Fabric advice for in foreign climes

Hey everyone!

So, here’s something I’m excited about at the moment – we’re going on holiday! Yay!!

For 3 weeks or so during October, we’ll be travelling around a few places and seeing some of the world.

And since a bunch of you happen to live in other parts of the world, I thought I’d see if any of you have any tips/advice/great places to buy fabric (coz fabric buying bans don’t count when travelling, right?!).

We’re going to be going to Tokyo, Japan, for 6 days.

Then driving around Hungary and Slovenia for about a week.

After that, a couple of days in Milan, Italy.

And a couple of days in Shanghai, China on the way home.

(Because New Zealand is so darn far from ANYWHERE that if you’re going to Europe, you may as well make the most of having to stop to change planes in other countries along the way.)

So yeah, kinda excited about it all. 😀

Got any tips/advice/etc? I’d love to hear it!


21 responses to “Fabric advice for in foreign climes

  1. So excited for you. My suggestion would be to review the average temp, etc for each location during the time of year you will be there to determine how to pack. You certainly want to bring layers!

    • Oh yes, there will be a lot of layers! I have plans to make another Tiramisu dress or two before we go as well, since they’ll be easy to pack, wash and wear. 🙂

  2. Darn it! Read the post twice to make sure I hadn’t missed London! That would have been too good to be true! Sounds amazing. Are you doing it with baby too? x

    • Would have loved to go to London, but it was going to add too much time and cost, sadly. đŸ˜Ļ Will get there one day though and meet all you fabulous ladies!!! 🙂

      Yep, travelling with a one year old. Eek! (Trying not to think about that part too much, haha)

  3. Sounds amazing! I am a member of a group – The International Organization of Folk Art (IOV) And there are people in that from all over the world who do all sorts of various crafty things. Some of them might be able to help you! I ll invite you on facebook.

  4. oh, that’s just too exciting.. sounds like a lovely plan to me 🙂 and you’re coming to my neighborhood, how cool is that?

    • Ooh, yes, I was wondering – how close to your neighbourhood will I be? You’re in Serbia, is that right? Too far for a meet up, or close enough maybe…..?

  5. To save room in bags for fabric purchases pack your rattiest underwear & throw it away as you travel.

  6. Hi Kat,
    How wonderful for you all to have such a great trip planned. I will email you over the weekend with all the great things to do in Shanghai and the amazing fabric markets you can visit as well as the address for a building full of notions! The choice is amazing and far beyond what you can find in NZ. :)?…Jenny

  7. Wow, that sounds like quite a trip!!

  8. My Japan-based Bellydance Costumier friend is always going on about visiting the Tokyo Fabric District. So I did a quick google and it looks like it’s really easy to find and a paradise for any sewist.

    What an amazing adventure! I, too, am a bit sad that you couldn’t work London into your itinerary, but hopefully that will happen some other time… Have a wonderful holiday, and take lots of photos to share with us.

    • Oh wow, Tokyo Fabric District – amazing!! Thanks!! Off to look at that site now. 😀

      One day I shall get to London and meet all you fabulous ladies! (Or you could all come here, haha! 😉 )

  9. Wow! What a trip! Maybe check out Inna’s blog (Thewallinna)– she does lots of Tokyo fabric shopping!

  10. Exciting! If you’re going to Tokyo (where I just moved from!) you should definitely go to the fabric district, Odakaya, and Yuzawaiya! The fabric district is pretty central – catch the Yamanote line (it’s a JR line that goes around Tokyo in a big circle) to Nippori and follow the signs! My favourite shop was the massive Tomato (they are three or four of them on the street!) which sells fabric for 100 yen a metre, but they also sell more traditional Japanese cottons as well as any other type of fabric you can dream of! Yuzawaiya is easy to find – it’s in the Takashimaya building (12th floor?) next to Shinjuku station’s East exit (head for the building shaped like a New York skyscraper). Odakaya is trickier to find (but is probably my favourite as it’s right by my old house!), but just let me know if you’re interested and I’ll send you detailed instructions on how to get there! Inna (TheWallinna) probably knows some smaller places so she might be best to ask for them, but I know there’s some awesome tiny shops in Kichijo (near the Studio Ghibli museum) too. Sounds like an awesome trip! Hope you have lots of fun!

  11. Just posted the things you won Kat – hope the handbag mirror makes it in one piece … am thinking perhaps I should have bubble wrapped it ,,, anyway, fingers crossed! Envious of your Japan trip!

  12. Have a great trip ~ sorry you won’t be in the US this trip. Next time!

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