May Photo A Day (part 2)

Horribly late, but hey. Here they are finally, the photos I managed to take for the second half of the May Photo A Day challenge….

14 May – Need
Some days, I need the sugar kick from a 70% dark, praline hot chocolate from Bohemian. (Seriously – their hot chocolates are so good they’ve ruined me for all other hot chocolates, probably forever.)

15 May – 7 o’clock
7am and 7pm – sitting on the couch, catching up with blog reading, and doing the mother-who-works-full-time thing.

16 May – Mailbox
Note to self: must prune the Honeysuckle….

18 May – Want
A bunch of merino knit I want to make into baby trousers for the babies in the poorer families in our area to keep them warm this winter.

19 May – My favourite view
Sleeping Little Man. Always makes me smile and want to cover him with kisses. (Except I don’t, because then he might wake up and it would be Game On).

20 May – Light
The vintage art deco (?) glass lightshade in our hallway, looking up from directly below.

23 May – PJs
Turkey PJ’s and slippers hand knitted by my lovely mother.

11 responses to “May Photo A Day (part 2)

  1. Love the photo story! Bohemian hot chocs are awesome. Closely competed with by the hot chocs from Jo in her chocolate shop at Berhampore. Mmmm
    How do you convey the clothes to the babies in your area? Do you give them to people you know or do you do it through a church or charity? It’s the sort of thing I might be able to do sometimes.

    • Oh, I didn’t realise the Berhampore choc shop did hot chocolates – their chocolate is amazing, so I may just have to head over there one weekend and try their hot chocolate as well. Yum! 🙂

      I give the baby clothes to Plunket – the local Plunket nurse keeps a supply of those sorts of things in her car for when she’s doing her rounds, and gives them out to families in need. The Newtown Plunket group also put together care parcels twice a year, for winter and Christmas. The St Vincent De Paul in Newtown has a charity arm for expecting mums/mums with young babies as well, which I’m sure would be more than happy to receive donations of clothes etc – they’re on the corner of Normanby St and Riddiford St, around the corner from the op shop entrance.

  2. Ps your sleeping man is gorgeous!

  3. sleeping little man is adorable 🙂 he makes me what to cover him with kisses hehe..
    also – must find that turkey fabric

    • Aww, thanks. 🙂

      If I see the turkey fabric anywhere again, I’ll grab you some. (It was over a year ago that I found it though, so I don’t know what the chances are of it appearing once more….)

  4. Thanks Kat – I’ll talk to Bev next time I see her. I have some stuff that would make good singlets, if anyone still puts their kids in those, and I always seem to have merino offcuts (not necessarily in baby colours but that doesn’t really matter). You’re inspiring!

    • I don’t know about anyone else, but we definitely still put our little boy in singlets! And our Plunket nurse said that singlets for little ones are really appreciated donations during winter. (Also, the 1-4 year old babies tend to miss out on warm donated clothes, if making things in that age range interests you at all.)

      (Also, I’m blushing with your last comment there! Thank you. 🙂 )

  5. Wah, I love that coffee cup, I love funky takeaway cups full stop, I put my pens in them, it’s a bit weird I know…but now I have to go there to get one. Bonus that I’ll get me a hot chocolate too 😉

    • Nothing weird about it! (Or at least, I don’t think it’s weird, if that counts for anything….)

      They have three different styles – I always keep my fingers crossed (in an invisible way, haha) that I get the owl one coz it’s my fave.

      Clearly, we need to meet for hot chocolate one day and get you an owl takeaway cup. 🙂

  6. Bohemian hot chocolate – my husband won’t go anywhere else! I’m a coffee girl myself but their chocolates are divine.

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