For me, winter means purple

I’m not sure why, but it’s my go-to colour in winter. Purple, that is. Purple coat, purple scarf and gloves, purple jerseys, purple tights, purple shoes. (Don’t worry, not all together. Or not most of the time, anyway. πŸ˜‰ )

So when the days were getting colder, and I felt the need to make a new cardigan (since for some reason almost all of mine are RTW ones), purple ended up being the colour that was pulled out of my stash.

(To be fair, I did pull out a burgundy merino as well, but the purple won out in the end.)

Since I’m on a bit of an indie-patterns-I-can-still-wear-while-pregnant kick, I pulled out my trusty Papercut Coppelia cardi pattern (yet again – sorry! I promise I’m two thirds of the way through making up a non-Papercut pattern at the moment, so you’ll get to see that next).

Blueberry Grape Coppelia | Modern Vintage Cupcakes

Would you believe this is the first and only time I’ve made it by actually following all the instructions? That’s right, no modifications at all. The sleeves are the length the pattern calls for them to be (nice and long, by the way! Having suffered through my teenage years with sleeves always ending before my wrist bone, I am rather appreciative of sleeves-that-are-slightly-too-long. Over-correcting? Maybe. But they’re also super snuggly when it gets cold.).

Blueberry Grape Coppelia | Modern Vintage Cupcakes

The cardi is the length the pattern told it to be (rather than dress length or hip length). Yep, I actually followed it all!

And I’m rather happy with the result.

Blueberry Grape Coppelia | Modern Vintage Cupcakes

In fact, I kinda made this back near the start of May, since I needed some me-made cardis to wear during Me-Made-May (plus it was Sew Stretchy month over at The Monthly Stitch, so it tied in nicely to both challenges), but I’ve been wearing it so much since it ended up in the wash every weekend and as a result I never quite managed to get photos of it.

But the weekend just gone, the lovely Nikki and I caught up for tea and cake and ventured up to Truby King gardens for a little photo shoot. (Wait till you see the dress she had finished making – I want it!!)

Check out that bump – it just keeps on growin’! Luckily since this is a wrap style, it’ll do good for quite a while. And a waist-length style, so I can always wear it pulled up a bit in the front to go over/around ‘the bump’.

Blueberry Grape Coppelia | Modern Vintage Cupcakes

Now, if you think this cardi is looking a little too big, I must admit, you’d be right. I’m not sure what happened there. I made it the same size as my Strawberry Shortcake Coppelia, and that fits perfectly. I can only assume it was the fabric – quite a thick wool blend, it just seems to want to be bigger than it’s meant to be. But hey, I’ll be bigger soon as well, so we’ll be perfectly matched. (And heck knows, it hasn’t stopped me wearing it a few times each week!)

Oh, and can I just point out the blue-ness of my hair? I’m rather happy with the colour at the moment – it’s my new favourite. Midnight Blue from Directions. I’ve been playing around with a couple of different shades of blue lately, and I’m definitely leaning towards the darker shades on me. For the moment, anyway. πŸ˜‰

Blueberry Grape Coppelia | Modern Vintage Cupcakes

18 responses to “For me, winter means purple

  1. I love purple too and what a great choice of pattern for a during and post pregnancy cardigan.
    P.S. Once upon a time a long long time ago Directions Midnight Blue was my choice of colour too πŸ™‚

    • Thanks! πŸ™‚ I’m currently trying to resist making about 10 of these cardigans, one after the other. It’s turned out to be such a perfect pattern for the next year or so!

  2. The one time I had blue hair I just used a Manic Panic dye because that’s all there was (not including Fudge, which I used several times but we all know isn’t the longest lasting colour).

    Maybe one day I’ll get around to buying this pattern, but I feel like I should try one on first to make sure the style would suit me.

    • Well you’re welcome to try one of my ones on next time you’re down this way. πŸ˜‰

      Ah, Fudge. What a complete waste of time. I’m so glad we can get other brands around here now, back when I started dying my hair that was all their was in Dunedin…. 😦

  3. This looks so cozy! I STILL haven’t made one! Terrible! I’ve never worn purple (it’s my mom’s favorite color, and her ENTIRE closet is either purple or periwinkle blue, and I’m not quite ready to feel like I’ve turned into my mother, ha!), but it looks awesome on you!

    • Oh, you should so make one! I can totally see you rocking this style, especially the longer faux-wrap one which Katie is gonna be doing a tutorial for at some point.

      Haha, great reason to avoid purple! πŸ˜‰

  4. Adorable sweater and I do admire your hair color. My personal affinity for hair color is Splats Pink Fetish.

    • Ooh, I’ve never heard of Splats before. Does it last well? (We get a far more limited range of options down here, sadly.) I’m usually a pink girl (Directions Dark Tulip is one of my go-to colours) but started a new job a couple of months ago and the companies colour is bright pink – I felt it would be a bit too much to turn up with my hair in their company colour, hence the shift to blue, haha! πŸ˜‰

      • Splats is a pretty common brand here, but it need freshened up all the time. One of the reasons I am natural now is that I got so tired of re-coloring every two weeks. I tired more expensive brands, but they still don’t last. I am thinking that is just the nature of the beast.

  5. I really love this pattern! The purple looks really nice on you, and I like it the ‘proper’ length LOL. I was gonna say it looks a teensy bit big on you but in a cosy way, not a bad way – and I, too, VERY much appreciate extra-long sleeves… RTW does nothing but disappoint, and it’s a given on every pattern I have to lengthen by a standard 3″ or more πŸ˜› (It was 3″ for my Undercover Hood LOL)

    I definitely have this pattern on my to-do list, but may end up waiting til fall, as the weather is trying to get nicer here LOL.

    Your bump is coming along nicely – I love that side shot of you – you wear pregnancy VERY well! πŸ˜‰

    • Heh, thank you. πŸ˜€ (On all counts!)

      Oh, I can totally see you in this pattern! If you wanted to experiment with it earlier, you could always make it with short sleeves in a lighter fabric? That’s what I did for my first one – great for when you just want to cover up a little more in summer/autumn. πŸ™‚

  6. Yeah, purple all the way! I have a pair of purple boots that I bought on a whim but absolutely love. This Coppelia if perfect, I want one!

    • Oooh, purple boots! One day, I shall find a pair of them in a style I like, and I suspect it’ll be a struggle not to wear them every. single. day. *dreams….*

  7. that purple is pretty much my fav colour … along with black and red! I love this cardi … if it goes missing, you won’t find it here!

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  9. Purple is a great colour, and it looks fantastic on you. This cardi is fantastic. I have the Palova cardi, which is similarish, and I’m keen to try it out cos the wrap cardi just seems so useful.

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