Ladybird Ballet

Guess what? I was working away on my Sew Bossy dress, and nearly finished, with only the hem left to go. Exciting! And then I tried it on properly after attaching the buttons. Yeah. Even though I’d been a good girl and tried it on a couple of times while making it, somehow everything went horribly wrong. Let’s just say – there’s gonna be a fair bit of unpicking of top stitching and gathers, and re-positioning of buttons and button holes, before it’s going to look any good.

So I got grumpy and made something else to cheer me up.

Ladybirds La Sylphide | Modern Vintage Cupcakes

With ladybirds on it, because who can be grumpy when sewing ladybirds, right?!

I wanted to use a pattern I was pretty sure would work on me (didn’t want to risk two disasters in a row!), so I pulled out my trusty La Sylphide pattern from Papercut. I’ve made this up a couple of times before, in the dress version, and they both get a lot of wear.

Ladybirds La Sylphide | Modern Vintage Cupcakes

My first thought was to make this up in the dress again, but turned out I didn’t have enough fabric. After a bit of mucking around with pattern placement, I figured I could get the peplum blouse out of the ladybirds. Been meaning to try the blouse for a while, to see if peplums actually look ok on me or not (or if it was just the knit fabric ones that look terrible on me).

Ladybirds La Sylphide | Modern Vintage Cupcakes

I lengthened the neck tie by about 25cm in total, having learnt before that I like more length in my pussy bow. (Random sentence, no?)

Ladybirds La Sylphide | Modern Vintage Cupcakes

I also lowered the bust darts by about 1.5cm, since they tend to hit too high on me. (A problem I have with pretty much all bust darts, ever. Vintage or modern. Maybe my girls are just in a weird place or something….)

And since I was eking this out of not-quite-enough fabric, I also shortened the sleeves, to a length that fit onto the fabric. 😉 (Since I shortened them, I didn’t bother with the interfaced hem on the sleeves either – I figured this fabric was stiff enough to cope without interfacing on the sleeves, and sure enough, all is good.)

Ladybirds La Sylphide | Modern Vintage Cupcakes

And coz we all know how much I like sewing with hammers, I used white snap fasteners instead of buttons. Oh, I do love snap fasteners, so much fun to put on (and to take off again, heh 😉

The verdict? I’m liking it! And I think it’s converted me to peplums actually looking ok on me. (Maybe I’ll brave a couple of my 1940’s peplum top patterns now….)

Ladybirds La Sylphide | Modern Vintage Cupcakes

Plus, it has ladybirds on it. What’s not to love about that?!?

To define where the peplum flares out, I’ll probably always sling a belt around the waist. I just like it better that way – it’s quite a busy fabric, and the belt breaks it up a bit and shows off the lines of the blouse more I reckon.

Ladybirds La Sylphide | Modern Vintage Cupcakes

And check it out – we found a wall that matched my shoes and hair and belt! Matchy-matchy, oh yeah!

Ladybirds La Sylphide | Modern Vintage Cupcakes

41 responses to “Ladybird Ballet

  1. Heehee! I was noticing the matchy-matchy before you mentioned it at the end!
    Lovely blouse, and yes, you can certainly rock a peplum, And the ladybirds are (wait for it…) cute as a bug!.

  2. It’s fantastic! You look so put together! I feel similarly about peplums, a small flounce is the way to go.

  3. Perfectly springy…why don’t you link up to the Nature Inspired Challenge over at Skirt Fixation? We’d be honored to have you sew along!

  4. Nice conversion! The blouse gets my vote over the dress version. That peplum looks good on you. Such a happy ending to a grump.

    • Thanks! 🙂 I’m just hoping the feel good factor of the ladybirds will see me through the unpicking on the other project now….

  5. I was never ever NEVER going to make myself a peplum top but yesterday I finished Simplicity 1590 and wow… I just may make myself another one! Despite the fact I have to suck my tummy in (I forgot 2 of the darts and after adding it in it was a trifle snug) I actually really like it on me! Yours is pretty and fun! And the ladybugs… super cute!

    • Thanks! 🙂 it’s funny, I’ve never really been a fan of peplums either, but I think I’m now converted! Glad yours did the same for you, I reckon they’re going to be lots of fun to wear 🙂

  6. You look stunning! What a lovely top. I too am not sure if peplums work on me but it looks amazing on you!

  7. Wow you look so different in these pics! Good different. I love it with the grey skirt and you can totally rock a peplum!

  8. This is stunning Kat! The peplum looks choice on you and as Liz said you look so fancy.
    I was amazed that I got this pattern out of the fabric I had, it looks like it would take a lot, but I somehow got it out of way less than 1m. I need to get hold of some of these skinny belts, the only two belts I own would be way too big over a top

    • Oh skinny belts are great, I love throwing them on over a dress for a bit of contrast! I reckon they’d look great on you, too – go get one!!

  9. Love it 🙂 such a gorgeous photoshoot with that wall. Go you and le ol Snap fastners xx

  10. Oh wow! LOVE at first sight!! It’s adorable and that is partly to do with fabric choice, it’s so cheery and cute, but more than a bit of bow blouse love going on too!!

    • Aww, thank you! 🙂 funnily enough, I’ve never really been a fan of the bow look, but this pattern completely converted me. 🙂

  11. I love this look it is so glam! Glad it worked out so well after the last sewing mis-fire

  12. That looks fab. Totally rocking the peplum. And I love the enlarged pussy bow. With your hummingbird skirt you look fabulous. Liking the shoe/hair matchy matchy too 🙂

  13. You definitely can rock a peplum. This shape really suits you! Hope you get the sew bossy dress fixed.

  14. Love it! the print really works well with that pattern, and yes, you definitely can wear a peplum! I’m liking the new hair colour too, suits you!

  15. Kat this should totally convert you to peplum blouses. Its lovely and looks flattering and feminine and fabulous. I love it. Do make more ….. I need to scoot around the blog to check out what happened with knit versions lol.

  16. Lovely blouse- the fabric is such fun! Looks great!

  17. bimbleandpimble

    This is absolutely smashing, lady. Love!!

  18. This outfit is A KNOCKOUT and you are a KNOCKOUT in it!
    I had no idea you had such a fabulous figure!!!! Love the peplum with the belt! You should definitely wear more of this style if you can.

  19. I am so glad that peplums found their way back into fashion. They are fun and figure flattering. Your take on the peplum by pairing a belt with it in a fun ladybug fabric is great!

  20. I think the peplum’s a great silhouette for you! I love the whole outfit!

  21. Totally hot. This has got to be one of my favourite ever looks on you, the peplum suits you to the ground and the sleek flounced skirt goes great with it. Absolutely love it!

  22. gorgeous! and i love your pictures as well!

  23. Gah, I love it! I finished a peplum version a few weeks ago (which I have yet to blog lol) and I just love the way the peplum stands out from the waist. I’m thinking I need a ladybug version now 🙂

  24. You look awesome Kat – love that top

  25. This is winning as my favourite thing you’ve made so far… you look absolutely STUNNING!! The fit is incredible – you’ve really nailed it, and the style is just spot on!! Love it all, girl!! 🙂

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