Raspberry Tiramisu

I’ve finally done it. I’ve gone and jumped on the Tiramisu bandwagon.

In case you haven’t encountered it before, the Tiramisu was the first pattern released by Australian-based Cake Patterns. It’s a knit dress, with a surplice bodice, short cut-on sleeves, and a flowing skirt. And it’s been getting rave reviews all around the blogosphere.

Normally, I’m not one for knit dresses, but what the heck – may as well give it a go and see what everyone’s talking about!

Tiramisu dress from Cake Patterns

One thing that really impressed me about this pattern was the stripe placement guide. Steph (the designer) has put a lot of thought into the effects you can create with this pattern using stripes, and how to give guidelines to people so the stripes match up perfectly at every seam. All of the pattern pieces have stripe guidelines – if you use them correctly, you get chevron effects on the back bodice, and front and back skirt centre seams. You also have nice diagonal stripes across the bust, which perfectly meet the back bodice stripes at the shoulders. And the skirt front and back stripes match down the skirt side seams. And the midriff front and back also match at the side seams. (Unless you’re me and make a mistake cutting out which you don’t realise until it’s far too late. So, you know, don’t look too closely at those midriff side seams, ok?)

Tiramisu dress from Cake Patterns

Admittedly, it took me aaaaages to cut this out, as my pink-and-navy stripe fabric not only has reasonably narrow stripes, it’s also a soft stretchy knit, so I had to painstakingly cut out every single piece individually, being supercareful not to stretch the fabric out of shape.

It was worth it, though. Check out those chevrons, yeah!

Tiramisu dress from Cake Patterns

The sizing for this confused me a bit. I’m right between sizes, so could either make up the 30D or the 35A. Since there is no way (ever!) that I’m a D cup, I went with the 35A. And then had to take it in at the side seams to about where the 30 would have been. As a result, it’s not sitting quite right at the neckline, but hey, it’ll do. And I like the result of this pattern enough that I’m gonna try making it up again, with a 30 instead of a 35 bodice. (Still not sure what cup size to go with though… D just sounds wrong for my shape. Maybe I’ll go for a B and see how that works out….)

I also decided not to put the pockets in, as if I then went to put anything in the pockets while wearing the dress, you’d be able to see the shape of whatever was in them. So yeah, nah, not this time anyway.

I was worried about the cling factor of the skirt – since it’s a knit fabric dress and I. I needn’t have worried – the fullness of the skirt means it hangs nicely, no VPL or anything. Win!

Sadly the fit isn’t quite right on me, but I’ll try the size down next time and see how that goes. 🙂 And I can attest that this is a super-comfy dress, and there will be a next time with making it up!

Tiramisu dress from Cake Patterns

44 responses to “Raspberry Tiramisu

  1. Amazing job, Kat. I haven’t tried this one yet but I imagine that getting stretch fabric to fit spot on first time is pretty much impossible! My mum advised me to go down at least one size when I was making a jersey top. I ignored her and of course the top is massive!

    • I think the main tricky part is that the fit can change so much depending on the weight and stretchiness of your fabric…. But at the same time, knits are rather forgiving when sewing. 😉

  2. Ooh yay, very nice! Hot stripe matching action! 🙂 I just finished (okay not hemmed yet, but lazy me says “well it is a knit… you could totally get away with no hem..” lol). I think everyone has had bodice issues, including me. But you made it work! Tiramisu club high five! 😀 p.s I need striped knit fabric now. Too awesome Kat!

    • Hah, yeah, I still haven’t decided whether to hem this or not! Part of me is saying ‘leave it plain’. Another part is saying ‘cover stitch!’. And yet another part is pondering a rolled hem… Hmmmm…..

  3. How much stretch do you think is needed for this pattern? I think it’s great, and I have a great bit of knit fabric, but it is not super stretchy . . .

    • As long as you can pull it over your head, I think you’ll be fine. The midriff part would be the one to think about the most, as that would be the narrowest part to get over your shoulders (or hips, depending on which way you get into dresses). Might be worth basting those two parts together and seeing if you can get in/out of them first?

  4. Love it! And yes, can see what you mean about the thought that’s gone into the stripe placement. And you’ve done a fantastic job on the pattern-matching. Mmmm Chevrons Mmmm.

    The more versions of this I see the more I’m tempted. I have some lovely navy and white knit burning a hole in my stash, you see….

    • Oooh yes, navy and white would look fabulous! Kinda like a nautical Tiramisu…. Make it, make it!!! 😀

      (True confession: I didn’t really do much work at all with pattern matching. I just followed Steph’s guidelines, and…. it worked! I was super impressed with that. 🙂 )

  5. You’ve done a top job with the stripes. Chevron envy:)
    Your styling is so cool.
    I’m always torn between a loose fit or a form fitting fit at the bodice.

    • Thanks! 🙂

      (Directly before and after the photos, there was a big duffle coat and a scarf thrown on over the top, haha! 😉 )

  6. margueritedesigns

    Nice to know you’re happy with it! Look forward to making mine.

  7. I like the colors! I like the layering you did with it too.

  8. it looks super comfortable, and anything with raspberries in it has to be a winner 🙂

    • I keep having thoughts of making raspberry-flavoured tiramisu to eat while wearing it…. Mmmm…. raspberries…..

  9. Heard the earthquake word in connection w/NZ and hope all’s well with everyone there. Know what they’re like from living in California. xo

    Yummy Cake pattern & may have to jump on this wagon, too!

    • Yeah, been an interesting few days! Thanks for the kind thoughts. 🙂 (Got to go back to the office today and tidy up our new ‘earthquake filing system’ aka papers and books fallen all over the floor. Guess you guys were drilled in what to do from an early age as well? I always find it interesting how well those drills kick into action, years after we were taught them!

      • Love that filing “system.” Nope, I moved to CA as an adult & didn’t have any drills, but read up after being in a wee one just after arriving. Was in a 7.9 on 2nd floor & crawled to a doorway – rolling was so bad. So glad you’re drilled. Take care, all you Wellie Lovelies!

  10. Looks good! And the stripe matching looks great from here. 🙂 I’ve only half-jumped on the wagon–I have the pattern, but I’m trying to figure out if anything at all in my stash will work for it. May have to wait till I bust through some more pieces.

    • Thanks! 🙂

      That’s very restrained of you, I’m impressed! (I have little to no will power when it comes to fabric acquisition. *sigh*)

  11. Your dress looks really good – hope your next one sorts out the sizing issues you’ve had. I really do love your colour choice. FAB!

  12. I love your version! The more I see this dress the more I think I need this pattern!

    • Thank you! 🙂

      It really is one of those patterns that seems to grow on you. I wasn’t convinced by it when it first came out, but there are so many lovely versions out there…. And I suspect another one or two may end up in my wardrobe, it’s a perfect style for those days when you need to look more-or-less dressed up but just want to feel like you’re wearing pajamas, haha!

  13. Chevrons!!! Ya!! The tiramisu came out great, nice job!

  14. What a great job with stripe matching – looks great. I love knits, they are so forgiving and the Cake patterns are amazing.

    • They are pretty amazing, aren’t they? Took me a few minutes to get my head around them, but I am rather impressed with how she’s done them.

  15. I had to go down a size with my second one – I cut a 35 but cut so much off it that it ended up a 30. I also omitted the pockets, well actually I put them on, didn’t like them and when overlocking the side seams, overlocked them off!! Your version is very pretty and looks cool with the layering.

    • Thanks! 🙂

      Yeah, I’m glad I decided not to put the pockets in after all – I think I prefer it without them. (Much as I love pockets in dresses, it just wouldn’t have worked in this particular fabric.)

  16. Love it! Those stripes are perfect, and I love the colours, so you. I’ve made three of these now and I’m still tempted to make another, they are just so easy to wear.

  17. You did a great job on your dress. The colors look great with your hair color an complexion. It is such a clever little design with thought put into the whole process it looks like. I had no idea that Steph designed it to make all of the stripes match so perfectly.

  18. Those chevrons are hot! 🙂 And I love the colour. I started cutting mine last night and since my stripes change it was a bit of a headache but I think I’ve got it all cut out right, now for some careful stitching!

  19. Love the chevrons, this is a beautiful dress, can’t wait to see it in person!

  20. Your version looks great. I have the pattern but haven’t gotten around to this one yet. Definitely on my August sewing list though!

  21. I like this and the colours are great. I haven’t yet succumbed to the Tiramasu because I’m just not sure whether its is a good shape for my shape. I need curves and don’t have any lol. So, I’ll continue to live the Tira vicariously through you and other makes in blogland!

    Do you think you’ll make it again?

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