A pairing of Mind and Soul

Oh yeah, it’s an exciting week for a Papercut fangirl like myself – new patterns!!!!!

Katie from Papercut released her new collection on Friday. Called ‘Tri‘, it’s a three-piece collection of active/lounge wear – trousers, tank top/crop top, and a swimsuit. Anima, Pneuma, and Soma – ‘mind’, ‘soul’ and ‘body’. (There’s also updated versions of four of her older patterns, now all with active/lounge wear variations.)

And Mel and I were privileged enough to be asked to test the patterns before they launched – yay!

(I love pattern testing. I totally appeals to the geek in me, checking over instructions, making sure notches are matching up, all that sort of stuff. Plus, you know, the added bonus of seeing things before other people, haha!)

And now, since the patterns have officially launched, we can show what we made!

To start with – the Anima/Pneuma (‘mind’ and ‘soul’) combination.

Anima and Pneuma | Modern Vintage Cupcakes

I made up the Anima pants in a black something-or-other. (I admit it – I have no idea what this fabric is, or even where it came from. It just appeared in my stash, somehow. It’s a synthetic, thick with a bit of stretch. Yeah, coz you know, that helps identify it. Not. Whatever.) Since it’s the start of winter over here, I chose to make up the full-length version with cuffs at the ankle.

Anima pants line drawings

This pattern? It’s a dream to make up. I think it took me only about 1.5 hours from when I finished cutting it out to when I was pulling on my new, finished Anima pants. Win!

(Admittedly, I did have an encounter with a broken needle in that 1.5 hours. Totally my fault – I accidentally let go of one end of the waistband elastic when I was pulling it tight while topstitching. Oops. I’m calling it a casualty of creativity. It was probably due to be changed for another needle anyway.)

Anima and Pneuma | Modern Vintage Cupcakes

This pattern has a false fly front, front pockets, and a wide elastic waistband. The pattern calls for a decorative drawstring to be put in the waistband, but since drawstrings annoy me and I always take them out of any ready-to-wear track pants I buy, I didn’t bother putting it in.

Anima and Pneuma | Modern Vintage Cupcakes

The fit is good – enough ease around the seat and thighs to allow easy movement while exercising, and nice and tight around the ankle so when you’re doing things like pilates you don’t have to worry about your trousers slipping up around your knees and flapping around when you’re doing all those graceful (*cough cough*) legs-in-the-air moves. I know this works, coz I wore them to do pilates the other day, and they were a total win. 🙂

Anima and Pneuma | Modern Vintage Cupcakes

(Also, I am extremely out of practice at doing cartwheels. Gah.)

There are options for below-the-knee length (which Mel made – I am totally inspired to copy her coz her pair looks fantastic!) and shorts length as well. I suspect I’ll never be buying RTW exercise trousers ever again….

Anima and Pneuma | Modern Vintage Cupcakes

The Pneuma tank is a really interesting design. A crop top, with supportive elastic underneath and a tight fit, with an (optional) overtop attached at points at the front and back. The overtop is looser and designed to drape down at the back and underarms, giving coverage if you don’t feel like showing off your stomach while exercising, while at the same time nice and lightweight and floaty so plenty of air flow when you’re working out. (Again, this works well – I also wore the top to pilates the other day, and it kept me nice and cool while the crop top gave me good support. I did have to tuck it into the trousers though, as the looser nature of the overtank means it tends to ride up when you do upside-down type movements.)

Pneuma tank line drawings

My favourite detail on the top is the cross-over straps. Made of bra strapping, they’re nice and firm, while also being comfortable to wear. Plus, they cross over at the back! Love it – the top feels super secure to wear, while also leaving arms free to move. Seriously folks – I’m looking forward to being able to go running again, as something like this (support, freedom of movement for arms, and plenty of air flow) is exactly what I want!

Anima and Pneuma | Modern Vintage Cupcakes

Mel and I caught up with Nikki yesterday and ran around the grounds of the War Memorial to get some photos. Such a gorgeous day it was, too! Beautiful bright blue skies and sunshine, an absolutely stunner. Gotta love it when you get weather like that in winter. 🙂

And, you know, coz it was a twinsies photo shoot, we may have gotten lots of photos. Sorry not sorry. What can I say? We had a lot of fun! 😀

Anima and Pneuma | Modern Vintage Cupcakes

Anima and Pneuma | Modern Vintage Cupcakes

Anima and Pneuma | Modern Vintage Cupcakes

Anima and Pneuma | Modern Vintage Cupcakes

Anima and Pneuma | Modern Vintage Cupcakes

Anima and Pneuma | Modern Vintage Cupcakes

Anima and Pneuma | Modern Vintage Cupcakes

28 responses to “A pairing of Mind and Soul

  1. You two are too cute for words ❤ Love it!

  2. i really love new papercut collection! and you did an amazing job with these patterns! also – thank you for the inspiration, my workout wear is pretty much falling apart, i’ll have to do something about that

    • It’s kinda funny, I’ve always felt a little bit guilty about not sewing workout gear for myself, but never been enthused about actually doing something about it until these patterns! There’s an odd sense of satisfaction in working out in something you’ve made….

      I kinda hope you make the Pneuma tank, I bet you’ll make it in some utterly amazing fabric combo that will make me crazy jealous! 😉

  3. Ahh, love the twinsies yoga. And the cartwheel gif!

    • I swear I did manage to get both my legs in the air! (Just maybe not even vaguely at the same time. *cough cough* Must practice more….)

  4. How adorable! I love both of these! And I really love your twinsie photos!

  5. Wow you both look great! So glad to see these patterns make up so well. They’re really different so I wasn’t sure how they’d look IRl. Happy exercising!

    • Thanks! 🙂

      They’re both surprisingly fun to make. The pants are super-easy without being boring, and the top is such an interesting design.

  6. Expanding into self-made leisure wear is pretty impressive! You guys look great!

  7. Love them! Am looking forward to trying out the trousers, woot

  8. I love the twinsie photo & the outfits! You gals look very hip. 🙂 SO excited for the new Papercut patterns – bring on the Soma!

    • Oh, the Soma is great!!! I’m attempting to work up my courage to get blog posts of my one. Argh!! Online in a swimsuit!!! *runs and cowers in a corner*

      • Hahaha! I felt the same way when I made blogged about a bathing suit I made last summer. But you know, it was so liberating!

  9. This collection is great! How are the pockets? Are they deep enough to hold an iPhone? That’s what I use for my workout music and for some reason it’s very difficult to find workout pants with pockets for women :S

    • They’re pretty good, diagonally about maybe 16cm deep? Can definitely fit an iPhone in them I reckon, and if you want to be absolutely sure it’s pretty easy to just make the pocket bag larger when you cut them out. 🙂

      Heck knows what it is with pockets for women. It’s like most RTW designers think we don’t carry anything bigger than a postage stamp! Ridiculous. 😦 Lucky we can sew, eh?! 😉

  10. It’s so tiring posing for photos 😉 I do love this new collection, it’s great. I am sooo tempted.

    • Utterly exhausting, haha! 😉

      Now when are your blog posts going up from that day’s photo shoot, hmmm?!?! 😉

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  14. I LOVE this style of top. I have a running top like this, it’s awesome for the first few bump months, and I’m loving it right now when I’m still carrying a bit of post partum tummy. Most workout wear is tighter across the stomach, and rides up on me when I have a belly.

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