Trousers for little people

Sometimes I blog about things I’ve made straight away. Other times, I mean to, but then I get distracted, and it can be a while before I get around to doing it. Yep – this post is one of those latter ones. (And I can now cross it off my blog to-do list! Yay! Something so satisfying about crossing things off to-do lists, ahhhh….)

Back in December, they were doing a collection of things for the Wellington City Mission’s Christmas drive – food, toys, etc to make up Christmas parcels for families in need. Seemed like a good time to break out the sewing machine.

(But let’s face it – any time is a good time to break out the sewing machine!)

I also pulled out my trusty little kids trousers pattern (Simplicity 3766), hunted through my stash for some cute cottons, and made these, to fit one-year-old toddlers:

Green and white gingham with red cherries
Baby trousers | Modern Vintage Cupcakes

Blue with pirates
Baby trousers | Modern Vintage Cupcakes

And since I was about it (and he needed new trousers) I made the Little Guy a pair of red pirate trousers as well.
Baby trousers | Modern Vintage Cupcakes

His grandmother showed him how to water the garden. Cute!

Baby trousers | Modern Vintage Cupcakes


10 responses to “Trousers for little people

  1. He is just adorable Kat 😀

  2. So cute! I haven’t been too excited about making my little guy clothes – although they seem easy, it seems even easier to buy them them! The thought that he’ll grow out of them quickly was also a deterrent but he’s actually still wearing 3-6 months (he’s 10 months) and I’m so bored of all his clothes (first world problem!). I really want to make him some ‘skinny’ pants because all I can seem to find in the shops is cargo style, damn shops.. baby girls clothing is so much cuter.

    • Hah, that’s so funny, I have the opposite problem – all I can find is skinny leg pants, which look utterly ridiculous on our little guy since he wears cloth nappies!!

      Baby trousers are super fast and easy to make, and if you make them a bit longer you can just turn the cuffs up, and turn them down when they get too short, helps them stay in them for longer. 🙂

      • Harry wears cloth nappies too but for some reason I favor the big booty and skinny legs look (I know I’m weird..). Have spent the afternoon browsing cute printed jersey on spoonflower. Dangerous!

  3. So cute and he’s very clever too. These are adorable Kat.

  4. I recently made a pair of trousers for a friend’s kid, I couldn’t believe how quick they were, or how little fabric they took! Instant gratification!

    • I know, isn’t it great?!?! And you can do crazy things like make each leg out of different fabric (and use up your remnants, haha!) and it’s fine coz they’re kids and they’re meant to dress a bit crazy!

  5. How sweet. Some days I really miss being able to dress a little boy in cute prints.

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