Photo A Day – July, part 2

And a few more photos from the July Photo A Day challenge….

14 July – Edible
Fruit kebabs
Fruit kebabs for lunch at a training day in Browns Bay, Auckland, for work. (Hey, if I have to work on a Sunday, at least I got to eat strawberries in winter.)

20 July – Hot
Tabasco sauce
Tabasco sauce and burritos for dinner. (Hot sauce and I don’t get on – I had home made plum sauce on my burrito instead.)

26 July – The everyday
Seal on Wellington waterfront
Every day after work, I walk along the Wellington waterfront. There’s lots of everyday kind of rocks there. And every day for the past week or so, this guy’s been hanging out on those rocks, making them just a bit less everyday-like.

27 July – Black + white
We went for a late afternoon walk around the outside of the zoo, and passed through a playground on the way. Taken looking up at the top of a climbing gym.

28 July – This is new!
New sending range at NZ Post
Spent the day helping with the final training day for one of the new NZ Post stores in Auckland, before it opens it’s doors to the public tomorrow. It’s a whole new design, and also has a whole new sending range in it. (New red walls, new wooden displays, new sending range. All new!)


One response to “Photo A Day – July, part 2

  1. Your Tabasco sauce photo is making me crave Kaitaia Fire! I used to always have some in the fridge when I lived in Perth (special trip to the Kiwi Shop all the way up in Joondalup to have it) yum, added to next weeks shopping list…

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