Bib bop a lu-la

Nothing quite like a bit of altruistic sewing to kick off a new year, right?

A local mother’s group were doing a donation drive for Little Sprouts – a charity that makes up parcels for new families in need. So my sister (who now lives in my town, woo hoo! Lots of social sewing sessions will be happening, yes indeed!) and I decided to plow through my (rather large) scrap fabric stash and use a bunch of it up making baby bibs.

Baby bibs | Modern Vintage Cupcakes

Coz, hey! Bibs are fun! And cute. And you can mix and match all sorts of random-as fabric combinations.

Baby bibs | Modern Vintage Cupcakes

(You can’t quite see, but one of those bright-green-with-purple-polka-dots happens to have a leopard-print strip at the bottom. We may have gotten slightly carried away with some of our mix-and-matching…. Here’s hoping whoever got a couple of them didn’t hate them. Hmmm.)

Baby bibs | Modern Vintage Cupcakes

It’s kinda fun looking at the group of them and spotting bits from different projects. Like the Purple Rain dress, the Melissa dress, my new Cherry Ripe dress, Lovebirds, Christmas aprons, Ladies a Plate dress, and my current project, which you’ll get to find out about when it’s finished. (But I can tell you it’s for Jungle January – can you guess what fabric? Yeah, should be pretty easy to spot!)

Nice and simple and fast to make – two fabrics on the front (for a bit of contrast fun) and some brushed cotton/flannelette/wynciette/whatever on the back to make ’em soft and absorbent next to baby skin. Velcro closures cut into ovals so there are no scratchy corners. And in a few hours, we whipped up all of these!

Baby bibs | Modern Vintage Cupcakes

And now they’re on their way to new homes, where hopefully they’ll get used and keep cute babies all clean and stuff. Indeed.

7 responses to “Bib bop a lu-la

  1. Gorgeous idea – what lovely bibs to inspire both mums & babes!

  2. what a great ides! I have a lot of said scraps, and a good charity that I can give them to as well!

  3. So, um, I NEED this pattern. I have a feeling there will be a lot of bibs in my future.

    • I’ll copy it out for ya. 🙂 Or I could even make you a bunch – got any colour preferences, or shall I just go crazy bright? 😉

      • well, if you are offering, I’m not going to say no 😉 No colour preferences at all, we don’t know the sex yet, and wouldn’t care if we did.

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