Me-Made-May part 3

‘ere we go, another Me-Made-May ’13 post….

11 May
Forgot to get a photo today. Oops! Nothing exciting to show you anyway, as it has all already been worn this month. My Hungry Cat-erpillar skirt and the green cardigan my mother made that I wore back on 7 May.

12 May
12 May
Me-made black merino cardigan (un blogged, made about 3 years ago)
Denim skirt – Moochi, from a thrift store
Black nursing singlet – The Warehouse
Black over-the-knee socks with white hearts – somewhere in China (or Japan? I forget which…)
Black ultra-hi Converse sneakers

Thoughts on today’s me-made garment: I did a boo-boo while making this top. Somehow, while cutting out the fabric, I got distracted and cut the sleeves the wrong way. And didn’t have any fabric left to re-cut them with. So the stretch goes along the sleeve rather than across. Oops. Anyway, despite that, this tends to be on high rotation in my wardrobe. And every time I wear it, I get annoyed that the top of the v doesn’t sit flat, as the hook and eye tape that closes it up the front stops about 1.5 cm from the top. So now, I’m going to fix it. A new hook-and-eye will be added, and annoyance will be gone! Yessss!!!

13 May
13 May
13 May skulls
Me-made Beatrice dress
Me-made 40s Tartan bolero
Navy belt – from a thrift shop
Black tights with skulls – Leg Avenue
Heels – Dr Martens

(Check it – I had punk moments at the office. Skulls on the back of the tights, skulls on the shoes. Oh yeah.)

Thoughts on today’s me-made garments: Loving the Beatrice dress! Although I do need to put some finishing touches to the inside of it, got some facing to tack down and a couple of button holes need a bit of going over by hand as my machine wasn’t liking the fabric. Must do that soon…. As for the bolero? No changes needed, I’m perfectly happy with this one. 🙂 Although I don’t wear it often as I struggle to figure out what to wear it with…. This dress seems to work, I think?!? (Opinions, please? Dress and bolero combination – yes or no? I can’t decide – argh!)

14 May
14 May
Me-made Flip Side dress
Yellow cardigan – Glassons
Jacket from a clothes swap party
Sunglasses – Kate Sylvester
Grey tights – Columbine
Black boots – Dr Martens
Bag – gift from Karen in Canada (thanks, Karen! 🙂 )
In the cup – amazing 75% dark hot chocolate. Mmmm!
(Thanks to Natalie for the photo and a lovely outing at lunch today.)

Thoughts on today’s Me-Made garment: Oh, if only this fabric were better than it was! I love the print, I love the style of this dress, I don’t love that the cotton is a looser weave than it should be and as a result doesn’t sit as well as it should. *sigh* As a direct result of that too, the pockets are a bit mis-aligned (despite my super-careful placing of them) and the invisible zip at the front is a bit puckered at one side on the end. Which I do intend to go back and fix, as well as tacking down the armhole facings more since the dratted things keep flipping out despite all the tacking that’s already in place at the seams. Oh well, it’s still pretty colours and it turns out it can be layered for autumn dressing, so I’ll keep on wearing it. 🙂

15 May
Me-Made-May '13
Me-made Patch skirt (unblogged as I made it about 12 years ago…!)
Heart cardigan – Glassons, from TradeMe
Nursing singlet – The Warehouse
Tights – Columbine
Shoes – “Stylish Lady” by Minx

Thoughts on today’s me-made garment: I can’t believe how long this has been in my wardrobe…! Even though I hardly ever wear it, somehow it escapes all the wardrobe culls. It’s the Skirt That Would Not Die! Note to self: must wear this more often.

7 responses to “Me-Made-May part 3

  1. LOVE the Beatrice with the tartan bolero, love the Skirt that wouldn’t Die. Woot!

  2. Awesome outfits! The Beatrice dress outfit is great. You always do a great job styling shirt dresses.

  3. Yes, you must wear that skirt more often! It’s super cool, and the Beatrice dress is locvely too. And the bolero combo works too: the colours are very complimentary, if you know what I mean?

  4. Kat, I’ve never seen you wear the patch skirt before, but you totally should! It looks fantastic. Also love the bolero. It’s such a statement piece, I could picture it with heaps of your wardrobe.

  5. The beatrice dress is my fave too! But I love that applique skirt. So inspiring. Well done on keeping up the Memades. I didn’t think it would be so difficult to keep on top of but I’ve only managed to post week one so far. Best I pull my finger out!! x

  6. I love that shot of you on May 14th! And that is a cool patch skirt; I understand why you keep it. 🙂

  7. I love that patch skirt! Definitely wear it more.

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