Superhero Leggings!

You may have heard me mention Papercut patterns a couple of times recently. Yeah, I suspect I’m fast becoming a fan-girl. Which is slightly embarrassing, but Katie’s patterns really are rather gorgeous and fun.

So here’s my latest Papercut make – the Ooh La Leggings.

Ooh La Leggings

Just for the heck of it, and because I wasn’t sure how well this pattern would fit so wanted to do a trial before making it up in precious merino, I made ’em in a purple tshirting.

Ooh La Leggings

The same tshirting as my Cupcake top, in fact. (Perhaps I could wear them together? What do you think? No? What a shame….)

(Side note: somehow, it was nearly impossible for my face to have a ‘normal’ expression in any of these photos. I suspect this is due to my having too much fun leaping around on beds, and cracking up laughing at the absurdity of this photo shoot.)

And can I just say – I loooove this pattern! It’s fantastic – for a pair of leggings, it was super fun to make, has interesting seam detail, fits wonderfully (and is plenty long enough in the leg for me, which is rather unusual, tall gal that I am!), and has lots of potential for crazy things like prints or colour blocking (or both at once?!!) in the future.

Seriously folks, check out the seaming in this line drawing:

Papercut Ooh La Leggings line drawing

Papercut Ooh La Leggings line drawing

I have plans to draft up feet for these puppies, and then make ’em up in a nice snuggly merino and wear ’em with skirts and high heels so I can keep warm and cozy in winter and also do those seam lines (and pintucks) justice.

Ooh La Leggings

Because yes, the pattern calls for you to pintuck the seams down the front and the back of the legs. (I only did the front ones though, because the purple fabric is quite heavy for leggings and I didn’t want thick pintucks right behind my knees. Next time, in a lighter fabric, I’ll probably do both front and back seams.)

Ooh La Leggings centre front seam pintucks

Centre front seam pintucks

Something about purple leggings makes me want to make a superhero cape and come up with some random superhero name….

Ooh La Leggings

Me is strong superhero! Or not.

But since I can’t think of a superhero name, I’ll just jump on the bed instead!



Extra bonus fun – these pics were taken in a hotel room in Auckland, when a colleague and I were travelling overnight for work. Photos taken by my lovely friend/colleague Gill, who managed to not look at me too strangly when I asked her to help me take photos of myself jumping on a hotel bed wearing leggings once we’d finished work for the day. Gill – you’re a star!

Pillow fights are also a good way to use ones time in a hotel while travelling for work

Pillow fights are also a good way to use ones time in a hotel while travelling for work

20 responses to “Superhero Leggings!

  1. Fun photos :-). The leggings look awesome, I love the unusual seam lines.

    • Thanks! 🙂 Yeah, the seams lines meant I had to try making them. I’ve just bought her ‘Peter and the Wolf’ trousers as well – like the leggings, they’re not really my style, but the line drawing intrigued me so much I have to try making them!

  2. I love the photos – and the colour too… very noice!

  3. I wasn’t crazy about the idea of buying a legging pattern–until now!!! I love these on you. And just thinking about them in merino has me ready for December snow storms!

  4. I just love how your first photo that appears in my Reader is all demure and sensible, and then when I see the entire photo shoot it’s nothing but crazy mayhem! What a hoot!

  5. Love that they are long enough. So many legging patterns are short in the leg. Was the pintucking easy to do?

  6. I will definitely have to acquire the pattern, My oldest daughter’s wardrobe mainly consists of leggings and long shirts! And she will love these!

  7. Fantastic! These look great! I’ve been very curious about this pattern for a while now– looks like a perfect project for colder weather!

  8. FABULOUS photos 🙂 I wish I had a cool work colleague you would take crazy photos of me, and where else can you act it up but in a hotel room?! Hehe, they are awesome.

  9. I just started making these – it’s my first attempt at using a stretch fabric so fingers crossed I don’t screw it up too bad

  10. I love those purple leggings and No please Don’t Wear cupcake with these lolol.

    Do make them in merino – perfect. I found some amazingly high lycra merino at Levana a while back though only in black. It may be worth a phone call to see if they have anything like that in at present.

    PS pintucks in leggings! How interesting 🙂

  11. I didn’t really see the appeal of these leggings until I saw yours! Now I want that pattern…

  12. Ohh if you do draft the feet please share how you do it – I would love to be able to make my own wollen tights

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  15. I have a question about the construction. Did you sew the seams with an ordinary stitch (i.e. non stretch stitch on sewing machine) or did you overlock them? And also with the pintucked seams did you leave out the topstitching? Sorry if these are obvious questions, but am new to sewing knits. 🙂

    • No question is an obvious question! 😉

      I sewed the seams with an overlocker – I always use my overlocker for sewing knits, I just find it really easy and fast and with a good, neat finish. Since the pattern has a 1cm seam allowance, I figure out how wide the overlock stitch is, then cut off the difference with the overlocker blade (usually 4mm) as I go.

      I actually left out all the topstitching on these – since I used my overlocker, I didn’t want to waste the stretchiness of the overlocked stitch by topstitching, and I was a bit nervous I’d break the stitching when I went to wear them, as I’m not always the most gentle with my knits!

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