Roundin’ up the Burda Sew-along progress….

The WSBN Burda Sew-along is in full swing! There are pins popping up with inspirations and creations over on the Pinterest board, and blog posts appearing around the place too. It’s so exciting seeing what everyone is planning and making for this challenge!

I’ve just finished my first creation for the challenge – there’ll be a post up about that later this week once photos are sorted out. But in the meantime, here’s the first of the challenge round-ups…. (click on the images to go to the original blog posts)

Flossie FT – the boat top

Flossie FT’s boat top – check out that fabric, so adorable with it’s little anchors everywhere!

Every Stitch I Make – Project 20

Every Stitch I Make has made a pretty, flowey, drapey knit fabric top in a lovely shade of red.

Woodland Rabbit – Burda Style 4-2013-121

Woodland Rabbit created this pretty summer dress, made from a vintage bed sheet, using Burda Style 04/2013, pattern #121.

kbenco’s projects – Burda Style 03-2013-151 tshirts

kbenco has been busy, making three variations of the Burda Style 03/2013 #151 boys tshirt. (Check out the cyclist on the raglan sleeve – love it!)

Woodland Rabbit – Burda Style 9-2011-128

Woodland Rabbit’s on a roll! She’s also made a lovely shirt using pattern #128 from Burda Style 09/2011.

Sewing For Me – purple tunic

Sewing For Me made a lovely purple tunic using pattern #137 from Burda edition 03/2011.

Gotten all inspired by the creations and want to make up a Burda pattern yourself? These may help…

Every Stitch I Make – Tracing a Burda pattern

Every Stitch I Make put together a helpful post on how she traces and stores her Burda patterns.

The Curious Kiwi – unraveling Burda “instructions”

The Curious Kiwi wrote a great post on how to translate the “instructions” that come with Burda magazine.


6 responses to “Roundin’ up the Burda Sew-along progress….

  1. so many great creations, I am finishing top no 1 today, and as it is so cold and miserable out I may just carry right on and start no 2 as well 🙂

  2. Great round up! I wish I was taking part too!

  3. Nice round up – I need to post my efforts but been called into work all week – a real dilemma – need money to sew need time to sew LOL.

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