Fabric-a-brac, my favourite vintage fabric fair, happened again a couple of weeks ago. So much fun! As per usual, most of my finds came from the hospice fundraiser table, where fabric etc was donated and all profits went to the local hospice.

I was very good this time and limited myself to less than two bags. (And yes, it was very hard to keep to my set limit! So many pretty things to be found….)

Wanna see what I got? (Well, I want to show you, so here you go!)

Wool and vintage lining | Modern Vintage Cupcakes
Nearly 3 metres of winter-coat-weight grey wool for only $12!!! (Coat for me, or several years worth of coats for the Little Man…. Hmmm…..)
And some pretty pretty vintage lining in shiny blue and grey. (Perhaps another Bellatrix in the grey wool, with this lining? Hmmmm….)

Vintage Patterns | Modern Vintage Cupcakes

Fabric | Modern Vintage Cupcakes
A lightweight synthetic dusty pale blue with white dots – I’m leaning towards a bow-neck peplum blouse for this one, either the La Sylphide or a 1940’s blouse pattern I have.
Wool/acrylic/something blend vintage leaf pattern – so pretty! (But also somewhat scratchy.) Likely to become a dress (with lining, to counter that scratchiness.)

Vintage Patterns | Modern Vintage Cupcakes

Fabric | Modern Vintage Cupcakes
Brown cotton sateen with flowers – this one will be a dress definitely.
And check it out – it’s got ladybirds all over it! Oh yeah! Blouse, all the way.

Vintage Patterns | Modern Vintage Cupcakes

I’m loving all the vintage patterns. So excited to find a bunch of Academy patterns! I’m slowly building up a bit of a collection of those. They used to be a New Zealand company, that I can find out hardly anything about. (One day, I will unlock the mystery behind them. One day….)

10 responses to “Fabric-a-brac-a-holic

  1. WOW! Lucky woman! Wonderful fabrics and patterns!

  2. Oh I LOVE that Academy slip(?) divine!

  3. Oh you lucky thing finding all those patterns and 3 metres of wool! I love the skirt pockets too and the tab collar blouse. I am going to try and draft one of those pockets..or rather add it to my list of ‘projects to try’.

  4. Good finds! Of course I’m most drawn to that blue/green lining fabric, but that leaf print is a lot of fun too.

  5. My mother made Vogue 2347 MANY years ago, in light blue polyester double knit. It was supposed to “take 10-20 pounds off”. It didn’t : ) And it was in double knit so…yeah. I love that Weigels blouse pattern with the tabs at the collar, can’t wait to see some of these made up!

    • Haha oh dear, yes I don’t quite see how that Vogue pattern could “take 10-20 pounds off”! Looks more like it would risk doing the opposite with those inset details….!?!

      I already have the fabric picked out for the Weigels blouse, and it’s slowly making it’s way up my sewing queue. Yay! πŸ˜€

  6. What a wonderful boost for all your creativity! You must be over the moon with all this gorgeousness ~ congratulations!

    • Thanks! πŸ˜€ Yes indeed, I’ve been imagining lots of creations using this lot, haha! Nothing quite like sewing daydreaming, is there?!?

  7. You definitely cleaned the place out of the patterns I would have picked up! Then again, storing them at your place does make it easier for me πŸ˜‰

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