Dear Me-Made-May….

You and I, we used to get along.

For a while there, we had a great relationship. I awaited your arrival with anticipation, planning what my challenge-to-myself would be and figuring out how I could push myself a bit more with my me-made wearing.

Last year was particularly good. I learnt a lot about my me-mades, culled some from my wardrobe as a result, altered some others, and put yet others into wear-often rotation. We parted good friends, happy with each other and waiting eagerly for when we’d meet again the following May.

This year started off well as well. I watched with baited breath until I saw you coming from the distance, planned how we’d get along and what we’d get up to.

The first few days were as anticipated. Fun, with a bit of challenge mixed in, just like any good relationship.

But then, things started to go wrong.

I was tired all the time, with no energy to iron after the Little Guy went to bed at night. My me-mades that I could fit were piling up in the ironing pile, threatening to topple over and smother the cat that sleeps nearby. The number of clothes I could wear comfortably dwindled rapidly, and I ended up resorting to hand-me-downs from no-longer-pregnant friends that weren’t really my style but heck, they were wash-and-go and fitted.

Sure, I had plans. I have a pile of patterns, all waiting to be sewn up in pretty fabrics, for styles that I can wear now. Indie patterns that are bump-friendly. Vintage maternity patterns. They’re all there.

But the time and the energy? Not so much.

And so my wardrobe continued to dwindle. I no longer look forward to getting dressed in the morning – that anticipation of ‘what mood am I in today?’ has vanished, replaced by ‘oh heck, what can I possibly put on this morning?!?’. The Me-Made challenge mocked me, making me feel even less happy about my make-do wardrobe.

It just wasn’t working out any more.

And so you and I, after our long relationship, we parted ways.

Maybe we’ll meet again next year, and our relationship will go back to the golden days? I hope so.

But for now, farewell…..

20 responses to “Dear Me-Made-May….

  1. Sometimes, it just has to be that way xo

  2. You are not alone. I don’t do MMM because it feels too forced & it exhausts me. I’m also not going to sew a wardrobe of corporate clothes to wear when I have a vast RTW clothes – it seems counterproductive to what MMM should be.

  3. This is my first year of MMM and I’m so glad that the weather has been unusually warm or I’d have been really struggling. That middle week I was in the “what’s at the front of the wardrobe and ironed” place rather than use up everything I have, because that required too much effort.
    I hope next year you and MMM go back to your rosy glow.

    • Thank you. 🙂 Hopefully next year will go a lot better!!

      It’s interesting how you look at your wardrobe differently during MMM, isn’t it? Even though I wear me-made most days anyway, for some reason it requires a lot more thought during MMM! Building self-awareness of wardrobe choices in a way, I guess?

      Hope you’ve had fun taking part in your first MMM! 🙂

  4. I committed to MMM this year, and there have been no photo’s! And there is the realisation that most of my me Mades have fit issues 😦 definitely not feeling it this year so can relate to your post x

    • Aaaah, the fit issues! Yeah, I moved a bunch of my me-mades to the fix-up pile last year because of those! I did find it a really good way to figure out why I wasn’t wearing certain things though!

      Photos are definitely the hardest part, I reckon. 😦

  5. I so admire people who sew themselves marvellous maternity wardrobes, but I never managed – pregnancy is hard work! I also only managed Me made may once too, I found it useful, but hard work as well, there is only so much hard work a person should put up with for a hobby! Maybe next year it will be fun again.

    • Pregnancy is crazy hard work, eh?! Logicially, I know it kinda should be, but I still find it hard to get my head around just how exhausting it is….!!

  6. MMM is supposed to be a helpful exercise and a tool for understanding your handmade wardrobe, not torture! Between wrangling a little one, dealing with unpredictable between-seasons weather, and rapidly changing sizes, I’m impressed that you even get dressed at all! Pretty sure if I was in your shoes I’d be wearing dirty pajamas every day!

  7. Oh gosh, you know, I get phases where work/life drains me so much that I haven’t an ounce of energy for sewing; I can’t even imagine doing it with juggling a little one AND being pregnant!! If you can get through the day even getting dressed and keeping things from exploding, i think you’re doing a great job! 🙂 I remember this one girl I worked with – very professional and always put-together, but by the end of her pregnancy she was wearing yoga pants and too-small tshirts to work, belly hanging out loud and proud – LOL – and I thought ‘you go girl; stick it to the man!” LOL

    MMM is a great concept but it shouldn’t be a regime 🙂 I haven’t participated in it yet because a) I don’t have a big enough wardrobe, and b) it’s too much work!! Don’t worry about it – just enjoy being the gorgeous person you are and be good to yourself 🙂 XOXO

  8. As long as you get enjoyment out of wearing handmade clothing as and when you feel like then that is all that matters. I like the surprise you get when someone asks where you got that dress you are wearing and you all of a sudden realise that you put on something handmade that morning and didn’t even notice. 😀

  9. Not all challenges are meant for everyone, I didn’t even think about joining in on this one. Sewing is meant to be enjoyed, sometimes we are more creative than others. Sometimes life has a way of being the real challenge so don’t despair, just take in what you can do, and let everything else fall to the side. Over the next year you might want to invest in making some nice comfy PJ’s just in case you have days where getting dressed is a chore.

  10. I love this blog, the writing is just fantastic. Me-made-May will be back next year and you’ll be ready, but for now I say make more Longberry dresses – nice and easy and super cute 🙂

  11. Remember the mantra: we do this for fun.

    Hope you get some zest back soon though!

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