Pisces capelet

Hey, so guess what? I made a cape!!

Now, if I’m being completely honest here, capes aren’t really my thing. I have a bit of an odd relationship with them, really. I love the idea of them – the romance, the fun of swirling them, the idea of riding over dew-touched fields on horseback while wearing one. But the reality I’m not so sure of. Will it look a bit silly? Will it be warm enough? How will it cope in the wind that is ever-present in my town? And even more importantly – how on earth does one wear a bag with a cape?!?

So, yeah. Love them in theory, not so sure about the reality.

And then the first theme of The Monthly Stitch was announced. Capes. (Eek!!)

(I may have had a mini-panic – what on earth to do?!?!?)

After running around in a little circle for a moment, wringing my hands and wondering – I don’t really want to make a cape, do I? What if I make it and never wear it – it’ll be a failed project? Eek!! – I had lunch with the lovely Mel and we drafted up a plan. A plan so simple, and so fun, it just had to come together! We’d each make the (free! Woo hoo!) Peppermint Cape, (scroll down through other free patterns to find it) and we’d also make one for the lovely Juliet. Mel would do one side for Juliet’s cape, I’d do the other, and we’d make it reversible. Then we’d surprise her with a visit and present her with a cape so we could have lots of fun doing a combined photo shoot for The Monthly Stitch.

Now, how’s a girl meant to say no to that concept, I ask you?! (You’re not meant to, is the answer.)

And here we have it – my very first cape. Or capelet, really, since it’s a short one.

And it’s reversible!

Bet ya can’t guess where the Pisces name came from. It was one of those random tangential thought patterns that went something like this:


Capering around…. (Juliet’s fun name for this months theme)

Capers… yummm…. taste good with bagels and salmon…. now I’m hungry….

Salmon…. fish….. bagel and lox? No, too odd a name….

Other sorts of fish…. Trout? Snapper? Something to do with politics? (Ugh.) My cape is fastened with snap fasteners…. Hmmm… No. Back to the fish.

Some sort of not-ugly-or-too-weird fish….

It’s reversible, is there a reversible fish?

Pisces! It’s non-smelly, and has two sides! Done. πŸ™‚

And thus, the Pisces cape.

Which, appropriately, has some photos on a bridge over a pond. (Fish live in ponds, dontcha know.)

But wait! We’re on a bridge!!

(Yep, that’s Mel and Juliet there with me. All wearing capelets. And red lipstick. In Palmerston North. It may have been an unexpected sight for the teenagers hanging around the park with their skateboards….)

Anyway, on to the pattern.

This was super easy to put together. And super easy to make reversible, too! Just make two cape outers, sandwich ’em together and stitch ’em up (like you were doing the lining), add your neck band, and fasten with snap fasteners so it’s nice and reversible. Done!

Look! Reversible capelets!!

One side (the ‘salmon pink’ side, haha) is in an acrylic blend. I’ve used it before for (jacket) and (skirt). The other side, a synthetic grey tartan.

Backs of capelets. And pointing. Just because.

It’s surprisingly fun to wear, although I’m still waiting to summon the bravery to wear it to the office in place of a cardigan. Maybe next week…..

Considering the wearability of capelets….

A big shout-out to the amazing photographers – Mama Gypsy who took the group pics, and Mel who took the ones of me-and-a-rock.

And I leave you with this, an awesome animated gif Mel made, just for fun. (Because one thing about capelets – they’re super fun to swirl on and off!)


40 responses to “Pisces capelet

  1. Houseofpinheiro

    Super cute capes… That gif it’s so fun… I’m not a fan of capes without arm holes but this it’s cute and pratical

  2. I’m loving the swirly gif! These are all great capes, and I love that you were all wearing funky hosiery for this photoshoot.

    • Isn’t the gif great?! I’m going to have to learn how to make them myself. πŸ˜‰

      Haha the hosiery was just a coincidence – we all wear that kind of stuff anyway, no co-ordination was required. πŸ˜‰

  3. Fun! I’m loving your hair, btw!

  4. Love it Kat, I’m a huge fan of capes, but I too struggle to actually wear them. That length looks like a great alternative to the coat length capes, and potentially much more wearable. Will def be checking out these patterns!

    • You so should! I can see you in one, actually…. (Assuming you ever get your sewing machine back out of storage. πŸ˜‰ )

  5. Yay! Group photo shoots are the most fun ever πŸ˜€ Also love your swirly skirt in the gif, more swirly gifs, moar!

    • Maybe that should be a Monthly Stitch challenge one month – everyone has to make something with a swirly skirt and make a swirly skirt gif to go with it?!

  6. Awesome gif. It’s enough to make everyone want a cape.

  7. How much fun! I wear the strap of my shoulder bag under my cape. Loving your hair and red lippy and the cape too x

    • Thanks Trish! πŸ™‚ I’m finding the bag size is a key factor in cape wearablility – the larger the bag, the less it’ll work, argh! (A good way to keep things I carry around to a minimum, perhaps?!)

  8. Love the cape!
    Fantastically romantic and feminine
    Specially enjoyed the toreodor (sp?) moment πŸ™‚

  9. That gif if so fun! And yay for capes- all ladies should have one!

    • Maybe we need a world-wide cape day?! Then we’d all have an excuse to wear them – that would be rather fun. πŸ™‚

  10. this looks great Kat – and you were right the other night, I cut out my own cape this week!!!

  11. What a fun photos – love the wee gif. Cute capes – I think you’ve started a cape revolution.

  12. loved your cape & the action shots at the end! am planninhg a 3rd & possibly 4th draft… almost like goldilocks & the 3 bears! so much fun seeing everyone’s capes!

  13. Looking great!
    Good point – How do you wear a bag? Maybe the rise of the cape in fashion goes hand in hand with development of the clutch purse???

    • Thanks! πŸ™‚

      I’ve discovered a (small-ish) handbag fits fine under this cape, but heck knows how you carry one with those longer capes that do up down the front and have slits for your arms…. Super large internal pockets, maybe?!?

  14. Adorable capelet! I know exactly what you mean about capes. They look so chic and glamourous on other people, but can I really wear one? Well, you have proved, yes, you can!! It is just adorable, and I love that it’s reversible. And, I hope to prove the same, i have a pattern all picked out and now just need more fabric (I have some, i’m going to mix it up and make it 2 comlementary colours (hopefully). I am madly in love with you animated gif! I have just found the photo collage makers and am now addicted, my last few blogposts have had all kinds of photo collages, and now, I just bookmarked a site that tells you how to make animated gifs, so for my next blogpost, stand by for animation!!

    • I’m loving the gif, too! I’m going to have to figure out how to make them myself – they’re just so fun (and I probably shouldn’t rely on the amazing Mel to make them for me all the time, haha!). I’ve been enjoying your photo collages, hoping you keep them up. πŸ™‚

      Looking forward to seeing your cape – mixing up two colours sounds like a fun, modern approach!

  15. Pisces – got it! Love the thought process to the name. Very cute it is too. Fab for layering and good all year around too I’d guess.

  16. I LOVE your cape. I totally think it is practical, being short as it is. I think because it is so short, you could probably wear a messenger-type bag, and just have it hang below the cape – put the bag on first. I also love the shaping, making the sides fall like sleeves, rather than it just being a big shapeless mess. I think you should wear it constantly.

  17. It’s fabulous. And the pattern was just what I needed to solve a dilemma of my own, I’m half way through making one of my own!

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  19. That capelet is sooo cute. I frequently wear capes, and have already made one for the challenge (not yet photographed) but I think I’m going to have to add one of those capelets too.
    Hope you’re all ok after all the shaking in Wellington.

  20. I love this! I really wanted to make a cape but I also thought – what about my bag? My children are still at that age where I can’t go anywhere without a bag. A capelet looks like a good compromise though.

  21. Lovely cape ladies!

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