I’m back!

Meiji Jingu shrine gate

Tokyo – cedar gate leading to Meiji Jingu shrine

Well, hello there! Nice to see you again. 🙂 Yep, that’s right – I’m back from holiday! And what a holiday it was – full of fun times, fascinating things to see and learn, great visits with lovely friends, and even a bit of sewing-related shopping here and there.

Boating on the Tisza river

Hungary – boating on the Tisza river

And no blog posts while I was away. Ah well. I had plans, grand plans, to post while on holiday. I had a laptop, a camera, things to post about. I’d made sure most of the places we were staying had internet connections. I figured I’d have a couple of hours each evening after our little guy went to bed. Yeah, well. Time and decent internet connections didn’t really happen at the same time. Ever. So no blog posts for a few weeks.

Ljubljana flower market

Slovenia – flower market in Ljubljana

No blog reading, either. Which also means – the sew-alongs list is out of date. Argh!!!! Since I’ve got nearly 4 weeks of blog posts to catch up on, it’s gonna take me for-evah to track down all the new sew-alongs, meet ups, and swaps that have been announced this month. So I was wondering – those of you who know about any, could you tell me about them in the comments? Pretty please? So I can update the list for those who use it. 🙂

Duomo details

Milan – details on the side of the Duomo

I’ve got a few posts in my head, all waiting to be transferred to the blog as time allows. Never fear though – I won’t be going all travel-blog styles on you. (Unless you want me to? If there’s a particular place/thing/whatever anyone wants me to talk about, lemme know and I’ll happily talk/share photos about it.) Although I may not be able to resist adding a pic or two from our travels to a post or two on other things. Because, you know, our trip was AWESOME!!!!! (<- true fact)

Shanghai street stalls

Shanghai – street stalls near Yu Yuan

So…. what’s been going on with you while I’ve been away? Tell me all the news! 🙂

10 responses to “I’m back!

  1. Welcome back.. Glad you had an amazing holiday. I am on holidays as well (not as exotic as yours) so no sewing to be had for me. Totally missed Vintage patterns and froctober. Hopefully will be in for November’s Sew along.

    Did manage to buy some fabric today.

    Catcha soon

    • Yay! New fabric! Always a good thing to be buying. But then, I may be somewhat biased. 😉

      Hope your holiday is going well! 🙂

  2. Welcome back! So pleased you had a great time. Loved the snapshots of places you visited. Seeing the photo of Yu Yuan in Shanghai makes me think you mightmjust have made it to the notions market 🙂 Jenny

    • I did indeed get there, and there may even be a blog post in the wings about it… 😉 (Shhh – it’s a surprise!) (And oh my, next time I go to Shanghai, I’ll be taking a half-empty suitcase with me. Thank you so, so much for the tip!!!)

  3. Wow! What a fabulous trip! How exciting! Let’s see, House of Pinheiro and A Stitching Odyssey just announced a sewalong for the Named Dakota dress…

  4. I wondered where you were, I missed you! But, looks like you had a fantastic holiday!! I am still hard at work for my Frocktober make (I hope it gets done in time!!) and I made and blogged the BHL Polly Top and Culottes. Yup, culottes. 🙂 Welcome Back Kat.

    • Ooh, were those the Tania culottes?? Still catching up on my blog reading, but I’ll be over to have check ’em out very soon! 🙂

  5. Welcome back. Lauren (lladybird) is now blogging for our own Papercut Patterns and her first sewalong is soon with the Slyphide Dress.
    Please do share at least one travel post with all the places you went and what little sewing related shopping you did – cause we know you did!
    Oh I’m also doing the Little Black Jacket sewalong with A Sewing Challenge and Thewallinna which started on 7 October 🙂

    • Thanks, I’ve just added the La Sylphide sew-along to the list. 🙂

      Sewing related shopping? Me?!? Never! 😉 (All will be revealed later, mwahaha!)

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