Photo A Day 3

The (very late to post) last days of the April Photo A Day challenge….

26 April – Childhood
A toy I played with as a child (and remember fondly), being reached for by the always-in-motion hand of the Little Man.

27 April – Earth
Tiny mushrooms growing from, and very close to, the earth of our front garden.

28 April – My Sunday
Swimming with friends in the morning (the Little Man’s second time swimming!), followed by afternoon tea with other friends in the afternoon. A fabulous way to spend a Sunday. ๐Ÿ™‚

29 April – I wore this today
Two pairs of shoes – blue patent high heels for work, yellow sneakers for the walk home again.

30 April – Glasses
Some of the (mismatched) glasses in our glasses drawer at home.


5 responses to “Photo A Day 3

  1. Aww Drake looks like he LOVES swimming, how sweet!

  2. drake looks so happy in the water!

    • He loves swimming! Water in general, actually – if it was up to him, he’d stay in the bath for hours, haha!

  3. I’ve taught a looooot of swimming lessons over the years and I think the bath is the best way to get them comfortable in the water!

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