Introducing Abby from Bluegingerdoll patterns!

Ready to meet another fabulous indie pattern designer? Abby from Bluegingerdoll is here to tell us all about where she gets her inspiration, and what she has planned next for her label!

So, Abby….

What inspired you to get into pattern designing?
I started drafting sewing patterns, for a few reasons, one being the commercial patterns that are available, aren’t really inspiring and the designs not really my style at all, and let’s not talk about the random and constant fitting issues with the patterns. Original vintage patterns were what I usual sewed with, but were becoming increasingly expensive and hard to find anything in my size. So I guess the drafting come from necessity, and it felt like a natural creative step from sewing as well. I also had all these design ideas but no way of creating them unless I drafted the actual pattern myself. So I started to teach myself to draft patterns, first starting with modifying vintage patterns then onto the drafting patterns from scratch. I decided my designs were worth sharing with the world, and so Bluegingerdoll was born.

bluegingerdoll logo 2013

What do you consider your point of difference?
I think Bluegingerdoll’s point of difference is that the designs are feminine and pretty, as well as being fully functional sewing pattern designs. They are vintage inspired, without be ‘costumey’. They are able to be worn on a regular basis no matter what your day/night consists of, and you will be comfortable with an added hint of vintage glam! I wanted people to buy Bluegingerdoll patterns, sew them up and have a design that is classic and flattering, and that they love for years to come! And no matter your size or shape you have a design that accentuates all your good parts and you feel beautiful wearing it!

Billie Jean dress

Billie Jean dress

How similar are you designs and your own day-to-day wardrobe?
The designs are my day to day wardrobe! I wear my Billie Jean dresses and all my pattern designs on a very regular basis to my day job, weekends, not only because they are comfy and glamorous but I am in love with each of my designs, as much as I hope each of my customers will be ! I intentionally designed them to be able to fit into your daily wardrobe, and be able to get that hint of vintage glamour as well.

If you could make your design for anyone at all, who would it be for, why?
I would love to make a design for Sophia Loren, for the simple reason she is an iconic bombshell. I think she would look great in the Billie Jean wiggle dress!

Billie Jean front pattern cover

Billie Jean front pattern cover

What’s the most surprising thing you’ve learnt since you started your pattern label?
The most surprising thing I have learnt is more from the personal side of starting and running a small business – I need to remember that I am not and can’t be a super woman. I need to remind myself to take a step back, enjoy the process and just breathe every now and then, and remember the reason I started Bluegingerdoll in the first place.

Why did you choose that name for your label?
Bluegingerdoll basically represents me; you could say it’s my alter ego!

How do you decide what to call your patterns?
Each name evolves naturally throughout the design process. As each pattern design starts to take shape, it starts to reveal its own personality. And as this personality starts to show, I imagine and create a story in my head about what type of women would wear this design, what her life would be like, how she would feel while wearing it , is she an old Hollywood movie star or maybe the sweet girl next door.

What do you have planned next for your label?
I have my second pattern design ready to be released in the next week or so, as well as the Billie Jean sew along which is just starting now! I also have a few more pattern designs currently in the design / testing process ready to be released throughout the rest of the year.

Billie Jean dress

Billie Jean dress

Thanks so much for talking to us Abby! That Billie Jean dress is gorgeous, and I’ll be looking forward to seeing what patterns you put out next!

(Like the Billie Jean dress? The sewalong has just started!)

2 responses to “Introducing Abby from Bluegingerdoll patterns!

  1. Great interview Kat. I spying the Billy Jean dress and might even get to that over the summer!

  2. Isn’t the Billie Jean just lovely!

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