Bossy, bossy, bossy boots

Hey hey! A huge thanks to all of you who voted on my Miss Bossy Patterns poll for the March Monthly Stitch challenge! It was so much fun watching the votes climb – a very tight race between two of the options, with the pink-and-yellow-plaid Simplicity inching ahead, then the floral McCalls leapfrogging over it, time and time again. For a while there, I was worried there’d be a tie and I’d have to make both! (Eek!) (Not that that would necessarily be a bad thing, actually…. Hmmm….)

But in the end, there was one winner. (Just – by 2.11% of the votes!) And that winner is….

The 1940’s McCall dress in a floral print!

McCall 5676

Which I am rather excited to be sewing up. ๐Ÿ™‚ (In fact, I cut it out over the weekend. Fun fun!!)

Feels like it’s been ages since I’ve made anything vintage…. Since January, in fact. Two whole months! Almost a lifetime ago….

Now, why has it been so long? Well, the lovely Mel keeps on distracting me with pretty indie patterns. You may have noticed, we’ve been doing Twinsies patterns (and photos shoots!) for the last couple of months. Making the same pattern at the same time and seeing how we each interpret it. So much fun! (And it’s definitely been pushing me to try a few more of the indie designers, all of whom are rather fabulous, yes indeed.)

Twinsies of Papercut La Sylphide | Modern Vintage Cupcakes

In a rather geeky fashion, Mel and I have even put together a Google doc, listing out all the indie patterns we own and want to try (or want to buy and then try!). Turns out it’s quite a long list (especially when you add in the ‘ones-we-want-to-buy’ section. Oops.). Which means, we’re having a bit of trouble choosing what to make next.

So we decided – why not get you all to boss us around and choose what pattern we make as Twinsies next??

We’ve narrowed it down to three:

The Midsummer Nights Dream dress from Papercut

The Rooibus dress from Colette

The Cabarita top from Cake

Mel’s put together a poll on her blog – go and boss us around over here! (Please?! We really can’t decide which to make next!!

6 responses to “Bossy, bossy, bossy boots

  1. The Midsummer Nights Dreams dress is absolutely gorgeous! You’ve got me tempted!!

  2. I selfishly voted for Midsummer’s Night Dream, because I want to make that one too and I want to see your guys’ versions! LOL

  3. I’ve been meaning to make Rooibos for ages.
    Your twinsies are so fun to see.
    Midsummer nights dream would be a quicker make before winter comes.

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