Moments in photos

More moment captured using the Photo A Day challenge prompts….

November 13 – Part Of Me
Waiting for a plane | Modern Vintage Cupcakes
Waiting for a plane home to Wellington. Part of me – my feet! Kind of part of me (well, part of my life anyway) – travelling up to Auckland reasonably often for work.

November 14 – Eating
Eating icecream| Modern Vintage Cupcakes
Heading into summer time! Milk popsicle for a little lad to help sooth teething pains. (And coz they’re tasty, yes indeed!)

November 15 – In My Pocket/Purse
House key with a Hello Kitty I got in Japan. (Sadly I dropped it and her body broke off, so now I carry around a disembodied Hello Kitty head….)

November 16 – Play
Slide on a building |  Modern Vintage Cupcakes
Near where we live is the office of a couple of small, local baby clothing and buggy designers. And they’ve just installed a slide between two of their floors. Looks like a fun way to get to the staff room for lunch!

November 17 – 5 O’clock
Yeah, I forgot. Oh well!

November 18 – Mirror
My Besame powder in it’s pretty, old-fashioned compact.

November 19 – Where You Ate Breakfast
Keyboard | Modern Vintage Cupcakes
I admit it. Unless I head out to breakfast with friends, on work days I eat breakfast at my desk, reading email.

November 20 – Communication
Paper pigeon graffiti | Modern Vintage Cupcakes
Pigeon graffiti, printed out on paper, continues to appear around town. These guys have just gone up in Manners St. I figure they’re communicating in a pigeon way with each other, right? (Photographed as my bus went past.)

November 21 – I Wish I Had This
More sleep!!! *sigh*

7 responses to “Moments in photos

  1. Nov 19: I do the same thing.

  2. I LOVE your title!! You should put together a collection of all your photos and do a show, seriously!

  3. More pigeons?! I love those guys πŸ™‚

  4. Awesome photos. I love that compact and I want a slide in my office!

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