May Photo A Day (part 1)

Yeah, so I didn’t do so well on the May Photo A Day challenge. In fact, I missed a good half the days. So, here’s the first half of the ones I did get. Second half coming soon. (One of these days, I’ll get up to date with my Photo A Day posts. One day…. Maybe….)

1 May – I bought this!
Fabric for tracing patterns for the Burda Sew Along, as recommended by Mr C at the new Lambton Quay Made Marion store.

5 May – Paper
At the Resene store, choosing paint colours for the inside shelves of the bookcase my partner is building for our living room. (Bright yellow and orange, in case you’re wondering. With off-white around the outside.)

6 May – Broken
I “broke” the potatoes – forgot they were on cooking, and they boiled dry. 😦 Note to self – don’t cook late at night while very tired. (They were going to be daycare-lunch for the Little Man the next day.)

7 May – Something beginning with F
Footwear! 🙂

8 May – Shape
Wooden toy blocks.

10 May – Stars
Flag decoration in the mango pudding at today’s yum cha brunch with our friend Nik. First time we’d been to yum cha at Big Thumb restaurant. Verdict – ok, but not our favourite. (Mango pudding = awesomeness.)

13 May – Sunrise/Sunset
Walking home from work on a late autumn evening. Spot the little crescent moon, hiding out there in the sky?


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