Photo A Day – July, part 1

I seem to be getting later and later with posting these, but hey, here’s some photos from the July Photo A Day challenge if you’re interested….

2 July – Shoes
So, uh, yeah. I may have bought these shoes today. Coz, you know, the photo challenge prompt told me to….

7 July – Where you are
Fork in the path
Literally and figuratively – a fork in a path, a decision point. Do we go left or right? Do I keep doing what I’ve been doing career-wise, or try something different? Today’s fork in the path is bought to you by the Truby King Gardens, where we went wandering on a beautiful bright winter afternoon.

8 July – Path
Path in Auckland
Up in Auckland for work, walking through a park near the muesum.

9 July – 3 things
Trees at Takapuna beach
Three trees next to each other at the beach at Takapuna in Auckland. (There for work, we had half an hour to spare before we had to go to the airport, so ate frozen yogurt overlooking the ocean.)

11 July – I wore this!
Barrel of monkeys necklace!

12 July – A bad habit
I hate that I do this, and fight against this habit all the time, but yes, I admit it. I am late far, far too often. *sigh*


13 responses to “Photo A Day – July, part 1

  1. Beautiful park – looks like a lovely place to walk! I can’t help but admire the monkey necklace and the new shoes too. 🙂

  2. I have a crush on your shoes ! sigh…
    you had a perfectly legit reason for buying them, I agree.

  3. Thanks for sharing your photos! Auckland looks very scenic. I like your monkeys necklace.

  4. Holy cripes that money necklace is cool! Bought recently??

  5. those shoes! love. new or vintage?

    • Thanks! 🙂 They’re new (my feet are too big to ever fit vintage shoes, *sigh*), from I Love Paris. (Which happens to have a store in Dunedin too…. 😉 )

  6. Those shoes are amazing!!

  7. Lovely shoes! I Love Paris is my favourite shoe store in Wellington.

  8. Oh, I sooo crave those green shoes!

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