Strawberry Tiramisu

Everyone, I’d like you to meet my amazing, lovely, talented and gorgeous friend-who’s-like-a-sister: Agi.

Strawberry Tiramisu dress

Agi and her family are the reason we head over to Hungary every few years. I stayed with her family as an AFS exchange student, back when I was 18. Such an amazing year – I met lots of lovely people, made great friends, experienced another culture, and saw a totally different part of the world. Agi and her family are fantastic, and even though I only get to see them every few years, they’re such an important part of my life. Agi and I are the same age, so I kind of think of her as another sister.

So our recent big trip was all about going over to see them and introduce our little guy to them. (All the other places we went were just opportunity visits, since we were around those places anyway. 😉 )

Strawberry Tiramisu dress

Since I’ve been enjoying wearing my Raspberry Tiramisu dress a lot, I thought I’d make one for Agi as well. She lives on a farm and has a young daughter, so I figure easy-wash/easy-wear things are a good choice. (I know they are for me these days, with our young lad!)

Strawberry Tiramisu dress

After going on a huge hunt through my stash, I pulled out this gorgeous dark pink mid-weight tshirting, which I thought would look lovely with Agi’s skin tone.

Just like the last two, this Tiramisu was nice and easy to whip up. I did the entire lot using my overlocker – four-thread stretch stitch for the seams, cover stitch for stitching the neck and sleeve bindings flat. And I left it unhemmed, because for some reason I prefer the look of that on tshirting Tiramisus, and this fabric won’t fray.

Strawberry Tiramisu dress

Unfortunately though, even though I made it to Agi’s measurements, it’s ended up a bit too big. Boo! 😦 (Has anyone else noticed that with the Tiramisu pattern? I found the same when I made one for myself and ended up having to take it in by a full size….) Luckily, it’s an easy pattern to take in, and Agi has a sewing machine….

Strawberry Tiramisu dress

Aren’t the dog and cat cute? Agi and her husband live on a small farm, and they have all sorts of lovely and friendly pets. 🙂

And just because these photos were taken in Hungary, here’s a few more photos from our visit to Hungary…. (Coz, you know, I can.)

Agi and her husband took us on a day trip to Eger. We spent a few hours wandering around the town, visiting one of the biggest churches, the Turkish minaret, and Eger castle.


Walking through the streets of Eger

Church in Eger

Church in Eger

Painted church ceiling, Eger

Painted church ceiling, Eger

Eger from the minaret

Looking down on Eger from the top of the minaret

The following day, we went to Csongrad to visit Agi’s parents (who are also super lovely, and who were kind enough to have me live with them for a year). Imre (Agi’s father) took us for a ride on his river boat, along the Tisza river. So incredibly pretty, with all the trees changing colour.

Summer bridge over the Tisza river

Summer bridge over the Tisza river. It’s a floating bridge, and is only out for summer and early autumn, when there is low risk of floods.

Imre and I on his boat

Imre and I on his boat

13 responses to “Strawberry Tiramisu

  1. Great pics Kat! Looks like your friend enjoyed the Tiramisu you made her. Her pets are adorable, looks like kitty is waving in the one pic.

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  3. Hi Kat, yes, I have had the same issue with the Tira, but I agree, it is an easy pattern to adjust and I just made some notes to myself on the paper (like”take in 2.5cm here” etc etc). Your friend looks lovely in her Tira, it is the perfect dress to “dress-up”, but is equally useful as a slob around the house dress!

  4. Yeah that kitty is totally high fiving you for an awesome colour choice! 🙂

  5. Gorgeous color! She looks lovely! And what a great friend you are! Making your friend a Tiramisu dress… 🙂 ~Laurie

  6. How lovely! Bet she was so pleased!

  7. You chose so well– the color really is lovely on your friend! There aren’t many things better than old friends, are there? So glad you had such a nice trip!

  8. What a wonderful gift – I do love the Tiramisu’s on everyone – flattering, a knit and pockets 😉 Gorgeous colour, well chosen!

  9. What beautiful fabric, I’d have been all over that! The dress is lovelyand such a great gift, and it looks like you had an amazing holiday! Welcome back!

  10. What a great colour, totally suits her. What a great life connection to have and always a great way to plan a holiday 🙂

  11. How wonderful to be able to go back and visit your other family and introduce you little man. Such fun! I love the colour of the new tiramusu and so lovely of you to make it for your ‘sister’.

  12. Yes, I love the dress, love the color and the fabric too!
    I can’t wait next summer to wear it 🙂 Don’t worry about the size it will fit just perfect next summer 😉

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