Basically, it’s a rather fun way to connect with a bunch of people, find new blogs to follow, and give something back to the sewing community. (I’ve found new-to-me blogs to follow from it in the past, which is always nice!)


Ive taken part in it a couple of times before, and always really enjoyed it. And it’s here again, starting today! Woot! (Even though it’s called ‘Giveaway Day’, it actually runs all week.)

This time ’round, I’m going to give away a Muse PDF pattern to three different people. Just coz I can.

Rather good timing too – the newest Muse pattern got released yesterday. The Natalie dress and top, made in knit fabric and with a touch of 1940’s elegance to it, it could be rather perfect for wearing over the eating-far-too-much time of year. (Plus, it only takes an afternoon to sew up – win!) (Speaking of which – you can get 15% off the Natalie pattern between now and 14 December with the code ‘NATALIE’.)

So, want to be in to win? Just comment on this post and tell me – which Muse pattern would you choose, and why?

Gillian dress from Muse Patterns

And if you’re a follower of my blog, you get a second entry too – just leave another comment and let me know you follow, since I reckon you should have a better chance at winning and all that.

Natalie dress from Muse Patterns

The giveaway closes at 5pm on 12 December (PST), after which I’ll draw the three winners via random number generator (gotta love that thing!) and send you your pattern. (Side note: please make sure there’s some way for me to find your email address easily when you comment – either linked to your name, or leave it in the comment. Coz if I can’t get hold of you, you can’t win I’m afraid to say.)

Jenna cardi from Muse Patterns

(Want to see what other giveaways are happening and fall down that procrastination rabbit-hole? You can find them here and here.)


163 responses to “It’s giveaway day! Yay!

  1. Loving the Natalie Dress — so flattering!

  2. I just saw you released your third pattern! Congrats! wow, how speedy! I’m glad for you!
    Well, I’d have to choose between the Gillian and Natalie, since I bought the Jenna when it was released ๐Ÿ˜‰ maybe I’d choose Natalie – I love wrap dresses, but that neckline is always too revealing on me ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. And I also follow you by newsletter – email is maryallhandmade (at)

  4. Ooh, count me in! I’d love to win the new pattern… because I’ve already got the first two! Fingers crossed!

  5. Oh, and I’m a blog subscriber on Feedly! ๐Ÿ™‚ If you can’t link to my email through my profile, you can find it on my blog:

  6. I love those patterns! I especially adore the Gillian pattern. I could definitely use a fancy new dress:)

  7. The Natalie pattern looks fantastic! I think I’d sew it up as a top first.

  8. Hello! I’d definitely go with the Natalie because it looks like a triforce, from my favorite game Legend of Zelda, in the middle of the dress – I love it!

  9. I am a follower of your blog via Feedly

  10. The Natalie dress looks divine! But my heart belongs to the Jenna cardi ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Oh and I follow you on Bloglovin too

  12. like the versatility of the jenna….. alone or as a light jacket….

  13. follow your blog, too….

  14. I’d pick Natalie, and I follow by email.

  15. Love them all but I think Jenna is my top pick.

  16. Posting twice because I follow your blog on Feedly. Top pick is Jenna Thanks for the great giveaway. If I don’t win, I’m sure I’ll be buying some of your patterns after the Christmas rush of gift making has calmed down.

  17. I love them all but really like the Gillian wrap dress

    detroitgirl77 AT gmail DOT com

  18. I love the Natalie pattern! It looks really comfortable and it is certainly a flattering fit. ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Probably the Gillian wrap dress…though it’s hard to decide. TBH I’d have snapped that pattern up in an instant if I had a good source of knit fabric around here.

  20. I really like the one in the first photo ๐Ÿ™‚ And I am learning to sew clothing, so a pattern would be great!

  21. the Jenna Cardi for sure!

  22. I follow your blog on Feedly too. I tried to comment this straight after my previous comment but WordPress told me I was commenting too fast! Now I feel a bit desperate ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Wow, I love all your patterns. If I had to choose a favorite, I’d say the Jenna cardigan since it’s such a great staple!

  24. I also follow your blog via bloglovin!

  25. The Natalie dress is so pretty!

  26. I love all of your patterns and would love to try the Jenna cardigan first.

  27. I also follow your blog on bloglovin…Jenna cardi…

  28. I follow your blog by email. I do like the new pattern however I really think the Gillian Wrap dress needs to be in my wardrobe.

  29. Love the Natalie dress!

  30. Second entry – Still loving that Gillian Wrap dress. ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. The Jenna Cardi is so cute!

  32. I would love to try the Jenna cardi!

  33. I follow you on bloglovin.

  34. love the natalie! that purple version is gorgeous

  35. The jenna for sure- most versatile for my lifestyle

  36. I follow through feedly!

  37. The Jenna cardigan for me… Something my wardrobe is missing!

  38. I love the Jenna Cardi. The gathers are so sweet – kind of retro but easy to wear.

  39. I’d choose the Jenna cardi. I’m looking for a good cardigan pattern as I wear them everyday.

  40. I’d choose Gillian (i have an impending baby and wraps are great for a changing post baby bod)!

  41. I follow on bloglovin

  42. And a second entry, still loving Gillian, as I follow your blog via WordPress and Feedly.

  43. Love the Jenna cardigan, thanks!

  44. I follow the blog already. I’d love the Jenna Cardi pattern. I’ve been lusting after it since it was released.

  45. oooooooh I’d go Natalie as i “may” already own the Jenna cardi. yay

  46. and I follow you on blog lovin

  47. fourcathousewife

    Since I already have the Jenna cardi and Gillian dress, I have to go for the Natalie dress!
    I’m tamara.l.spencer at

  48. Love the Natalie dress. I think it would be so flattering on me and being able to sew it in an afternoon is a bonus!

  49. I love the Natalie dress. Thanks for the chance!

  50. I would love to win the Natalie, it is such a figure flattering design!

  51. i already have the jenna cardie so i would like the gillian dress!

  52. and i also follow you on bloglovin!

  53. I would pick the Jenna cardi as I’ve been coveting it for a while now. It would be a great staple, made in merino. Your new pattern looks great too!

  54. I also follow you via bloglovin.

  55. I really like the gillian and natalie dresses. Its hard to choose between them. They both look so flattering.

  56. Aren’t you sweet! I’d go Gillian as I already have Jenna!

  57. And I follow you on Feedly!

  58. I just purchased the Jenna cardi pattern so I think the new Natalie would be a great addition to my stash

  59. I also follow you on bloglovin

  60. I would choose Gillian wrap dress because I never tried a wrap dress!

  61. I follow you on Bloglovin.

  62. Oh, the Jenna cardigan is sweet.

  63. I love the Gillian dress!! I always sew for my family but I have just a few patterns for me, this dress would be great!

  64. I had good results with the jenna cardi and now I would like to try the gillian wrap dress!

  65. And I follow you on bloglovin!

  66. I love them all, if I won I’d have to start flipping coins to decide. I also follow you! Email is imogheena at gmail ๐Ÿ™‚

  67. Lovely patterns but I wear a cardigan every day so I’d love to win the Jenna cardigan. Thanks for the chance to win.

  68. I’d choose the Gillian. Thanks for hosting!

  69. Natalie dress!!!

  70. Lovely dress! At this point, I would choose the Jenna cardi, just because I’m having to delve into maternity clothes now and cardigans are easy for that.

  71. Also, I follow your blog via Feedly. Thanks for the chance!

  72. Oooh- the new pattern is lovely! Thanks for the giveaway!

  73. I’ve had my eye on the cardigan since the pattern was released. Thanks so much for the chance to win it!

  74. I love the Jillian. As my daughter used to say when she was 2 “I want that!” Merry Christmas and happy sewing!

  75. I love the Jenna cardi

  76. i truly love all three, but my favourite is jenna, because it’s so very versatile!

  77. and i follow you on bloglovin’ – always look forward to your posts (and still can’t believe what you can accomplish with a newborn and a toddler!).

  78. Lovely patterns! I think I would choose the Natalie, such a beautiful dress and I’d like to sew it for my daughter! Thanks!

  79. Following via Instagram, @hopeuflthreads

  80. That Natalie dress! I MUST HAVE IT!! I adore the 1940s style and that kind of dress is one of the most flattering on my figure. I need to make about 8 of them! If I don’t win it I am definitely putting it on my Christmas Wish List!

  81. I would pick the gillian wrap dress because it would be easier for nursing.

  82. I would love the Gillian. It’s actually on my Christmas list this year. I have to say that I love all your Muse patterns. I don’t wear cardigans very often so I was excited when your dress/shirt/skirt pattern came out. Thanks for the giveaway.

  83. I also follow your blog, double points for me!!!

  84. I love the Natalie top! It’s so different and looks super comfortable!

  85. I follow you on Bloglovin!

  86. i would love to have all of them as they are such lovely patterns. However since I have to choose, I choose Jenna. I have many hacks planned for it already

  87. Natalie dress and top. Just gorgeous

  88. love the Jenna cardigan. I love cardigans, can never have too many!

  89. I am following your blog (by mail)

  90. The Jenna cardigan is so cute. i need a cute cardi.

  91. Ooh I think the Jenna Cardigan is what I would choose. Love those gathers and shoulder patches. It would fill a wardrobe hole as well.
    Thank you!

  92. The Jenna cardigan, although it’s a difficult decision. I haven’t made a cardigan yet, and I have some scrappy ones that need replacing.

  93. And I follow your blog too, through wordpress.

  94. I’d like to try the Natalie dress.

  95. I’m loving the Natalie dress!

  96. Tough choices. Probably the Natalie dress, with the Gillian wrap dress running a close second. I had to chuckle and check out the blurb directing us to a Floral Dakota, because I grew up in North Dakota.

  97. I love the wrap dress.

  98. I follow your blog!

  99. I love the Natalie dress!

  100. The cardigan, I love the cardigan!

  101. I love the cardigan and the Natalie dress!

  102. I like the Natalie dress and top!

  103. I’d have the Gillian because its the only wrap dress I’ve ever felt like making and I;m slightly obsessed with it (but it’s down my list of priorities right now due to northern hemisphere winter and mad panic Christmas sewing). I’m intrigued by the triangle on the Natalie though..

  104. Thanks for the giveaway – fingers crossed!

  105. I love the Natalie dress and top. Love the gathers and it looks very flattering.

  106. The Natalie Dress

  107. I love the bustline of the Natalie dress, though practically speaking, the Gillian works better for me right now since I’m nursing and need easy access ๐Ÿ˜‰

  108. I follow you on wordpress reader

  109. I love Jenna Cardigan even if I didn’t already sew with knit fabric, but I could start from this pattern! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thank you for the giveaway and fingers crossed!

  110. I love the Jenna cardigan!

  111. I’ve been eyeing the Jenna cardi for awhile now, so I’d definitely go with that!

  112. I’m a follower through Feedly.

  113. I like the Gillian…I think it would complement my body type best.

  114. The Natalie dress is my favorite. I love the triangle inset. Just lovely.

  115. I love all your patterns but the Jennifer cardigan is my favorite. Love the yoke styling and I’ve seen so many pretty ones in blog land.

  116. The natalie dress is beautiful!

  117. Debra Kay Neiman

    I really like the Gillian wrap dress, I think it would look good on me. Merry Christmas from Oklahoma, USA! crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  118. Debra Kay Neiman

    I follow on Bloglovin. Merry Christmas from Oklahoma, USA! crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  119. Procrastination rabbit- hole- love it because it couldn’t be more true!! I love the all the patterns because sewing for myself more next year is my goal. I think I would choose Gillian first. Thanks! Sarah: crjandsbj(at)netzero(dot)com

  120. I follow on bloglovin…Jenna cardi!

  121. And my second entry…Gillian dress. Love the wrap!

  122. Loving the new Natalie dress. I’ll have to get sewing the Gillian which I bought, printed, taped and cut but haven’t yet made.

  123. A second entry as I am on your newsletter mailing list for the Jenna cardi, which I also love.

  124. Well uh, itd be the Jenna cardigan because I just added it to my pinterest board last week and told my sister I was going to get it and we could make them together! Thank you for the giveaway!

  125. Ooh, the Gillian. =)

  126. Man I love that Natalie dress–I think I would sew at least three for myself! Thanks for the giveaway!

  127. Hi, I’d love to win the Jenna cardi as I haven’t tried anything in knits beyond t-shirts yet ๐Ÿ™‚

  128. I follow your blog via Feedly RSS

  129. I love Gillian its cute

  130. I follow you with bloglovin.

  131. I love the Natalie dress!

  132. Hiya! I’d love to win the cardigan; I need to make useful pieces for my wardrobe!

  133. I think the wrap dress would look best on me!

  134. Love the cardigan pattern with all the options! Thanks for the chance!

  135. I love the Natalie dress & top pattern! I’ve never seen a top like this & really like how it fits around the bust. Thanks for a chance to win this pattern! ๐Ÿ™‚

  136. I now follow via bloglovin! ๐Ÿ™‚

  137. I love the Natalie dress! Thank you!

  138. I really like wrap dresses, they make me feel comfortable and I like how they look on me! So I would definitely choose the Gillian wrap dress!

  139. I love the Jenna cardigan. I’ve loved it since it came out – it’s exactly what I want in a cardigan, unlike most cardi patterns out there – but haven’t got my hands on it yet.

  140. I also follow you on WordPress.

  141. Oh, I just love the Gillian! Thanks for the chance!

  142. The Gillian dress is beautiful but I love that cardi too! Thanks for the giveaway.

  143. I like the Natalie pattern but the cardi is so cute too~

  144. I would choose the Natalie dress because it looks like it would provide good coverage for the less than perfect body.

  145. I love the Gillian wrap dress. It would flatter my curves better! ๐Ÿ™‚

  146. i like the Natalie pattern

  147. I’d love to try the Jenna Cardi, because it would be a wardrobe staple for me. Plus the yoke detail is adorable.

  148. I love the Jenna cardigan. I actually had this pinned to my “dream patterns” page on Pinterest. I think it looks cute, has a lot of variations, and I hear it is flattering on us curvy gals. Thanks for the giveaway!

  149. I am a follower via Bloglovin also

  150. I love the bust detail of the Natalie. Thank you!

  151. I would choose the cardigan in the last picture.

  152. And I now follow on bloglovin

  153. Not sure – they all look wonderful. I think I might choose the Natalie dress and top

  154. I’d pick the Jenna cardi because cardigans are such a staple in my wardrobe but I have not a single sewing pattern for one!

  155. Bloglovin follower ๐Ÿ™‚

  156. I have a thing for wrap dresses so I’d probably go with the Gillian wrap dress but I love the natalie dresss too.
    Thank you for the great giveaway!

  157. I like the Gillian wrap dress.

  158. I like the natalie dress and top I think it would be the most flattering on me.

  159. I follow you on Feedly

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