Photo a Day – June, part 2

Some more moments in June, inspired with the Photo a Day challenge….

14 June – Texture
2013_06_14_ texture
Long infant eyelashes and soft, porous skin, belonging to our sleeping Little Man.

15 June – From above
Looking down from the top of the slide at the zoo this afternoon. (Photo a day challenge = a great excuse to get up on kids playground equipment! 😉 )

23 June – Last
There’s an underpass being built by the Basin Reserve, and I walked past it on my way home from town today. These are the last support poles in the big line they’ve been banging into the ground, with the last parts of the poles still up in the air. (There will be more poles – they’re no where near finished yet. But for today, these are the last in the line.)

24 June – Negative Space
Looking up at a grey and forbidding sky, through winter-bare tree branches near the Basin Reserve on my walk home from work.

28 June – Red
Red hair on red sheets.

4 responses to “Photo a Day – June, part 2

  1. I just love the one of the toddler eyelashes 🙂 it’s perfect!

  2. Glimpses of the edges of your life. Love it! 🙂

  3. That Underpass has been the pain in our day for many a day – our offices were in the Old Police Barracks, we have been gone now two 2 weeks and its been bliss!

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