Photo A Day

Another (somewhat late) week of the April Photo A Day challenge!

17 April – Busy
Only been back at work a month, and my desk is already a huge to-do list. *sigh*

18 April – Hello!
Poster in the lift at the central library, while hunting out a book on how to do Montessori at home for under-3 year olds.

19 April – Button
Some of the selection of buttons my friend Gina passed on to me when she left to travel the world recently.

20 April – On your mind
I want to sew!!! (I also want to tidy my sewing desk – that is just one massive to-do pile that keeps on growing faster than I can do things with it. *sigh*)

21 April – Fire
Three of the burners on our gas hob, at night, reflecting in the splashback.

22 April – Blurry
Looking up at the trees outside Newtown School in between showers of rain.

23 April – Time
(Couldn’t think of what to take today. Well, that’s not quite true – I wanted to take a time lapse photo of our digital oven clock, with the minute numbers blurring as they change. But that didn’t happen, so just picture it in your mind instead, ok? That way, I don’t have to figure out how to take that shot….) (<- cheats way out, haha!)

24 April – I saw this person today
Working breakfast with my friend-and-colleague Alix, at our fortnightly breakfast-meeting haunt – Drexels. (Smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel – yum!)

25 April – Life is…
… a mystery.

(Yes, I’ve had the opening of a Madonna song going through my head for several days after this challenge.)

Trees at night, up beside the War Memorial near Massey University. (Sssh, don’t tell anyone – this was taken a day late because I couldn’t find the right shot on the 25th. Taken when leaving the Great Hall after helping set up for Fabric-a-brac for the following day.)


One response to “Photo A Day

  1. I love sneak peaks at peoples work desks, hehe, and also our sewing machines are almost twinsies!

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